The Best Way To Invest In Your 20’s

What’s up my friend, Kris Krohn here and
today, I’m talking about the best way to invest in your 20s and today is
upside-down day because i’m going to share with you what the world has told
you are 3 smart piece of advice. And I’m going to tell you that they’re bad
advice and I’m going to be replacing them with the 3 right pieces of
advice that can show you what I did in my 20’s to become financially free and
certainly what you can do to be on the exact same path. You know it’s amazing to me that the
last generation, they’re doing the best they can to raise the next generation. But by the time you get to the next generation, sometimes the last
generations advice is not always the best advice. So today, I want to share with
you 3 don’ts and I want to share with you 3 do’s and I think these
are going to kind of like shock you a little bit. I’m going to put this under the
don’t category and you don’t have to like it. But I’m going to tell you, that
number 1, you’ve been told that you need to create a budget. The second thing you’ve been told is that you need to pay off your debt. You
should focus on eliminating your debt. And the third thing that you are being
told is that you need to put money away for retirement. Which means you need to
put together 401k’s, IRA’s .You need to put some qualified accounts together for
your retirement and this is more or less society’s game plan and when I put it
under the don’t category, I’m looking at all 3 of these and saying – “man,
if this is your financial plan, 10,20 years, I’m going to go buy it. You’re going to feel screwed, You’re going
to feel like – “man, this didn’t work for me”. I
get a little fired up on this. I don’t know if it’s the jalapeno… curds cheese,
curds that I just had but if you go over here to the do category, I’ve got some
different advice for you. The first thing is, you get…Instead of focusing on a
budget, you got to focus on paying yourself first. This is what the wealthy
all do. They don’t work for their cell phone. They don’t work for their mortgage. They don’t work for their bills. They work first and foremost for them, which
means you’re the most important bill to pay. And if your check to check, you know
what it means? It means that you don’t value the operator. It means that you
don’t value you. Are you not taking care of yourself? Are you not investing in
your needs? You are check to check. You know what the biggest problem is, biggest
problem if your check to check and just trying to keep yourself afloat with the
budget, is that you’ll never get enough money to break the cycle. You’re waiting
for a lucky windfall.I’m going to tell you right now, you have your hand on the
lever of the windfall and you know what it’s called? It’s called pay-yourself
before-you pay-anything-else so that you have something to invest. The second
thing that you need, is you do need an education. This says learn but what you
need to learn to do is you need to learn to invest. I don’t mean as in like learn
to go to school for career training. I’m not talking about
apprenticeship training. I’m talking about learning how to manage your money. Not budget. How to invest your money because investing means your money works
for you. You are never going to break the cycle of the past generation unless you
can make money work for you. Which means, work hard and put yourself
in a position where you can pay yourself and then you can learn to invest. The
last thing that everyone wishes that they had started doing one or two
decades earlier is you’ve got to get in the game of real estate. I became
financially free after just 4 and a half years of investing in real estate
and there are some people that will typically take 10 or 20 years to do it
or 30 years to make significant money in real estate. Put time on your side. If you
focus on this list instead of this list, things are going to change. Now I just want
to pause for a second because some people like, “Kris, are you saying I
shouldn’t get out of debt?” I’m saying that if you get into debt, it better be a
business debt, a good debt because you learn how to do that. Don’t put yourself
into stupid debt like student loans for a degree that you’re never going to use. If
you are going to use it, then that’s a great investment. If you’re not, then
guess what? then you should have paused and maybe you got before you gone to
college got a little clearer on discovering what you wanted in life a
less expensive way. Because budgeting, managing debt and putting away, I can
tell you where this will lead you in 30 or 40 years and I’m going to tell you that
it’s going to leave you between 80 and 90 percent short of the amount of money
that you want. So it’s not a little broken, it’s not a lot broken, it’s almost
entirely broken. But if you get to this side of the fence, you’re going to start
doing things that society basically says, “you’re a weirdo”. You’re actually getting
ahead and paying yourself which means you’re setting money aside first and
foremost that you can learn and then put into investments and then you’re
actually getting in the game of real estate. Dude, think about it this way. What
if 15 homes could produce a basic 50 grand a year and I bring that up because
the average income in America is $44,000. You buy
15 homes and you’re residually doing better than the average American. In the next 3 years, go buy 5 homes each 3 years. You
don’t even have to… It doesn’t even take money to do real estate if you know what
you’re doing which I can teach you. Bottom line is, if you’re self-motivated
and you’re ready to go, it doesn’t take a long time to put yourself in a position
to live the that you want to live. If you feel like
you need some classical training on that, and you’re looking for a team, a
community, if you’re looking for a mentor, I provide all of that. But not for anyone. I’m looking for people that are actually motivated and ready to go. I don’t care
where you live in the world. But if you got heart and you’re ready and you’re
hungry, those are the only two things I need I need. Someone with heart, I need
someone who’s hungry. And if that’s you, click the link below. Two things are
going to happen. One, you’re going to get a copy of my book and I’m going to give you my
book for free. All I’m asking you to do is cover the shipping on it. I’ll send it
to you and the second thing is it comes with a free consultation. Get with a
member of my team and tell them that you got heart. Tell them that you’re hungry,
they’ll put themselves in your shoes and tell you exactly what they would do to
get where you want to go. Friends, thank you so much for watching today. Make sure
that you subscribe. I got a fantastic video coming your way tomorrow.

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