The Bachelor – after the final rose Jason and Molly reconciliation

Jesse and I were talking earlier about what happened that night and what's happened since and what's been truly on your mind but you need to know that you don't know is that Melissa was out here earlier and I ended things with her because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you my heart hasn't let go my head it hasn't let go my gut hasn't let go and this is a crazy ridiculous day because I had to hurt a really pretty girl say goodbye to her because my heart somewhere else and um I learned a lot about myself in the last several weeks I think that everything that I've been looking for and which I thought I had found at one point I was wrong and so much of what I've been looking for and I didn't even know it was right in front of my face and I think the most insincere things that I could do is jump real fast from one thing to another but um as hoping is like we could have a shot now like see if we could go up for coffee or a drink and see where things and I mean what what about Melissa thank you um and what I did to her was horrible I mean nobody deserves to have a pain that she went through and she was really angry and she has every right to be but I don't want to live my life with any regrets and if I didn't come here and ask you that and let you know that regardless of what what happens right now I would have regretted that and but we all all we really know him in our lives is all we happens today and I know that when I think about living in the moment it's a view are you still in love with Molly yeah I don't think it's something where needs to be fast-forward thing like that starting off away from all this in conversations about more than us and what more deeply what happened and CR goes well you guys sit tight when we come back we'll have more with Jason and Molly up next on The Bachelor after the final rose

40 thoughts on “The Bachelor – after the final rose Jason and Molly reconciliation

  • Jason is no catch. He is no prize. He did not have any remorse for the horrible pain he needlessly put Melissa through. He treated a girl with callousness, utter disrespect, and total insensitive as he humiliated all the while, faking sincerity and remorse for his actions. Jason doesn’t even miss a beat before asking Molly out. I know the two are now married with kids but I hope they don’t tell them how Daddy’s a jerk who mistreated a woman he claimed to care about before dumping her on national television and Mommy decided to give him a second chance instead of telling him to take a hike as she should have done. One of the worst couples ever.

  • lol I remember watching this "as a guy" which I'm a bit embarrassed by lol BUT I remember at that time I was upset for what he did to Melissa. I thought it was messed up BUT its obvious he made the right decision. They are still together till this day WHICH IS crazy considering this is just a show and almost all of it IS entertainment. Some stuff staged and some stuff fluffed over. He did the right thing here though now that I look back. I really liked Melissa but he was right.

  • Jason was always a great Bach, so happy he didn't let ABC fake show destroy his Real Life. Switch-A-Roo if you have to. 😀😀😀

  • Molly don't pretend because he said contracted you when he ws with Melissa. I am sure bcos he dumped on t.v. you asked him to do that to Melissa. Jason is not.

  • Jason handled it a lot better than Arie. It feels more genuine. I don't know. Like I actually feel bad for Jason and I definitely did not feel bad for Arie feeling torn. Maybe because I've heard what a player Arie is, and how unapologetic he seemed, and how he agreed to have the breakup filmed, and he IMMEDIATELY got with Lauren, as if like ok reverse I fixed it, it's the right girl, now let's do this. He should have also taken things slow with Lauren. Who PROPOSES to two different girls within two months??

  • The first time I saw this I expected her to tell him off. Her instant reaction when he says he wants to have coffee with her looked more like "wtf seriously" than "my dream has come true."

  • I remember praying for him to pick her bc Iliked her more however was soooo surprised when this actually happened, I frlt really bad for Melissa but these two are still happily together 🙂

  • What a jerk! The one thing he could have done was choose rightly in the first place, he has hurt two girls imencely in different periods of life. I hope he is in a happy space now.

  • Its unfortunate how potentially tortuous it can be to be a part of this show. It is hard enough and then this woman has to now process is he going to maybe change his mind with her. It seems to me if his mind was made up he would do more physically than just sit their with he let crossed I doubt he should try and touch her but he should have recognized the need to caress her heart and should have completely exposed himself and his emotions in front of the cameras she deserves that he should have – he may have issues. 

  • But Melissa did know what was going to happen, she knew that she was getting dumped. But right before the ceremony, he told her he still had feelings for Molly, which she never knew prior to this.

  • He would have been a bigger jerk to stay with Melissa when he really loved Molly. No, it wasn't the greatest way to end things but it took guts to do what he did…after all, isn't it about the ratings.

  • it was all contracted he had to do it on tv and he had to follow his heart an everyone is with who they were meant to be with and he knows what he did was hurtful and he admits it It doesn't make him a bad guy unfortunately they all signed a contract when they decided to go one tv and this is what happens nothing is private

  • He said that he had to break up with her on TV because of contracts, but if that were true, how come every other bachelor that has broken up, done it in private and not on TV? He ain't classy one bit.

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