THE BEAST TITAN | Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom #9 (Bonus Missions)

*WHAPOOSH* Top of the morning to you laddies My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to Attack On Titan. It’s not over. I did say, in the last episode- well, the last episode was titled ‘end’, but that was more so got to do with the story side of stuff So the story stuff is all done, The actually main campaign of the game is done. What I’m gonna do now is the bonus stuff, which I’ve heard takes some bits from the manga. So, if you don’t want to know some stuff outside of season 1 of the anime, this episode might not be for you, but if you are not too sensitive to the spoilers There’s some characters, I believe, who are gonna shown up, who are gonna be in season 2 and they’ve already showed up in the manga ages ago, so anybody who watches or reads manga will have seen them ages ago so its not gonna be that big of deal but What did you say I had to go do? Uh *mission time* Southern Region 1st survey area from the Survey Missions okay…Is that you? Many of the volunteer missions the regis- Okay Ah, here we go. “Survey Missions” “Choosing Survey Missions will allow you to select a battlefield in a specific area and deploy to it.” “After combat is finished, the Percent Scouted value for the surveyed area will increase.” “As this percent rises, new battlefields and areas will appear. Okay… “Check reward.” What is my reward? “Muster Roll Unlocked: Armin” oooo! I get new moves! I’m playing as Levi, by the way Because he had the best character traits Because when I got back in and I loaded up the game it asked me what character I wanted to pick and Levi has the best all around traits and especially for actually attacking titans Armin has like the best leadership But then there’s other people like Jean and Connie and I can play as Christa Different people, but I felt like Levi would be the best for just actually doing this. “Difficulty: one star.” Okay. Wait do I have to go back- Is this, like, the starting missions again? Do I have to go back and replay missions I’ve already done just to unlock the bonus missions? Oh, please don’t say that. And please tell me I don’t have many to do. Oh, it is. Oh, no its not Okay I thought I was doing the same sh*t as before, I thought I was just doing training There we go, I did it! I am the f*cking greatest Apparently Okay, I gotta go save Christa, she’s in trouble. *Weird fighting noises* Yes! There we go, Christa! Don’t even worry! Jacky Levi boy is coming. Okay, I’m gonna need those items. Sir. Sir! I’ma need those items from your nape, and your arm, and your booter hole! Thanks. That works out great. Christa, you’re fine. Are you gonna join us? Thank you. *Repeats Japanese* No f*cking problem, Levi is here to save the day. He’s also here to destroy your LEGS, and yes, I do know that I am not doing his spin attack properly Do you think I care? No I’m just here to have fun, and kill some bad *ss titans And I’m even more bad ass than these so called bad *ss titans. Oh, I missed her leg this time I don’t know what you said, but I’m sure it’s GREAT news. *Japanese* That voice does not match that face Where next. Oh god there’s titans everywhere. Yeah, so this is kind of the training mission I did at the very start of the game We’re in that area Is that complete Subjugation? Yes No failed attacks We’re in the starting area, but now we’re not attacking dummies anymore, and this forest is a f*cking great place… to be attacking titans in. Because we have great maneuverability everywhere. Uhh, excuse me? I’m… I don’t wanna fight final subjugation target, I wanna kill all the titans! There’s another titan over here, thank you very much! *Fighting noise* Yes! Lock on… Lock on, please. Whoo There we go *Fighting noise* Nice! I wanna do all my targets perfectly. I don’t wanna mess anything up. Messing stuff up is for scrubs, it’s for losers, it’s for wimps and wusses Jackaboy ain’t messing anything up His voice may crack But he’s still a cool mother f*cker. Ah I used the flashbang behind his head. *Laugh* Well of course I can’t flashbang anything there. *noises* You… are you blindatron now? Get them! Oh, get ’em! The final subjugation target is way over to the left but he’ll be fine for awhile. He’s going out and he’s gonna pick f*cking… grapes. Yes! Good job team! Even though this mission is considered really easy *inhales* Are those molotovs? Oh! OO! Imma use these. Oh, somebody’s dying over here! What’s happening? No! Ain’t nobody dieing on my watch! *noise* *another noise* Go! Go! Oh, that’s the final subjugation target. Who the f*ck is over there then? Oh Jesus Christ. You’re a toughie aren’t ya? There we go. And a… *noise* Yeah! These things rule! Good god! They do so much damage! F*ck Man! Why wasn’t I using these all this time? Ah sh*t. Not enough speed. D*mnmit! I f*cked it up! Now I’m not gonna get all S rank. Well, I might, still. But F*ck it anyway. K, I need to replenish my gas. And you are weak to these Soo *poonk?* Let’s just go for his f*cking neck. Yes! Yes! No failed attacks today, please! That’s how we f*cking do… It’s nothing like the other titans. What are ya saying Armin, I got a achievement for that. Are you still a titan I can kill? Aha! You are! You’re a big mama llama. *fighting noise* No, I wanna attack his arm! F*ck sake, trees! I was saying the trees were great a second ago. And now they f*cking suck! *fighting noise* *more noises* Get his neck! Get his neck! There we go. *fart noise* That’s how I take out sh*t. I’m all covered in blood! I did say before that Levi should react badly to all the blood on him. But titan blood, it evaporates super fast either because it’s super heated or there’s something in it. I can’t remember. But it evaporates super quickly. Please give me all S rank! Except for that one thing that I messed up. Because I did a lot of side missions “Combat victory.” I like to see. Get them. Get them. Ahh, it’s from the titan’s perspective! That’s neato! “What a disgusting smell.” Yes! All S mark! Thank you very mucho. How much did I get? Nine grand. That’s pretty good. It’s only 7 percent scouted? Wwwwhat? Do I have to do this a bajillion times to unlock anything? oh Help me! “We in the Scouts have the honor of being the select few “Our regiment’s skills are, without doubt, of the highest level.” You’re not telling me anything. Oh! “Acquire 10 Efficient Subjugation Medals or better” How many do I have? “Accept this request?” Oh, okay! “Scout Regiment Enhancement 1” “Alright I’m counting on you.” “Talking to some characters in Camp will allow you to accept Requests.” “Requests are completed by meeting certain conditions…” “Once Requests have been completed, speak to the character that gave you the Request…” Oh! Were they in the game all this time? Were these requests in the game all this time and I didn’t see them? I don’t think so. Christa, what do you need? “…drained after each mission. I’ve been considering whether or not there may be something I can do to help them…” “So I’ve been thinking. If it’s not too much bother, I would like to ask you for help” “Earn a battle rank of A or above 1 times” I think I can. “Helping the Goddess” *laughing* *inhale* Oh god! *hehe* Because she’s supposed to be like… the pretty one that everyone thinks that she’s perfect and she’s so pretty and beautiful all the time and nothing ever changes. Okay. Achieve A rank. Sasha, what do you need? Uhhhh, okay. “Complete 3 side-missions” Yeah… I can do that no probers! Hello little girl! I’m not gonna talk to you, because I don’t care. Hange! What do we got going on? Uh… “New Developments” Do I have anything new? No… Should I get these? No, god! Anchor Strength is minus 166 I mean, if I got them I’d probably be able to increase them to a point where they were better. But none of these feel better. Okay, let’s just see if I can modify my equipment. No. Yes! What do you modify to? Yes! Sweet! Okay! See ya later! Bye! I have to go off and do more f*cking missions, apparently. What is this? Are you training? “You want a Titan Model? Get together the things I need and I’ll make you one.” “With my skill, I can reproduce them in perfect detail.” “Ya could use them…” “for Titan research.” “Made up yer mind?” “Special Models allow you to use materials and Regiment Funds to build models of Titans.” “Created models can be placed in Camp.” Oh… Titan Crystal Fragment times 3 Why not? Let’s see what this is. “Set large Titan 3” So *ha* *laughing* I just placed the Titan model in the middle! Really? It’s just gonna stand there so I can change what model it is every now and then? Oh! Awesome! I wanna see if I can get like the Colossal Titan and just stick him in there. Oh, I’m not going to you. I’m going to…. you. You’re to repeat missions and you’re survey missions. Okay, oh. Sweet mother o’ God! The only one I had before was the training ground survey. Oohhh F*ck! There’s so many of them! I’ll do, uh… A one star area next. Because I want to be able to complete the missions for the other people So get like A rank or above I don’t wanna do a hard mission and then have that f*ck up Okay! So, I just have to do a bunch of these and then… Do I have to do them all? Aw, man! That would blow *ss! *talking in another language* Okay On your own f*cking time gents! Oh wait. Do I have to get rid of someone for you? Yeah. I do. Okay, never mind. Oh wait. There’s a f*cking Titan here already. *fighting noises* Did we do… What? Okay… They’re dead apparently! *laughs* I can help! I’m here to help! Nice! If we can keep this up we’ll be back in time for pints! Are we good? Yay! Get on my horse. Jump on my horse. Oooo, molotovs. These molotovs are OP as f*ck! Wait Sasha, can I hire you? Sasha? Sasha, you okay? Oh kay. “Work with Sasha to subjugate 5 Titans.” Oh… Okay. I thought… *ha* I thought she was glitched. Because it’s not like that hasn’t happened before in this game. Nice! Sasha, is that… is that two? For you? Okay, let’s go back this way. Where the f*ck am I? There’s Titans over here let’s go kill them. *sick imitation of song* *fighting noises* *more fighting noises* What? One failed attack? How can I have a failed attack and kill him in the same stroke? Makes no f*cking sense! You d*ck game! You saw that right? I used my thing or maybe mine failed and somebody else attacked him. I don’t know, but I’m calling bullsh*t on that. I call bullsh*t on that! Grab it with your teeth! One is all you need! *chuckle* Kay, Sasha’s trying kick f*cking A over here. Sasha, I’m getting there will you relax? *fighting noise* There we go. Everybody attack the back of his neck! Why did I glow? Oh, because I finished the mission. I’m most grateful! Thank you, Sasha. Could you be part of my team now? Just freaking out *chuckle* Oh she’s apart of my team, okay. Okay, I’ll have to get off my horse for this. Ah, sh*t. That was my bad. I shouldn’t have done that. *fighting sound* Alright, who’s next? Christa! You’re in an entire need of help. What’s going on, girl? Oh you need to attack on the titans? Do you – Do you help with the attacking of titans? I can do that, Christa, I’m amazing at that. See? Do you- Do you believe me now? Are we friends? I think we’re friends. We should be. I’ve just helped kill a bunch of *sses for ya. *mumbles* Better be my f*cking friend People are dying left, right and centre. Why? What are we doing? Ah, there’s another titan… this way Ah, he’s behind the f*cking thing *laughs* You guys couldn’t have gone to kill him? Really? You guys suck Ok, I can only hold two blades in this, which sucks. No! I don’t wanna enlist you, I wanna pick up this! What are the horses doing? Are you guys tryna get out over this? You guys are silly. Why you guys so silly? I gotta go help Armin! Ah there we go! I got the f*cking- I got the spinny-do that time. Yes! That’s gonna count as a fail, isn’t it? Ah! Complete Subjugation! So if I keep attacking, with my…

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