The Cave 2017 | How do we get stronger? | Gary Snowzell

Now I’m going to need your help. When all our campus pastors arrived this week, I lost my voice. They all turned up and I lost it. It was the most frustrating thing. I’ve lost it over the last couple of days. It’s sort of there, but I might be struggling a bit. So you’ve got to listen in. I want you to listen in. And I don’t want to be crazy and spiritual about it, but I believe God has such a huge message for us. I believe there is a frequency, God just keeps saying to me that there’s a frequency of Heaven coming this weekend. And it’s beyond a great message, it’s beyond a great creative. There’s something God wants to speak to His church, to His people. And I believe what is going to happen in the next 24 hours will be life-changing. But we need to posture ourselves and listen to what He has, because if we come and just sit there and just take what’s being offered we’re going to miss it. We have to listen, in we have to tune in. Listen in to what God has, because this is going to be an amazing weekend. I want to welcome everyone that is joining us. If you’re joining us online, you are so welcome. We love you. Whatever location you’re joining us from around the world, we love you, we would love one day to be able to have everyone in one room. But maybe that will be in Heaven. Guys, we are building something for eternity here. And it’s so amazing when we all gather together, because we’re coming from different places, but right at the start of this evening, there was such a buzz and unity. You wouldn’t think you guys didn’t really know each other, because we have a commonality and that is who Jesus is for us. I love it. We come from different cultures, different places, but when we’re in the house together, all in one mind with one heart, things happen. God does amazing things. I’m going to share something in a moment with you which is going to kick us off. But before that, I’ve got a little bit of homework for you. And it’s not from me. As you know my great friend, Perry Noble is with us this weekend. We’re going to be hearing from Perry tomorrow. And I know that was a bit of a surprise for some of you. We wanted to keep it a surprise. And he’s going to be sharing tomorrow. But he gave me some verses, some scripture to do some homework. But I’ve got to apologize first, because you have to be over 18 to read this scripture. The trouble is, when Perry gets involved normally there’s a bit of trouble. He’s unpredictable. You’re not sure what’s going to happen. So he said, “Can you get them to read this?” So if you want to make a note of this and have a chance to read this before tomorrow, it’ll set you up ready for where we’re going. But it is a little bit blue… Genesis 34:1-29 you got that? But don’t look at it now, because it’s going to mess you up. And you’ll miss the message. You’ll notice that Perry is with us. If you want to know who he is, if you haven’t met him before, he’s the only one in this room with a jumper on. He’s come from South Carolina (USA). He thought it would be a bit chilly so he’s got his jumper on. He told me it’s a sweater, and he really is sweating down the front here. Guys are we ready? I want to cover something in the start off here to set us up for this next 24 hours. And there’s almost going to be like a second part, which is tomorrow night, to what I’m going to begin sharing. I just want to bring you on a journey with me. And first of all, I need to start off celebrating something: That is that this year, we will complete our 10-04 vision. And perhaps some people are thinking, “What the heck is the 10-04?” In 2014 at the Cave, it wasn’t long ago, we shared with you our vision to plant 10 new churches in the next 4 years. And remember we had the locations on the screen. We had Kenya and India and all these countries. And it is amazing because this year we’re going to finish that with our last location, which is Location X. Which is where? CYPRUS! Did you notice they didn’t mention that location because we’re going to be introducing the team tomorrow. So there’s some suspense there. But that Location X is our last location of 10-04. When we shared that vision, you can imagine we were thinking, “How the heck are we going to do it?” Have you ever sort of said, “Hey we’re going to do this.” And then I’m walking off the stage going, “Oh my goodness, ten churches.” The size that we are, the size of Freedom’s movement, and we said we are planting ten churches in the next four years. And yet in this this most recent one, Cyprus, we had more applications on the last one than any other location. You see, God’s got this way of saying, “I don’t do things the way you do things. You can work naturally, that you can expend your resource that you see, but my resource is far beyond what you see. And God has sent us on an incredible journey. And at the same time, it hasn’t been easy. It has been a challenge to be able to set our hearts and I believe God gave us those ten locations. To say: “I’m entrusting this to you.” What does it say in the Bible? “I’m going to give you more.” And we didn’t think that we’d be involved in New York, but there is something about being faithful with what God gives you. And as you do, there is something about multiplication. So we came through that whole journey. I remember Cheltenham, which launched in recently in March. It’s hard to keep up guys, c’mon. And when we launched there, it was a week before and we still needed to buy the equipment. We left it to the end because there was no money to buy the equipment. I just want you to know the reality of what we’re doing. We’re sat in our leadership team meeting with a message coming through. The guys had been out on the ground giving out flyers. We’re launching, we got a venue in the hotel. We’re all ready. But we need some equipment to do the job. And we looked in our bank account, and it was like, no we haven’t got the money. And we were in a place of having to make a decision and we stepped out and said, “We’re going to make it happen.” Because we’ve got to be faithful, even when the figures don’t say that we’ve even got the money. And as we did that, we saw God provide for it. What I’m saying is it that it hasn’t been easy. That’s how close even up to recently. You know we come together like this and there’s a load of us, and we’re trying to do extraordinary things. But all the way along God is saying, “Will you keep stepping out of the boat?” See, He didn’t make Freedom as a movement to be safe people. And there’s something dangerous when you get around this faith. And when you get around this faith, things happen that are extraordinary. I just want to bring us right to this point. I just want to pray right now with you, because I want to thank God for His faithfulness. Because all the way along, even when we were struggling with Cheltenham recently, with if we had enough to start, God said, “You know what, My grace is sufficient for you.” He’s just been saying, “Look, I’m going to cover the gaps, but you need to still go.” And I want to celebrate. Father, right now. Father we’re in this room now Lord, I thank You for Your faithfulness. Because we have seen 10 teams step up many that have gone or going, counted the cost. Father but it’s because of You, it’s not because we had a great strategy and communication. It is because of the call of God on our lives. Father we are here as a people tonight. We celebrate the fact that this is all about You. It’s all because of You that You gave us a vision. And Father You are faithful to us that You have provided for us. Lord we give You the glory in this house tonight. Father that we cast a vision and tonight we celebrate that You are seeing it through the completion in Jesus’ name, Amen. We make things up as we go along here, so I just want Arpit to jump up here on the stage. Now Arpit is from the Chennai campus. When we cast in 2014 this vision, we saw a flag on the screen, we saw a little video, but this is the flesh and blood. This is what God is doing and if you get the chance, you need to ask him what God has been doing in his life. I met Arpit over in Chennai and was just amazed about God in you and I wanted to get you up here because you represent just one person. You see God is turning vision into reality. Which is one person at a time. And I just know that the potential of God in you Arpit. What God has for you, the calling of God on you. And I know that there’s been struggle, I know that there’s been loss, but God is for you. He is for you! He is for you! We are for you! We are with you man and we love you. That’s what its about guys. We need to keep focus on the reality of what God is doing. So I think it was last year that God spoke to us as a leadership team and we began praying into what’s after 10-04. Our focus has been on 10-04 and we’re at the point now where we’re completing it. So I’m sure a lot of you want to know what’s next. That’s what I want to share with you. God spoke to us very clearly and He said after 10-04, after you plant these 10 churches.. He said, “I’m asking you to consolidate. I’m going to ask you to come into a time of strengthening your walls. Strengthening what you have, because as we’ve been sowing out, we’ve been seeing the seeds. I know we’ve got young campuses here tonight. There might be a few dozen people. We’ve got the little seeds and the stalks are bursting through. But we need to care for them, we need to nurture them. We’re seeing all of those things happen and God is saying, “It’s time to strengthen your walls, to consolidate, to reinforce, to get stronger. We just feel that this is probably going to be up to about 2020. Then God said, “Something greater is coming. What you do now is going to prepare you for what is coming in 2020. And if you don’t do what I’m asking you to do now, you’re not going to be able to do what’s coming next.” So right now we are entering this season of stronger. When we sat down we said, “What shall we call it?” We had all these great names and it came back to “Stronger” because that’s what it is. God wants to make us stronger. Wherever we are today, wherever you are, wherever you come from it doesn’t matter. We saw Ricky and Krista from META Church come up here. And they thought it was over. That their opportunity was missed, that they were on the bench of failure. But God came in and said, “No it’s not over!” See it doesn’t happen like that. God is in the business of turning the greatest failure into the greatest success. Tonight, I believe there’s people who are coming or listening online, where you just decided it’s probably all over. I’m praying right now, in Jesus’ name, that even the life that raised Jesus from the dead will be speaking to your situation, and bring life and hope to you. It’s not over don’t give up. Stay with us, we’re go on this journey. God has asked us to consolidate and as we think about consolidating, that means “How can we become stronger?” Alot of you might think that getting stronger means that we’re just going to stay as we are. It isn’t. See, the church has got this habit where you can’t really control it and keep it still. What I believe is God is going to grow us in an exponential way but it’s not going to be the way that we’ve seen before. We’re entering into a season of where God is going to. That’s why I want you to listen to the frequency what God is saying. What I’m going to share is so simple. It’s so simple, I’m thinking, “What am I doing?” But God just has a habit of working through these things. It’s, so simple you’re going to remember it. I pray it is going to resound. As I was thinking, I thought about the old tuning fork. I was going to get one. I didn’t know how it worked. I think you bang it, and it resonates with a note, when you’re tuning. And I just felt that God kept showing me all last week, God was showing me this tuning fork. And He said, “I’m tuning.” I said “God what are you tuning?” He said, “I’m tuning Freedom.” He said, “There is this frequency that is going out. The frequency of the cross.” This frequency of the cross is like this vibration that is going out right now. So this will be very simple, but if you listen on the right frequency, you’re going to pick up what God is saying. Just because we’re talking about consolidation, don’t for a minute think this is about just staying as we are. This is about growing. One of the main things that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be raising stronger followers, stronger disciples. We thought, “How can we grow what we’ve got?” We need to grow stronger leaders, stronger followers. If you’ve got that, you’ve got a world changer. This word that God has been speaking to me is just disciples, discipleship, discipleship. As a young guy growing up in church, I thought the disciples were just the twelve. Some of you might think that if you’ve not been around Church. It’s like the disciples of those guys in the Bible they nearly all died because they followed Jesus. That’s who they are. And then we’re the church. I think many of us even think that discipleship is what we do to new Christians. What do we say? “We have a great discipleship course going for you.” We’ve all done this. We get them in, we put them into discipleship. It’s something you do for about eight weeks and afterwards you are a disciple. It’s only part of the story. I want to share some scriptures with you. Matthew 28:18 -20 “Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All Authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Surely I am going to be with you always to the ends of the earth’.” So this word “disciples”, do you know that there is a prerequisite to following Jesus and it is to go make disciples. Stay with me. We can think disciples, it’s as about disciples is it? Jesus is there saying this one command. Right at the end of Matthew, this one thing we call the commission. He’s speaking to the church. So if you’re a believer and you’re listening to this, don’t exclude yourself. If you’re hearing this right now He is saying, “All authority, all that I have that has been given to me. Right now I’m sending you out.” So if you’re a believer, He’s are sending you out. What is the prerequisite? What is the thing that He is saying for us all to do? Go make disciples. If I am a follower of Jesus, what do I do? I make disciples. So if you’re a follower, sorry guys it’s going to get real uncomfortable over the next 24 hours. If you’re a follower, this isn’t going to be one of those get-togethers where we all think, “I just feel so encouraged.” I want to bring challenge that’s going to bring change. As I was looking at this, I was challenged. We get involved with church and we go to church. Somehow we haven’t created and made disciples. We’ve made a bunch of dwellers. What we do is we see people come into our church or we are those people, and we go to church to dwell, to hang out. We volunteer, we do all those things serving the church. It’s wonderful isn’t it? We do so many things. Some of us are good at worship, some of us are great at getting in the Bible. You know we love to do a bit of leadership teaching. We love to be in God’s house. Isn’t it wonderful? We all love being in God’s house. We love clapping when we see life change. We love it when we come together and see a few people added. Yet to every one of us, the challenge that I want to bring is that we have this command as the church. It hasn’t changed today, to go out and make disciples of all nations. But what we do is look and somehow put this into a corporate sort of idea. That’s what the church leadership are doing. That’s the vision of what our leaders are doing. That’s what our pastors are doing. We just come and we do our bit so that we can make some disciples. And yeah, we have some disciples. I’ve got a room full of some disciples Just because we’re in this room and you believe in Jesus Christ does not make you a disciple. A disciple is a follower, a follower of Christ. One that spills out the very being of Christ where they go, in what they say and who they are. He says, “Therefore, go and make disciples.” Don’t just stay where you are. Don’t limit it to your boundary because I’m asking you to go out to the world. The plan is to make disciples and I believe in preaching this to you, I’m preaching to myself. As a leadership team, we focus so much on an event on Sunday, we put a great event on it’s about the event, and we serve. There’s nothing wrong with the event, but when the event becomes the focus rather than making disciples. We put all our energy to put on a great event and we’ve had a great experience. And I just feel like God is saying, “What are you doing church? You’re trying to put it in one and a half hours. Is that your way of making disciples?” And we think if we attend church and we’re committed, part of it, and we even go to our small group, that’s Church. But the very thing that He said, “Go make disciples.” That’s make followers, that’s reproduce followers, So you have to follow for yourself. Follow who He is to be able to make disciples. And we do this. We come to the building, we come and say, “What an amazing Sunday that was. We saw a couple of people saved because there was a great message.” And we have the focus on the message. Somehow there’s an expectation that either whoever’s preaching is going to bring a word that’s going to somehow make disciples. We’ve abdicated our responsibility as Christians to say, “Oh that’s you know.. I’m just on the back row here, I’m cheering you on, I’m turning up. I’m sure God is pleased.” And yet the mandate He gave us was to go make disciples, And whoever you are, and wherever you’re at, that is what He’s planned for you. He didn’t say, “Oh some of you that are good at speaking or evangelism or sharing.” He said, “We have got to reach a world.” And when Christ is in you, it is not to be contained. We’ve got the event and I believe the event can be a doorway. Events are great when you can use them as a doorway to present who Jesus is. But not when we use that to abdicate our responsibility of being disciples in the world. Maybe when we talk about the city that’s set on a hill that cannot be hidden. Maybe it’s talking about your life. But we tend to sort of point towards it as if it’s just the church. I believe that we can so easily focus on our needs in coming to an event. I think we’ve encouraged it as a leadership team. l have to say I’m so sorry about that. That we put together a great event, so that you love the worship and you love the experience and you love the communication, you love the creative and you come in. And we recruit volunteers and we do all these things. But who’s talking about discipleship? God’s really challenged us as the leadership team so I want to turn it inside out, upside down. From it, I want to start changing the way that you perceive this. I believe right now many of us are sterile. Let’s face it, if I did a hand show right now for everyone who is listening, who has made a disciple? Who actually made a follower of Jesus that is going on? And you know when they are a disciple because they’re making disciples. I know that for a lot of us we haven’t made a disciple. Some of us have been Christians for twenty or thirty years and we can’t actually think of someone that we’ve actually made as a follower that is going out making followers. That says to me that some of us are barren. And it’s not a criticism or a judgment. It’s just that we need to realize it. If you’re a young couple and you want a child and you don’t get pregnant for five years, you’re probably going to go to the doctors to get some checks because you know this is not acceptable. Yet, in the church we all gather together and no one asks the question. We sit around and we pat ourselves on the back saying, “What a great testimony and look at so-and-so going off to India, look at what’s happening. Isn’t it wonderful?” And yet we don’t look at ourselves. And God is saying, “I designed you to be fruitful, I designed you to be a fruitful people, it’s who you are.” It’s who we were designed to be. And yet, I believe that the enemy has caused a blindness on us, where we just sort of look inwardly and we say, “It’s about us”. We’ve created a people that want to feel valued. Everyone matters, we want to value people, but it’s almost like they go and make sure people feel valued. But I believe that Jesus is saying, “No, it’s down to you to bring value.” When you start thinking about adding value, you start making disciples. So let’s look at Acts 2:42-47. The New Testament church. It says, “They devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and a prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the Apostles. So I’m going to right back to the beginning because I feel like we need to realign what we’re meant to be doing. If we need to dismantle some things we will. It’s more important that we’re actually given birth than having an event. “All the believers were together. They had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Everyday they continued to meet together in the temple courts and they broke bread in their homes, they ate together with glad and sincere hearts,” They sold everything, they met together, with gladness and gratitude because they had a glimpse of what eternity was about. “praising God,” not feeling sorry for themselves ‘Why was it us that got asked to sell our field?’ “and enjoying the favour of all the people.” ‘I’ve given so much and I just feel like I’ve made so many sacrifices.’ No. They had thanksgiving in their hearts, because they had a glimpse of something greater than where they were “And the Lord added to their number daily.” They meet in their homes, they were sharing, they were taking care, they were growing, they were being discipled, and they were making disciples. It all starts at the beginning with that one word if you noticed it. What makes it different? What do we need to see different than what we’re already doing? It’s a condition of our heart. It says here, it was one simple word. It says, “They devoted themselves.” Devoted. Devoted. Some of us are more involved in a duty rather than devotion. Let’s face it. Some of us love the event on Sunday, but don’t go to a small group because it’s a bit of a chore. There’s something about this devotion. Heather, she’s devoted to me but she is devoted to her Keep Fit. She evangelizes me around Keep Fit all the time. She goes on Saturday when it’s our day off. She goes about five times a week. She has all these classes she does. Boxercise, kicking me, I’ll tell you watch out. If we ever get robbed, I will send Heather and she’ll take care of him. She is so devoted to it even on Saturday morning she would do her class and she’ll say, “Come with me.” And l say, “No, I don’t want to go with that bunch of women. I’m not going. I’m going to be the only guy there and there will be jumping around and I’m not going to be able to do it. She said, “You might not be the only man.” I thought, “I know your game..” She’s devoted. I can’t tell you how devoted she is. No one tells her she has to go. She doesn’t go because she just absolutely loves being there.. “l just love the smell of sweat, I love the way that person screams at me, and I love the pain.” No, she goes because there’s a discipline. She knows this is something that she needs. And we have lost discipline. Notice how discipline is very similar to discipleship. We want to do things that feel good. Discipleship is to do with discipline and it comes from devotion. You start coming in with a devoted heart into the house of God. Right when you start realizing what He did for you, and what He could do for someone else. For anyone that has led someone to Christ and made a disciple, you can’t stop it. We heard Tom from Rotterdam he was just talking about it. He was like “It’s not just in church. I go up the street, and I bump into someone.” And happening everywhere because he knows. I knew Tom before he was saved and he was a plumber and he was a broken guy. He came in I saw him find Jesus and now he’s out there pastoring. He can’t keep it to himself you see. There’s something about a devotion of his heart. Some of us we need to recheck our heart. Some of us are devoted to things that are temporary. In fact, we spend 99% of our time devoted to things that are temporary, and make us feel good or are what we desire. Yet the whole thing of discipleship is to come after Jesus. To come after Him, you’re going to have to lay things down. Devotion is an incredible heart attitude. As l round off this evening, I want to just mention small groups. We call them in Freedom Church, “Catalyst Groups”. We’ve called them “Boot Camps” and we’ve called them “Core Groups”. Like many other churches we’ve tried different models. I think we have about 50% of the adults we have attend a small group. That’s really good, if you look across churches in UK. But it says to me 50% is in the middle, which says it’s lukewarm. I’m challenged by this, because we can either just say that’s the trend, and it’s the way that people are, or as a leadership team we take responsibility for this. I want to say to you right now that we’re in the middle of redesigning our small groups. They’re going to look different. We’re actually going to be training our leaders in a different way. We’ve got a whole new program, that is going to just begin developing leaders that train up disciples to equip you. I don’t want to just come and say, “Everyone, you need to disciple.” We want to equip you. I want to say sometimes our small groups they can be the last place you want to be. I’ve spent years and years being in a group where either the leader doesn’t care one bit what they’re doing and didn’t prepare. We’re all sat round and I’m waiting for something and nothing’s coming. Or you’re there with a bunch of fruity, nutty people, and you wonder why no one else ever joins the group and you got put in it. We’ve all been there and thought, “What is this meant to be about? I do the Sunday thing, but this small group thing..” I think somehow we have lost the value of what that really is. As a leadership team we’ve developed a resource that we’re working in. We can’t show it to you right now, but you’re going to see it coming out in our locations. What I want to ask, is I want to say sorry if you’ve had a bad experience because I take responsibility for that. I shouldn’t really be releasing leaders and I’m not criticising the small group leaders, I’m just saying, sometimes you haven’t been equipped. You go off and you’ve had no support, no direction, you haven’t had the training. God has given us a fresh conviction of vision for small groups, because the strength of the church is not numbers on a Sunday. It’s in your small groups. It’s true guys. Where do we need to invest in? Our small groups. You want to see disciples being made, trained, and released, you’re going to see it through small groups. First of all, I want to say sorry to you if you’ve had a bad experience. The scars do sort of heal after about twenty years. I could tell you some terrible stories. We want to create environments of small groups so that you just can’t wait to be there. But, you’re going to need have an attitude to come and bring something. I’m asking, if you gave up on small groups because you had a bad experience, maybe even before you came to us, maybe you just like don’t get it. Can I ask you in these coming weeks and months as we fold this out, will you give us another chance? I’m saying this, because I don’t want people just to go, “Oh, it’s another small group.” I want you to give it a chance. And don’t go just once, give it eight weeks. Try and get involved. What I’m sharing with you about making disciples, I believe we need each other. It says that where it happened, was when they met together and devoted themselves together. People are out in the pubs tonight all around this city and there’s probably a few thousand of them. No one told them they had to go to the pub. They are devoted by themselves and they’re spending a lot of money to be there. If the church can’t create a community where people want to be, we’ve got to ask some questions. So will you come on this journey with me? That we would be able to discover what God has, because this frequency is saying make disciples. This is about making disciples. You have to be a disciple to make a disciple. How do you do it? Small groups. You can’t do this alone. The last scripture I have for you is Luke 10:1-3, so this is the strategy, “After this, the Lord appointed 72 others.” Notice how Jesus worked in this model of like twos, twos or threes, and then you know 12 and then 70 and He had these groups He’s working in these small groups. “He sent them two by two ahead of Him.” Before Jesus went off, He said right here you all are, off you go, two by two,” “And to every town and place where He was about to go. He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.'” This is right at the beginning. Jesus here with His disciples. He’s saying, “I think guys, today we’re going to do a fun activity. We’re going to go out. It says, “we’re not going to take any purses or equipment or coats or anything. All we’re going to do is we’re all going to gather together. We’re going to gather together in the woods and then I’m going to pair you all up and you’re all going to go off, find a city to go to, and make disciples. But we want to complicate it. “He sent them two by two ahead.. and the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” I believe right now, God is saying there is a harvest that is plentiful in our nations, our communities, our towns, but many of us don’t believe it. Unbelief came in because you shared your faith with a few people and they didn’t quite like it. So we think, “Oh well, perhaps that’s not really my gifting.” So we withdraw. We sort of end up being secret Christians. So are we disciples? Because you can’t really be a disciple unless you give birth to disciples. He’s saying to us, Freedom, right now, “The harvest is plentiful.” But the key is the mandate. The key is you and me, us. He said, “I split you up into two’s. They’re out there, we just need people that are ready to go and make disciples. This is what you were called to be. “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers in His harvest field. Go! I’m sending you out like lambs among wolves.” It can feel a bit like lambs amongst wolves, but don’t worry about it. We know where we’re going. Don’t you pull back from discipleship because there’s a wolf around. We’ve got the great Shepherd of them all here. There is something that God wants to speak to us about. Many of us pray and anticipate that God’s going to bring a revival. We see the world events things happening and we think, “God, will you bring revival?” We see it at our event this week like, “We’re believing to go from 200 to 250. We’re going to pray for a few more salvations. Think big, right? I believe for 2,000.” We do, we think about the event. We think about that great message or somehow people is just turning up. We don’t know where they came from and we abdicate our responsibility. If even if we had a move of God and we saw 10,000 salvations every month, 120,000 a year. How many years it would take us to reach the world? 50,000 years. But if you take two people in this room. You want to make disciples, who will go out and reproduce two other disciples. So there’s four by the end of the year. And then next year, each of those produce a disciple, so we have eight next year. And it keeps producing. Do you know how long it takes to reach the world to at a time as in doubling? 33 years. I did the mathematics when I looked at it because I thought, ” This is must be wrong.” Two makes four. Next year, it turns to eight, next it turns to sixteen. As the years go by, everyone makes a disciple. Just one disciple in one year, you can actually save the world and reach the world in 33 years. And we’re not the only church. I’m bringing a message at the start of this “Stronger” to say, “If you want become stronger, it starts with you.” It starts with you saying, “Am I willing to follow Him? Am I willing to make a disciple?” I want you to forget about the ten thousand. It would be great, we’re all in this great room, ten thousand. I’m asking you just this year, to think about if I could just believe for one disciple. To produce one disciple, we have a lot more in this room. I’m challenged by this. I know God, He gave us something wonderful, He gave us this: When Jesus left, He said, “All authority and all power I give to you to go make disciples.” So every time you think, “Oh it couldn’t be me..” There’s probably fear or something that is blocking that. God wants to deal with it over these 24 hours guys. This is how we can become stronger. When we already take what God has done within us. We’ve heard these messages where they say, “You’ve got enough in your hands to..” And we’re all saying, “Oh, only if they came in..” But there’s something in your hands right now, that is within you, that’s in who you are, that can make disciples. So guys, I want to leave that with you, because we’re going to journey together. We have a video that our Media Team have put together. It’s all about “Stronger”. It’s a mini film about 12 minutes long. It really is incredible. It’s about that we have got to come and get stronger before we start going out. That’s what God is doing. Watch this film right now, and let God speak to you about what we’ve just heard. So let’s watch it. Hello? Here, drink this. Wait. You’re not ready. We are ready. Ready to move, but we haven’t always been that way. We’re not the people we were yesterday, but yesterday we chose to change. Yesterday we chose strength. To have a faith so unshakeable that now we can say to the wolves of this world, that you will never force our feet from God’s path. This world is broken, it’s turned dark. And it’s only the light that can change that. So we began to build a fire inside. Not just hurling our untrained bodies into battle. Because Christ gave us Heavenly weapons. But it was our choice to master them. We may put our hands to the bow, but we are the arrows. Sons and daughters of God, placed in His quiver. Do you not want to be the sharpest arrow and fly straight into the centre of His promises? This home has given us new eyes. Training them to see others first. You pulled the plow to feed your brother, and you built a home to shelter your neighbour. And even when you may have been bleeding yourself, you bandaged the wounds of a stranger. Now we crave to become more like Christ, who washed even the feet of those who betrayed Him. Here we have built not our kingdom but God’s Kingdom. Here love reigns. Now we are more ready than ever to carry this love reigning Kingdom and wash the world with it. His call is echoing from out there, beyond the trees. The day has arrived for which we have been preparing. But perhaps without this preparation, this day would not have even arrived at all. Fear never determined our future. His love is casted out and we have been made perfect in His love. So carry your cross, pick it up. Now it is the lightest it has ever felt, for now we are stronger.

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