The cave of freedom

Persecuted by envy, mockery and prejudices, I go quietly on my way a jester a stranger in his own country to be a citizen of a primordial homeland. Certainly I am crazy, but at the same time it is clear to me that this earth is full of madmen who are distinguished only by color, so that most of them are black, red, brown; and neither do I have any wheels in place. For more than half a century I have been carrying my green woodpecker in my brain and I notice that what we call men become more and more furious, crazier and more black and black, to the point that a couple of world wars have not been enough to vent their follies; while my green woodpecker keeps flying happily in its woods, above the deserts of madness, hus offering the proof that my madness is the healthiest. Where there is a lot of sparkle, you remain dimmed there where there is a lot of hubbub, there you become deaf. let yourself go ! Yes, let yourself go to the silence, before you are prey of confusion! Before you are torn, before disgust assails you, before this word, with its delicacies, turns into torture for you. In the quiet you will find wealth! Near and far as the celestial vault that surrounds everything, so it bow down the One, as I understand it – the heart of the universe that embraces everything, that gives everyone protection, that of all has compassion. Although the word is insufficient, I call it TAO. Lucky you, who sometimes grumble for thirst and hunger! Blessed are you who are burned by a fervent desire, because you still can bring respect to your bread! Blessed are you for the third time, for the earth will never be insipid to you! Tao – home of everyone! Of course the well-fed and the primly, prisoners of satiety, will never find you. But to the hungry and thirsty who prefer to wander in poverty rather than to alter for money his own soul – to him your secret doors are opened wide: your trees bloom, your fruits shine, to him your exultant garden smiles! -Yes, who is resolved you close yourself. -Yes, who is resolved you close yourself. and you, plants, that dwell in full joy, please, please
help us to heal the wounds of doubt in healthy,
primigenial, maternal center!

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