The Best Financial Advice For Getting Rich

So today, I want to shoot a video for you
based on the best advice for creating wealth. The best advice for actually
getting rich. Everyday, I’ve got people all over the internet that find me
online, find me on YouTube and what they’re doing is they’re requesting a
copy of my new book. –Unstoppable, the ultimate real estate game plan. And it’s
all about putting the power in your hands to learn how to create millions of
dollars. In fact, you’ll notice that you know, the books that I normally write, my
bestsellers and this book, do you see a little bit of a difference there? I
actually decided you know what? What would happen if I wrote this book? And
basically made it like the Cliff Notes version of how anyone can start from
nothing and go to millions of dollars and that’s what I decided to actually
put in here. Every year, when I get my books I always
get a whole order of free ones. So that I can put them in as many hands as
possible. Because I may never meet you, I mean, maybe you’re a subscriber and you
watch my channel and I’m helping you learn how to make millions of dollars in
real estate. But I know that the information that I put in this book way
more than I can fit in a video is… It’s super useful and helpful for people.
So, I want to share with you 3 tips today for what it takes to actually
become financially free and actually how to create wealth. But I think the first
thing that I need you understand is that college and the system we have in
society, that’s all about you becoming either self-employed or more importantly
getting a career an employee that works for somebody else. You’re never going to be
able to stop working if you’re working for somebody else. Because all you’re
doing is you’re trading your own time for dollars. For you to actually get on
the other side of the fence, you actually have to learn how to become an investor
or a business owner. Not an operator. Not a self employed person who’s putting
in 60, 80 hours a week. You got to own businesses that work for you even when
you’re not there because the business owners and the real estate investors,
those are the people that create the most massive wealth that’s out there
today. So, here’s the 3 things that I want you to get out of this short video.
The first one is that you’ve got to find a way to make your money work for you.
Which means you got to start with the most important rule of investing which
is pay yourself first. If you’re working on a job and things are tightened or
check to check, take 10% of your income, pay yourself. And you’ll say, “But
Kris, I don’t want have enough money for my bills.” And I’m going to say, “Trust me,
you’ll figure it out.” At some point, you have got to start paying the person that
makes all this possible. You got to pay yourself so that you ask some money that
you can invest. Because even if it’s a small amount of money, you need to put it
somewhere where it can go to work for you and do something for you. Until you
experience that you’re never going to actually break the chain. The chain might
be small in the beginning but it’s the start. It’s the beginning of something.
The second thing that you need to understand is that the average wealthy
person has seven streams of income. So, you need to be thinking “How to actually
create multiple streams of income? How do I create enough streams of income for me
that actually put me where I want to be in my life that put me actually where I
want to go?” This book for example is all about how you build 3 different of
those seven streams of wealth. And if you click the link below, you can get a free
copy of this. I don’t charge for it. But is designed to be super succinct short
and to the point. So, you need to be thinking right now. Just put the idea in
your head, I create multiple streams of income. The third idea that I want to
share with you probably the biggest idea of the day is that you have to have a
game plan. Now, this book just happens to be called the ultimate realistic game
plan, creating financial freedom from nothing. What I do in this book is I take
people that are either starting with nothing and bad credit, nothing in good
credit. People that actually have some assets and bad credit. And people that
have some assets and good credit. You’re going to fall into one of those 4
categories. And if you do, then there’s a very, very specific game plan of what you
do to become financially free. Because me, I started with nothing except for a
whole pile of debt. 4 years later, I had 25 properties producing 12,000 a
month. And that’s now considered the slow start. I got some people that are passing
me up in a year doing what I did in a much shorter period of time. But that’s
because there’s a game plan on exactly how to do that.
That’s one of the things that you need to do is you need to actually have a
game plan. Now, let me let me speak to game plan for just second here. A sample
a game plan would be, “I’ve got very little money,
I met my job. I’m relatively checked to check or maybe getting ahead a little
bit. What do I do?” Well your game plan is all about how you get your first
property and how you buy it smart. And how it actually produces an excess of
money for you. So for example, you buy your first house and let’s say that it
produces an extra $500 a month. In this book that I wrote, the straight path to
real estate wealth. I just actually came out with an updated version for today’s
economy because our recessions about to tank. And it take off and it’s amazing
time to be in real estate. In this book, I talked about how you buy a house with or
without money. Collect 5 grand up front that you get to pocket and keep.
You get $500 a month of residual income. And then when you sell it, you make tens
of thousands of dollars. You know your first property whether you’re making $200
a month of cash flow or $500 a month. What we do
is we actually call those freedom dollars. Because let’s say you’re making
4 grand a month right now. An extra $300, that can’t replace
your income. But it’s a start. This isn’t going to happen overnight. There’s some
misperceptions about how fast. I mean, if you’re super motivated and put the time
and energy and this can end up certainly going like a lot faster for you. But when
you get one of those and you have like that extra 3, 4 or 500
dollars a month, guess what you’re going to think? “I need to get me another one of
those.” It was after I my second house that my brand-new wife
got on board with me. And she was supportive but super leery and scared.
And after that second house, the first house we were living in for free because we
rented out the basement and it paid for everything. But on the second property, it
had $600 leftover every month. My wife’s like, “I don’t know what to do with the
money.” I’m like, “What do you mean you don’t know what to do?” She said, “Kris, I got a
budget. I can’t sell out our mortgage with the basement money we get here. But
this one, we have an extra $600.” I’m like, “Well, what have you been
doing the last 3 months with the money?” She says, “I’m just paying off her
debt.” I’m like, “Awesome.” And she had already gotten our debt eliminated by
like 20%. She was stoked so she can’t comes and she sits down with me, she says,
“Kris, you know what? We got to do more houses.” For any entrepreneur, when your
spouse male or female gets on board and says, “Let’s do this”; It changes the game.
My game plan was simple. 10,000 a month. When I’m at 10,000 a month I
can quit my job, so the year I graduated college, I bought my 25th home. I ended up
getting my $12,000 a month. And I woke up one morning and I said, “Kalenn, is today
the day?” And she said, “It’s the day.” And I walked into my boss’s office and I
basically fired myself. And oxygen has never felt the same again. There’s
nothing like freedom. Many of you, most of you that are watching this you’re not
free. You’re stuck in a cage. You might not know it because it’s habituate and
that’s what everyone else is doing. But the reality is this that I don’t think
we were meant to be caged. The ability to travel around the world, to do the good,
to do the charitable work. To do the, you know, solve the social problems that this
world has there’s a responsibility when you actually get this information. And
you learn how to create wealth for yourself. You know, so here’s my
invitation. I’m happy to send you a copy this book in the mail for free. You know,
you don’t have to pay for the book. I want you to cover the shipping on it. But
the information that you learn here will show you three systems for creating
wealth and I always give my books away with a phone number to my office. So, you
can talk to my team and actually have them give you a custom game plan in the
event that you read this and you’re like, “I’m still a little bit confused. They can
break it down for you and show you what your next steps look like.” It’s $100 value for sure. And if you have that experience, all it can do is expand
your awareness of possibility. If you expand that awareness and you find the
options that are right for you, this is the year that you might change your life.
And I would say to you, “Good timing and good on you. But good timing.” Because
guess what? Recession is right around the corner and that’s when our real estate
business hits its high season. This is where people make a lot of money in a
very short period of time. I normally don’t want anyone to ever believe that
you can get rich quick in real estate. But in a recession, you can. In a really,
really, really, big way. Which is why this time I’m not doing 3,000 homes. Right now,
I’ve got a plan for doing 70,000 homes. And the goal is this is actually my haul
to make my first billion dollars because check it out. I don’t want to be president
United States. I don’t like all the red tape that that comes with. And… But I’ll
tell you what if I had a billion dollars, I love the idea of being a billionaire
philanthropist. I get to find all the enhanced social programs that I get to
give back to you. I get to do them on my terms. I don’t worry about anyone’s
red tape. So, my friends, here’s my invitation for you. Get a free copy of
the book. Get with my team, learn what your options are. Learn what you can do
to become financially free for yourself. It’s not about you having more stuff. It’s not
about you being… And you know, living in a mansion. It’s not about you
having everything you want. For me, it’s about living free. And you know what you
would do if you were free. So now might actually be your time. Click the link, get
a cop in my book. See if it ends up making the difference that can put you
on the map. If not, you don’t like the book. Then you can refund it for $0, I
guess. If anything I think is confused some useful knowledge that can help you
figure out how to get from where you’re at to really where you’re trying to go.
If you’re not a subscriber, I have drop a video every single day so make sure you
subscribe and ring the bell. And if you like the video, share it with someone
else that you want to give the free gift of this book with. Shoot, you can share it
with 20 your friends. As long as they are earnest truth seekers and they’re ready
to live a more free life, share this link and get the book in their hands too. Take
care my friends.

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