The Covenant Difference

at Covenant College we seek to have an
athletic department that is missionally aligned with the rest of the institution
by making all things Christ preeminent specifically college sports and the way
we do this is four by focusing on four different things which is discipleship
academics recruiting and pursuing excellence and the discipleship front
there's a host of ways that our student-athletes are growing in their
faith in Christ from student athlete worship nights to being involved in FCA
to mission trips that our teams take but the primary driver that we seek to
emphasize is the work that our coaches are doing with our student-athletes by
modeling and mentoring their own faith in Christ on the court on the pitch on
the trails and seeking to develop young men and women in the context of their
sport to become more like Christ through that participation also with
discipleship academics is another integral part of what we're doing in the
athletic department and the focus on that has led to an average of 90
students every semester having above a 3.5 GPA with the average GPA of our
student athletes being almost 3.2 so we're really encouraged to see those
things when we look at the top five majors of our student athletes some of
those include biology business education and in host of other challenging majors
that are offered here in our campus we have student athletes that are selecting
challenging majors but they're also performing really well in those majors
and so we're pleased by those outcomes as we focus on recruiting the work that
our coaches are doing on that front we're seeking to recruit young men and
women who love the Lord and want to grow in a relationship with him and that's
the primary characteristic we're looking for on the recruiting front but we also
want student-athletes that can be successful at covenant academically it's
a challenging academic environment and so folks that can do well both in their
sport and in the classroom are important to us and the third driver there is we
are looking for student-athletes that can compete at a high level and desire
to do that in a christ-centered environment which is what covenant offers and that environment that we're seeking to cultivate also includes the pursuit
of excellence and so we want to use the gift the Lord has given us on a number
of fronts to pursue excellence for his name and that's manifested itself in a
number of ways in our department from finishing near the top in the USA South
President Cup standings to the successes that our various teams have had by
advancing to NCAA tournaments and the host of gifts that a number of our
coaches have from a first-year head coach last year setting a school record
for wins in softball to a veteran head coach winning his 250th game here at
Covenant College our coaches that are on the young and on the older side are both
pursuing excellence for the glory of Christ and that's the covenant

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