The Battle for the Undercity – Alliance

Heroes of the Alliance, your King calls! Gather behind me at the entrance to the sewers! Hidden inside this defiled city is the wretch responsible for murdering our brothers and sisters at the Wrathgate! He must be brought to justice! Soon we will march upon this cursed place and cleanse it of its evil. The march upon the Undercity begins now! Be empowered by your King's strength! Follow me, heroes, for the glory of the Alliance. Onward, brothers and sisters! Destiny awaits! Our descent into the depths of depravity begins. Be on guard. Jaina, lend us your strength. Right away, your majesty. [cheers] Jaina: I hate resorting to violence. Jaina: I hate resorting to violence. What is this? Stand your ground!
Jaina: I hate resorting to violence Don't give them an inch! Soldiers, fall in! Guard the halls! Your aberrations are no match for the Alliance, Putress! We're coming for you! Jaina: What's happened here? There are corpses everywhere… the stench… overwhelming… Horde. By the looks of the struggle, they are here in force – somewhere. Stay alert and on guard. There's no telling what horrors await us. ONWARD! Putress: Do not let them pass, minions! Putress: KILL THEM! My work must not be interrupted! The main chamber is this way! Let's go! THERE! There's nowhere to run, monster! Putress: Stare into the abyss and watch as it blackens your souls! Putress: You are no match for my creations! Putress: This cannot be happening! Putress: It will not end like this! I've worked too hard! So many years… I… I will consume more energy! Putress: The power washes through me! I see… EVERTHING! Putress: MORE SUFFERING AWAITS! Jaina: I hate resorting to violence. Varian: And justice is served! What say you now, Putress? Look around you, brothers and sisters. Open your eyes! Look at what they have done to our kingdom! How much longer will we allow these savages free reign in our world? I have seen the Horde's world. I have been inside their cities. Inside their minds… I know what evil lies in the hearts of orcs. Thrall: The Undercity belongs to the Horde once more! LOK'TAR! THRALL! HERE? ONWARD! We end this now. Varian, stop! I won't help you do this! You should all know, the orcs have a battle cry: LOK'TAR OGAR! It means "victory or death." Fitting… To the throne room! I was away for too long. My absence cost us the lives of some of our greatest heroes. Trash like you and this evil witch were allowed to roam free — unchecked. The time has come to make things right. To disband your treacherous kingdom of murderers and thieves. Putress was the first strike. Many more will come. I've waited a long time for this, Thrall. For every time I was thrown into one of your damned arenas… for every time I killed a green-skinned aberration like you… I could think of only one thing. What our world could be without you and your twisted Horde… It ends now, Warchief. ATTACK! FOR STORMWIND! FOR BOLVAR! FOR THE ALLIANCE! VARIAN, NO! STOP! Jaina: It did not have to be like this…

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