The Citizenship Interview and Test

Hello and welcome to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
I’m Damian Martinez U.S. citizenship is one of the most important
benefits That the United States offers. Because we understand the value of U.S. citizenship,
USCIS has created this video To help you prepare for your naturalization
interview. Many applicants ask us questions about what
actually takes place During a naturalization interview. We hope to answer some of your questions
By showing a series of simulated situations and a description of the process. We made this video because we want to show
How the naturalization interview may occur Please understand that each interview is unique
Because each individual is unique. Not all naturalization interviews happen in
the same way, But with this video, we want to give a general
idea Of what you should expect. To become a U.S. citizen, you must meet the
following requirements At the time you file Form N-400, the Application
for Naturalization. You must: be a lawful permanent resident;
Be 18 years old; Have continuous residence in the United States;
Have physical presence in the United States; Have certain time living within the jurisdiction
of a USCIS office based on your address; Have good moral character;
Have knowledge of English and U.S. civics; And have attachment to the U.S. Constitution. Before applying for naturalization, please
keep in mind That if you have a parent that was a U.S.
citizen, Either by birth or naturalization, before
you turned 18 years old, You may have a claim to citizenship. The appropriate form to file a claim to U.S.
citizenship Is Form N-600, Application for Certificate
of Citizenship. For more detailed information about the naturalization
requirements, Please see “A Guide to Naturalization”
on the USCIS website at Now let’s talk about the naturalization
process. The first step is to submit the Application
for Naturalization, Form N-400, with the appropriate fee. We recommend that you keep a copy of the application
with your answers. You may find it helpful to review it
Once you are called for the naturalization interview. After you submit your Form N-400 to USCIS
You will get a receipt notice and receive follow-up appointment notices. To help study for the English and U.S. history
and civics portions Of the naturalization test,
You can get a free copy of the booklet “Learn About the United States: Quick Civics
Lessons” At any USCIS Application Support Center. You can also download the booklet for free
From the USCIS website at When you receive a letter in the mail
With an appointment for your naturalization interview
The letter will include what time your interview is scheduled
What time you need to arrive, The address of the local USCIS office,
And general documentation needed for your interview. We encourage you to arrive to your appointment
15 minutes early You must bring your appointment notice with
you to the interview Along with your Permanent Resident Card. All valid and expired passports
And a state-issued identification card, such as a driver’s license. There are other documents that you should
bring to your interview To avoid any delay in processing your application,
including: Evidence of your current marital status,
Such as marriage certificate, divorce or annulment decree,
Or the death certificate of a former spouse, If you’ve changed your name, bring evidence
of the name change, Such as a copy of marriage documents or court
decree changing your name If your spouse was previously married,
Bring evidence that your spouse’s prior marriage was terminated,
If you have been arrested or detained by the police at any time,
Bring original or certified copies of court dispositions
And, if you are a man between 18 and 31 years old,
You need to provide proof that you’ve registered with the Selective Service
When you arrive, you will be asked to enter through a security checkpoint
You must show your naturalization interview notice
And identification to the security officer And inform the officer that you have a naturalization
interview. The security officer or an immigration officer
Will tell you where to find the customer service waiting area
When you arrive at the customer service waiting area
You will need to present your naturalization interview notice
To the immigration officer at the customer service desk
The officer will then ask you to wait until your name is called Mr. Marcos Torres? Yes, that’s me. I’m Officer Taylor. I’ll be conducting your interview today
Hello How are you doing
I’m fine, thank you Great, Follow me
Please come inside Feel free to put your belongings next t your
chair But please remain standing
Before we begin the interview, I’ll need to place you under oath
Please raise your right hand. Do you swear or affirm that the statements
you will give today Will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth? I do
Thank you, please take a seat A large part of the naturalization interview
Involves reviewing the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization,
Asking you questions about the information you provided on the application,
And reviewing the documents you submitted to support your application. When the officer reviews Form N-400 with you,
The officer is also testing your ability To speak and understand the English language. One of the requirements for naturalization
If you do not understand something, You should ask the officer to repeat the question
Or explain the question using other words. Here is one example of the beginning of a
naturalization interview What is your name?
Marcos Torres And have you used any other names? No
Do you want to legally change your name? No
I need to see your lawful permanent resident card
All of your passports and state-issued identification, please. Thank you
You’re welcome What is your date of birth? November 8, 1970
And where were you born? San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Are you a citizen of Honduras? Yes
Are either of your parents United States citizens? No
Are you currently single, married, divorced or widowed? I am single
And where are you currently living? 3555 north Shore Boulevard in Bloomington
Where are you working? I work at the county library. When was your last trip outside the United
States? Let me see,
About 4 months ago I went back to Honduras To visit family for about 2 weeks
Do you remember the day you returned to the United States? The officer will continue to ask you questions
from the Form N-400 To verify the information you’ve provided
To determine your eligibility for naturalization The officer may also ask you to provide additional
information To the answers provided in the application
As a reminder, if you have a copy of your Form N-400
You may find it helpful to review it before your interview
For example, some of the questions That the officer might ask you may cover:
Trips outside the United States, Particularly any trips after the application
was submitted: Past marriages
Memberships to any organizations Problems with the law, criminal history, and/or
jail time; Military service in the United States;
And support of the U.S. Constitution and allegiance to the United States
Your answers to these and the other questions Determine your eligibility for naturalization
Remember to bring supporting documents That can help you address any of these questions. You must always be honest in your responses
Because lying to an immigration officer during the naturalization interview
May make you ineligible for naturalization At the end of the questions,
The officer will ask you to sign a series of documents
Next, I’ll need you to sign your photographs Thank you
You’re welcome Please sign them here and here
I’ll need you to sign your application Please sign here
And then print your name and sign here Thank you
Okay, you’re welcome Please review this form and let me know if
it’s correct Okay
It’s correct Great, thank you
Okay, now we’re going to move To the civics and reading and writing tests In most cases, after reviewing the Form N-400
The officer will give you the remaining portions of the naturalization test
The U.S. history and civics test The English reading test, and the English
writing test In some USCIS offices, the naturalization
test may be given Before your interview by an Immigration Services
Officer The officer may be the same one
That performs your naturalization interview Or it may be a different officer
The U.S. history and civics test has 10 questions The history and civics questions
Will be asked orally and answered orally You must get 6 out of the 10 questions correct
To pass the history and civics test Here is an example of an officer
Giving the U.S. history and civics test to an applicant
Okay. Are you ready for your civics test? Yes
Who was the first president? George Washington
Correct How many U.S. senators are there? 100
Good Where is the Statue of Liberty? Can you repeat that? Where is the Statue of Liberty? In…in New York
Correct What is the capital of the United States? Washington, D.C. What is the name of the national anthem? Star-Spangled Banner
Good Name one problem that led to the Civil War
I’m…I’m not sure. I’m not sure. That’s okay. Remember that this is just a sample interview
The questions in the video are not necessarily The ones that you will be asked during the
test At the end of the questions, the immigration
officer will inform you If you’ve passed the history and civics
test Please note that the officer will stop asking
you questions Once you’ve answered 6 questions correctly
When do we celebrate Independence Day? July 4th
That’s correct Good, that’s 6
You’ve passed that portion Now we will show a simulated situation
Of the English reading and writing tests Being given to the applicant
Keep in mind that the items we’re about to show you
Are not on the actual test Remember, this is a simulated interview
And each experience may be different The reading and writing tests each have 3
sentences You only need to get 1 reading and 1 writing
sentence correct to pass Now is the reading test
Please read line number 1 out loud for me Who was the third president of the United
States? Good
Now I need you to write line number 1 for me
Thomas Jefferson was the third president Of the United States
Thomas Jefferson was the third president Of the United States
Okay, let’s try another one On line number 2, please write,
The Liberty bell is in Philadelphia. The Liberty bell is in Philadelphia. Good
After the reading and writing tests, The immigration officer will tell the results
Of the naturalization tests and interview Congratulations
This form is for you Thank you, thank you
You’re welcome I’m recommending your application for approval
If my recommendation is accepted You will be sent a notice in the mail
Of when to come in for your oath ceremony Do you have any questions at this point? No. No. Great, then I’ll escort you to the customer
service area Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome
The oath ceremony is the final step in becoming a U.S. citizen
After the approval of Form N-400 You will be scheduled for an oath ceremony
To take the oath of allegiance At the ceremony, your lawful permanent resident
card Will be taken by USCIS
And you will be given a Certificate of Naturalization Some USCIS offices may schedule you to participate
in a ceremony On the same day of the interview
And that I take this obligation Freely without any mental reservation
Or purpose of evasion So help me god
Congratulations After your oath ceremony, you are officially
a U.S. citizen And have all the rights and responsibilities
that come with this privilege Naturalized citizens are an important part
of our democracy And USCIS welcomes newly naturalized citizens
every day If you’ve already applied for naturalization,
or are considering doing so We wish you all the best in your journey toward

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    Ok, let's get down to a little bit of facts and history to better understand what's at stake.

    First of all, why did the 13 first colonies in America go to revolution against the english empire. Yup, you bet, the main reason was taxes. The main reason the colonies started rebelling against 'mother England' was the taxation issue. The colonies debated England's legal power to tax them and, furthermore, did not wish to be taxed without representation. This was one of the main causes of the Revolutionary War. Now how about that one for greedy little congressmen.
    Read on further :

    Second of all, the origin of citizen based taxation was the civil war. Yup again. To discourage soldiers from leaving the states they created citizen based taxes, just like the english they fought for independance did. Read on further :

    So the real question is : Is this taxation rule still relevant in the 21st century ?
    Not only is it very descriminating for US citizens like you and me abroad, but FATCA also creates serious damage to the United States and its economy!!!

    Over here in France the AXA bank has thrown out all it's US citizenship customers and I have received a FATCA form from my bank. As I arived in France in 1975 at the age of 9 years old, I'm going to get naturalized French sooner than I thought and give up my american passeport and nationality if I have to. On top of that, my mother is Dutch so heck, I don't care. Thanks dad for bringing me to this lovely country. But it's something that american citizens working for a couple of years abroad aiming to go back to the states will probably not do. And that's where the economic factor comes in.

    Most americans that are sent to work abroad are important people. Now, major companies don't want to hire americans anymore, nore have them participate in their actions. You can easeliy mesure the negative impact on the US economy. read on :


    The only thing that will stop citizen based taxation is when the congress wakes up and realizes the harm it's doing to the US economy, wich will come in the near futur.

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    REALLY NERVOUSE! i don't know if i will be able to sleep :/

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  • This is nothing like what I experienced at my interview. I had the rudest officer in all of USCIS. I wasn't allowed to speak or explain anything, even when all I wanted to do was explain why I provided a certain document. All I was allowed to say was "yes" or "no." I wanted to provide details about something and he said "shh! I don't want to hear it." At any job interview, I would have gotten up, said thank you but no thank you. Walked away. Here, they know you need this and you can't walk away. It was a terrible experience. I wasn't even approved on the spot, pending a letter from IRS that confirmed I paid my taxes in 2018. Which I did, but tax returns didn't matter to him, it is either I get that letter from IRS or no citizenship. What a nightmare!

    PS, I've been a high school teacher since 2014 after earning my Masters degree in education. I want to be a citizen to serve in the National Guard and be able to vote.


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