The Bigger the Government…

The bigger the government, the smaller the
citizen. This is one of the most important realizations about society you will ever have.
In fact, this understanding is the primary reason for America’s unique success as both
a free and affluent society. Everything gets smaller as the government
gets bigger. Liberty gets smaller, individuality gets smaller, goodness gets smaller, and human
character gets smaller. This is not a political point on behalf of a political party. It is simply an observable fact. And it is just common sense.
Now, no one denies that government can and must do certain things. There’s plenty for
government to do. It is the government that must protect us from foreign attacks. That
is why we have armed forces. It is the government that must protect us from criminals within
our country. That is why we have police. Likewise fire departments and courts are obviously
necessary government institutions. And, yes, when all else fails – private and
religious-based charities, families, friends – then, too, the government must be there
to provide a safety net of last resort. But it must always be “of last resort.”
When government is the first resort – the first place citizens look when they have a
problem – bad things happen. As government grows almost everything else
begins to disappear. The first thing that goes when government
gets bigger than it needs to be is goodness. Yes, goodness. As the state gets bigger, people
simply do less good for their fellow citizens. After all, why help others when the government
will do it for you? This is the reason that, as noted by the international
non-profit organization, Charities Aid Foundation, and shown in study after study, Americans
give more charity and volunteer more time to help others than do Europeans, not to mention
just about everybody else in the world. From the beginning, Americans understood that
government must be small and therefore individuals must devote time and money to helping others,
as well as non-governmental institutions of goodness, they have to be large and plentiful. Europeans, on the other hand, with their philosophy of big government, came to rely on the state
to help their fellow citizens – and even their own family members. The second thing that diminishes as the government grows is the character of many of its citizens. Just as taking care of others is a sign of a moral character, so is taking care of oneself. Relying on others to take care of you when you are capable of taking care of yourself is just plain selfish and the very definition of irresponsible. And it gets worse. The more people come to rely on the state to take care of them, the
more they begin to develop a sense of entitlement. A sense of entitlement is the belief that
you do not owe others, but that others – in this case the state and your fellow citizens
whose money supports the state – owe you. A sense of entitlement creates two other bad
character traits: ingratitude and resentment. The more people expect to be given, the less
grateful they will be for what they are given. And they get resentful when any of those entitlements
are taken away. The third thing that bigger government diminishes
is liberty. This should be obvious. The more government, the more rules. The more rules,
the less liberty. In much of Europe, for example, governments tell store owners how many hours
they can keep their own stores open. That’s right. In France and Germany, for example,
you can’t keep your own store open past a certain hour, and you can’t open your store
before a certain hour. And in the United States, the Federal Register was 2,620 pages long
in 1936. By 2012 it contained 78,961 pages of rules and regulations. There are, however, some things big government always does increase – corruption, fraud,
and theft. How could it not? Unless you think people are angels, and that political power
attracts angels, you know that a lot of people with almost unlimited power and with access to almost unlimited sums of money will abuse those powers. So for all these reasons, small government was the vision of the people who founded the
United States of America. It is the major reason America has given more
people more freedom and more opportunity to live a better life than any other country
has. I’m Dennis Prager.

100 thoughts on “The Bigger the Government…

  • I completely disagree. Also what does goodness have to do at all with big government? They are not even slightly connected. People do as much good in a centralised as they do in a small government, because no one goes to for example a poor old blind beggar to give him some food and clothes, but then decides not to as the government is big and will help him. Noone and I repeat noone doesn't help those in need and isn't good and rightous for the single reason that the government is powerful.

  • after reading all these hated comments from the liberal EUs, we have to get rid of all these delusional, nonsense left extremist from destroying America!

  • History has shown the error of people's ways hopefully America won't walk that road of yielding liberty for "security" to only realize neither that Benjamin Franklin warned about.

  • Without a big government Israel won't get 200 billion dollars a year in foreign aid. So Prager most definitely likes big government.

    Also you disproved your point that big government means less charity. America has a bigger government than all European states and Australia.

  • At least the whites know this now but the welfare leaching minorities don't understand this. Heck, even the industrious Asians don't understand this even though they could build their own economy in the USA!

  • Dude, the USA is tanking. You've got teribile racism, the worst healthcare among rich countries, etc. Those European countries are a lot happier than you. There are economies of scale you just don't get if your main avenues

    It's silly to think of it as an us vs them thing. That's the key thing about democracy, the government is supposed to be in your control. Good regulation stops other people from stepping on your freedoms, it's simplistic to think government regulation is the main thing stepping on people's freedoms.

  • Idolatry is not so much about statues as it is is statutes, such as what one considers the supreme law of land. A supreme law can only be created by a supreme being–in this instance, the surrogate for Yahweh, We the People (and/or their "representatives").

    Thus, the entire Constitutional Republic's edifice is built upon replacing Yahweh with We the People, which is nothing but an ancient form of Baalism.*

    For more, see Chapter 3 "The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH" of free online book "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    *See blog article "Could You Be a Disciple of Baal and Not Know It?" at

  • This video makes sweeping statements without any proof. Any time someone says "it's obvious," and doesn't use examples or facts to prove their point, be suspicious. Otherwise, you can get away with saying almost anything. I don't feel like I've learned anything.

  • Are there any videos discussing the 21 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon? Until I have that answer, I believe nothing either side says, and question everything i hear, read, or see.

  • This is so dumb, and hypocritical. He makes this big destiction and vage talking-point; "the bigger the goverment, the smaller the people." He goes on to say that big goverment is always worse than small goverment. The reason this is hypocritical: Conservatives LOVE big goverment on A LOT of issues! they love goverment when it is controlling what women can do with their body. They love it when goverment spends more than 1/5 of its income on millitary to invade other countries, bomb them, and create wars. They love big goverment when the police are walking the streets with machineguns, and have undeserved power over others. They love big govermnet when it is controlling what drugs people may CHOOSE to put into their body. They loved big goverment when it bailed out taxpayer money to the banks that caused the economic ressesion in 2008 (which by the way was because of LESS regulation).
    Stop being a hypocrite, and realise that conservatives love big goverment when it fits their interests, and stop saying "when goverment is bigger, everything else gets smaller". This is not a black and white thing, its much more complicated than that.

  • Conservatives LOVE big goverment when it suits them. Stop being a hypocrite, and realise that you need a goverment with decent size to have a good standard of living.

  • You can see many cases of corrpution and political intimidation by the government in Europe. they don't even have freedom of spech in there, literary. It is too much power for one institution, the law and the taxes money.

  • It's true; because I'm so heavily taxed in Seattle, the government has taken away the extra money I would have used to help my fellow citizen. I have less compassion because I figure, why are you still begging me for money when the city and state have taken so much from me already to "help" you?

  • Btw small Goverment Countries Like Japan, Tiawian, Israel, South Korea, some former Soviet Block small goverment countries, Need)))) Big Goverment Countries like North America to Borrow Money just to stay Afloat Financially and stay Competitive Globally. For example the ($) exchange rate in South Korea vs U.S. it took about…, $20.00 S. Korean Money to be the Equvalent of Just $5.00 U.S. that was in the Mid 90's …fyi

  • On defence of Europe, of which my nation, the UK is part of, the Second World War was a big reason for this. The collective big government of the European Union, and the development of many European nations’ governments, was because literally had to rebuild themselves. Cities like Paris, Berlin and London had been significantly destroyed by the war. Many nations, my own included, simply couldn’t have survived without many of the social programmes we still have in place. But this was the ‘Last Resort’ you mentioned, and though the nations of Europe have been economically and socially repaired, we still rely on these systems.

  • I hate big government and the thought of being forced to help others who can not help themselves since both ideas are liberal and communist! Liberalism forces people to help those who cannot help themselves and that's why I hate liberalism.

  • Then why hasn’t this happened in Scandinavia
    I would also argue that many European countries have given people many more opportunities
    Scandinavia has very low corruption America has a lot, why because there aren’t rules preventing corruption
    In the end you have two options with who has power, government, or the private sector. One has no motivation, but profit, the other is for and by the people. Neither is perfect, but I’ll take the latter. Many European countries also have higher wages and high workplace participation. PragerU has complete disregard for the facts, facts over feeling, may I redirect you to another PragerU video

  • It doesn't matter if you can take of yourself or not. If you can't take care of yourself then just be thankful that anyone is nice enough to want to help you because they are not your slaves and they don't have to help you. People who can't take care of themselves are not royalty and they did not die on the cross for our sins.

  • The government got bigger because the people wanted it to protect them from every possible hurt, provide for every need, and secure them from their fears. We have become a nation of wimps who Won't stand up for themselves, who Won't take charge, and who soon Won't have any liberty. Unless the People truly unite and say "enough!" we will get the government we deserve. By the people, for the people– Indeed.

  • if you account for citizens of countries under american-backed dictatorships we aren't looking too hot in the freedom department.

  • Brilliant Video – Also the Government grew massively after 2 things in the 1910s and 1920s

    (1) The Fed Reserve – Fractional Reserve Banking (1913) – Money backed by nothing – Creating money from thin air not backed by gold or anything of substance. And then charges Usury (Unreasonable Interest Rates/Charges) to Governments/People/businesses Etc…

    (2) Giving women and EVERYONE the right to Vote. I personally think Voting should be EARNED and not a fundamental Human right. Even Socrates said the problems with "Absolute Democracy – Anyone and Everyone Votes" = Always leads to Mob Rule and by human nature… (let me give you an Example) –

    You have 2 Political Parties at a time of National Crisis.

    Party A – States Vote for me and I will give you these SWEETS and it will make you FEEL better and take away the pain… so short term fixes and unsubstantive fixes.
    Party B – states Vote for me, we are in a difficult situation my fellow countrymen, I have these medicines and tools, they will SUSTAIN and Ease the Burden somewhat in the short term, but we will fix and thrive in the Medium to Long Term – Tell me who do you think the Average Voter would vote for and how about the dumb and Low IQ voter = the "Youths/Young Peoples and Urban Folks and other Morons" will vote for?

    The bottom line also is we have to except the only way this will be properly fixed is when we have a real collapse, a society will Abundance and Decadence cannot usually see the smoke from the fire until it is too late. All I say to fellow Conservatives is when the SHTF eventually just make sure you have a plan for you and your families to get out of the big cities and be truly independent and self-sufficient all these Bankers and Corporate Hacks in NYC/LA and SF etc are living in their bubble and likely won't survive when the collapse happens. Its NOT necessary the smartest or highest IQ person/s that will survive but it is the persons that are most adaptable when sudden change happens that will survive. And once the smoke and sky has cleared lets hope to God us moronic Humans don;t do it again…..

    Let me end by saying the Cycle of Civilization = The following (roughly I added my own thoughts to it)!

    Hard Times create strong men and religion/spitituality
    Strong men and belief create better times
    better times create ABUNDANCE..
    …ABUNDANCE creates B*llsh*t and all the LGBTABCDEFG++ and all the fake "rights and hyphenated American/National Ogrz" and all the other fake racism/sexism/abundance related stupid issues + God and Religion takes a back seat.
    This then creates a Soft and Feminized Society
    This WILL lead to Socio-Economic Collapse and two things will happen:

    (1) That Nation Society will collapse and die and this lead to Civil Unrest and further collapse and stagnation could be decade or centuries before we rebuild.
    (2) There is a small possibility that external armies could take us over. However I feel this is a unrealistic scenario and Scenario 1 is far more likely. Thats because the Western World has overwhelming Military Advantage over every other nation on Earth. And please don't talk to me about Muslims they are less than 1% of North America population and 5% of Europes population (half of that are Ethnic Europeans) if the SHTF and they try to Shariaize us, they know they will be Lawn mowered and Taken out… I do see a massive push back against the Liberal/Marxist Orthodoxy, its coming…. people are fed up!

    Finally as a Nation and Civilization we need to DECENTRALIZE meaning more power at Local and state level and far less power at the top (Federal Level). Also we need to not scrap but heavily reform the Court and Judicial system too much of this suing culture and other nonsense that is done by our Modern court/Judicial System.

    Let me give you an Example in Commiefornia (Thankfully I have left that Commie Sh*thole) – There was a Proposition about not teaching young kids about Homosexuality and all the LGBTABCDE stuff/nonsense. A good majority of parents did not want their young kids taught the Homosexual stuff at a young age, so about 60%-65% of voters said no and favored the propositiion. It took 3 unelected Judges to essentially tell millions of parents to f*** off and Homosexual teaching was forced on all Public Schools. My question is why not allow individual schools to decide if they want to teach "Mom and Dad" or "mom and Mommy"….


  • If only all my fellow citizens saw this. Small government is the solution for most problems in my country (mainly corruption). And that thing with ingratitude is absolutely fitting to many of my fellow citizens.

  • To be fair. There has to more pages in laws as new laws are made for new technology. For example the internet. Although probably doesn't need that many pages

  • If the shop is open whenever the owner wants , this means that someone needs to work there . Inconvenient hours aswell . And Denis when you start working from 5 a.m. to 22 p.m. , let me know how this "liberty" works .

  • All those protestors who worship government. We have freedom of religion, why they don't worship their god? The homeless can sleep in either a church or a mosque.

  • This is the end result of being allowed to vote. We had a responsibility to limit our government, and instead we abused the political system for temporary benefits and voted to pass on the debt to the next generation.

    I don't have an answer to this problem, as it seems the only thing we have aside from this is simple tyranny.

  • I live in Canada, and I know that we need a more federalist system to survive.
    But i also support be government because we have a thing in Canada, where provinces can makes parts of the constitution not apply to them.

  • This video openly promotes party division and strife. His Holiness Pope Leo XIII most wisely taught, in these two paragraphs, that political parties and factions are not advisable.

    Paragraph 8: "… Suspicion and lack of trust often result from the rivalry of political parties…. Everyone may hold his own opinion in purely political matters and defend it honestly and legitimately, provided it is not contrary to religion or justice. Yet those, if there are any, who do not distinguish clearly between what is holy and what is merely civil, commit a pernicious error which lends the name of religion to a political party."

    Paragraph 15: "… You can see that fickle suspicion and rash accusations are detrimental indeed to fraternal love. From this you can understand the injustice of those who, in favoring one political party, do not hesitate in matters of religion to accuse others of unorthodoxy. They do this only because they belong to another party, as though orthodox Catholic faith is necessarily the prerogative of this or that political party…."

    Saint Pius X most wisely taught that parties and factions are not advisable.

    Paragraph 7: "… The desire for peace is certainly harbored in every breast, and there is no one who does not ardently invoke it. But to want peace without God is an absurdity, seeing that where God is absent thence too justice flies, and when justice is taken away it is vain to cherish the hope of peace. "Peace is the work of justice" (Is. xxii., 17). There are many, We are well aware, who, in their yearning for peace, that is for the tranquillity of order, band themselves into societies and parties, which they style parties of order. Hope and labor lost. For there is but one party of order capable of restoring peace in the midst of all this turmoil, and that is the party of God. It is this party, therefore, that we must advance, and to it attract as many as possible, if we are really urged by the love of peace."

    Christus vincit
    Christus regnat
    Christus imperat

  • Government gives one nothing there's nothing they can do for me that I can't do myself we work for paper follow other men's rules pay there salaries allow them to make all laws rules regulation's work consume obey don't think watch TV give you're money to Jerusalem don't kill Rob rape steal got it thanks government couldn't have done it without you

  • But don't consume to much and become a con and go to prison then you won't be able to watch the baal games anymore you could go to court but don't forget you're racket

  • The document that CONSTITUTES the Union clearly enumerates the duties of the tiny (not $22T) three branches, and A10 is likewise clear about ANYTHING else!!

  • I agree with 99% of all of what PragerU puts out there. Our ideals align perfectly… well almost! Every single issue except of course just how Pro-Israel they truly are (zionist)… whereas I truly believe in the real Jewish people, of which Judaism was their one true religion for thousands of years. In contrast, the bulk, or the majority of the "Jews" that are residing in Palestine (what they call "Israel") are, in fact, not the old Jews from the true lineage of Jewish ancestry… but are ones that were once Christian and other religions not too long ago, who migrated from all over Europe, especially from Germany, Russia etc. Before they moved, they had changed their religion from Christianity, atheism etc to Judaism to avoid persecution. These are not the real Orthodox Jews, but are called the "Ashkenazi Jews"!!! This, among other not so nice reasons (like stealing other people's land, and taking on the identity of the real Jews but are, in fact, quasi-Jews, or de-facto Jews!) is why I do not take on the ideals of the now occupied Palestine (Israel) Jews, and why I do not agree with PragerU on this issue alone.

  • America – a small government????? WHAT!!! America = the BIGGEST most GIGANTIC government this side of the Earthly Plane… so much so, in fact, that it is now considered a Police State on its way to a Martial State and then will inevitably become (just like so many other countries have become) a Communist State!!! So, sorry PragerU… but you're wrong on this one!!

  • Smaller governement=more responsabilities
    More responsabilities=more consciousness
    More consciousness=more responsable person
    More responsable person=better citizen

  • The bigger the government, the smaller the freedom. FDR had the blood of thousands of Jews on his hands! World wars are government programs. Slavery is a government program. Genocide is a government program. Fire bombing cities so much, you create hurricanes of fire in those cities. Using two atomic bombs on cities full of women, children, and old people is a government program.

  • well it's right goverment should stay small but that is not only the idea of america, every country had that in mind but we all failed to recognise it so no we have to correct it!!!

  • If the US gov and court system would stop paying women to make babies the welfare, single mothers problem would solve itself! I have watched women who have never worked a day in their lives or been married pop out child after child. And then they use the fact that they are a single mother to get sympathy! It's ridiculous! Making babies is not a skill!

  • This isn’t exactly true. When he talks about people doing less for others when they expect the government to do it for them, it’s about culture. Not the size of the government. In some cultures in Europe, they have big governments and the people are super warm and caring for their fellow citizens. And also, you’re ignoring the fact that large corporations can be just as oppressive, if not, even more oppressive than a large government.

  • Where in the Constitution is the Federal Government delegated the power to fund and operate a Refugee Welfare program?

  • So you are saying we should do nothing during a recession and just say the economy will eventually work out is that what you're saying

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