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you 4000 years ago God spoke to a man called Abraham through thee all nations will be blessed setting in motion an irrevocable link between heaven and earth a link that bestows powers and blessings but also terrible consequences the men that knew this power used it to build the greatest nation on earth others threatened to use it to destroy us an ancient battle that continues today the covenant America's sacred and immutable to ancient Israel Timothy Ballard this is such a shocking shocking book because of its truth that you don't even know it is shocking because so much of this history has been completely dismissed and buried why 1776 George Washington says beg for forgiveness fast and preg begged the Lord to be on our side or that we can be on his side and he did it again in July we'll explain what happened because of that day I'm joined with Tim Ballard he's a historian author of the Covenant available now at legends library org and also on amazon.com welcome how are you sir I'm great it's great to be here you put this you put this book together and this is not the book you expected to write that's correct okay you were writing a book on on foreign policy I I work for the United States government and a lot of work overseas and and helping children who are being exploited and I was fascinated by the power for good that America was in and in this instance and I wanted to kind of find the roots of that greatness and I thought I should start with a chapter or two on the founding because there's something there probably well I never got to the foreign policy part those two chapters turned into a whole book and that goodness is the title of the book that goodness the power is the Covenant you know de Tocqueville said that we are or it's credit he's credited as saying he found America's goodness in her churches we are we are great because we are good this is much further than just be good that's right right that's right take me from take me from Columbus and tell me the story of what the Covenant is the Covenant is I will be your God you will be my people this is we read about this in the Old Testament well what if the Old Testament story is replayed on American soil and my contention is that that it was and and we can go back to the Columbus himself what a fascinating person in our history that is completely we underrated and cast aside Columbus understood a lot of things about what he was doing and he said if you read in his in his journal the book of the prophecies he called it he said I am discovering a new world he thought he thought it was the Indies but it was a new world and it's going to begin a chain of events that will restore Israel this is so amazing as we talked about on my radio program today because maybe two years ago I went to a few scholars including dr. Peter lil back and I said I'm telling you we made a covenant and our founders knew it and it was all leading up to the founding of Israel and the question will be whether and we are now if we've outlived our usefulness because we're no longer living the Covenant and Peter said to me Glenn yeah you know he's a formal scholar on George Washington in his religious writings and he said I don't think he can make that case and I said Peter would you just look he was on this show a couple of months ago and he wrote a little book about that big just on what George Washington said about Israel he called me up and he said Glenn I believe or not I think you're right I think you're right and it is it only makes common sense there's we talked about this earlier today America's prophet this Bruce Feiler excellent great book it's about how America all the way from the Pilgrims and and and Columbus knew they knew they were coming over I haven't read this you gotta read it gotta read it okay and then McCulloch awesome McCullough also talks about something that you talk about in your book which is he talks about the fog but your talk specifically about the Covenant of that fog right explain what George Washington did on May 17th 1776 today today which awesome that I get to be here explaining it today George Washington called his men to fast and pray and he told them that we will only be victorious if God blesses our arms and he actually issued that in conjunction with the Continental and he did it again in July in fact he did it before all the major miracles and battles we can read about and so he he knew the British were coming and he knew when they came I mean he's got he's leading a band of citizen soldiers farmers and what's he thinking how on earth is he gonna take on the superpower of the world because he knows something the secret there's a covenant and he can tap into it and he's trying desperately to do it he issues these calls now the Battle of Long Island begins and we know the story that the British most people don't that's your play right and so what happens the the Americans get routed they get they get think pretty hard Washington and his men go running back to the East River they've got to get over this mile wide East River back into New York back to safety and get out of town the problem is is the British are sending up their powerful Navy to block the sandwich I'm in at Brooklyn Heights right so what does Washington do he says we're gonna cross anyway his commanders say you're nuts yeah how are you gonna do this again Washington knew nighttime Falls they make the crossing the British land troops don't know is on the move because they they keep the camp fires going they get seem like they're bedding down for the night an enormous windstorm and and McCulloch talks about this rushes down this East River and keeps the Navy back the British can't make their way up and he makes his crossing now night is gonna break okay the day the sun's coming up the scheme will be exposed what happens white right as the Sun comes up a pea soup fog drops down they called it a pea soup fog a providential fog it was God they knew it they said it was all of them all of them even the British and they did they had to what else could they say the fog wasn't anywhere else it was just right there 20 minutes after the last man crosses that River and that last man is Washington that says something the fog dissipates in enough time for the British to look over the river and just put their hands in the air and say what honor where do they go how did that happen yeah yeah it was a miracle okay so you contend and I do as well that when we got down on our knees and prayed and fasted and begged God forgive us please help us we will do your will we will not ask you to be on our side will we'll be on your side will you just be our God will be your people that just as he did with ancient Israel he made a covenant and he honored that we have slipped out of that covenant several times I think we started slipping out of that covenant after all the founders died around 1830 it got ugly manifest destiny but then we slipped back into it and and you know the scene it's when Lincoln is on the battlefield and he keeps losing and losing and losing his son dies right absolutely and he's like what do you want from me yes and he makes a covenant on a battlefield that's exactly right and he makes this covenant and and it happens again right absolutely okay when we come back I want to talk to you about the presidents that were that have made the covenant because I'd like to know how did we make it through World War two because I don't think FDR was making this covenant and then also what the Covenant is because there's specific things at the end of the book that you say these are the things we have to do you want to do you want this blessing you have to do these things back in just a second we're talking about a book called the Covenant that is an absolute must-read it is a lost portion of history in America that is absolutely positively true Timothy Ballard is the author I want to first before we go to what we have to do I want you to take me through 1775 Boston what happened triple miracle the triple miracle a pattern was set we've talked about the pattern in 1776 the invocation of the covenant but this was actually happening before Bunker Hill they were issue in Washington and the Congress were issuing pleas to the nation to to beg forgiveness victory to turn to God Washington lands in Boston Bunker Hill had already happened and he's rearing to go what's going on is that the British have seized the city and Washington and his men are on the outskirts across the Charles River and Washington wants to get in there by the spring are there after they left in the springtime March the British pick up and take off before there can be a battle Washington watching to the city he's upset he want to take him on he walks in and he has this moment he says we would have been crushed the city's fortified beyond anything we could have done it would have been over the miracle here is that God kicked him out of Boston it was a triple miracle first rewind before Washington gets into the city the the portly Knox bookseller and in general extraordinaire knew the Covenant read the scriptures with his with his man Washington sent him on an impossible journey 300 miles ghost seize the guns of Fort Ticonderoga and bring them back here because we have no guns and in the meantime Washington's figuring out a plan how am I gonna attack and get the Boston back Dorchester Heights south of Boston it's the high ground the only high ground besides Bunker Hill which they had lost Washington says let's take it well the British know it's there and they're saying if they move on that thing attack because that's the only place they can even have a chance at it Washington tells us commanders were taking the heights they say you're crazy again we're moving he moves them just before he's not to go Henry Knox shows up with a cannon okay then talk about a providential fog the night he's going on to take that stick the heights of fog drops now and this is again this is their words not mine a fog drops down so the British can't see anything down below they get the Canon all the weight on top of the mountain I took the trip to the heights and it's a beautiful clear night above the clouds they can't believe it they're saying God's doing this for us in the morning the British look up there and they say one of them one of the commanders hilarious he says I think he must have found a lad aladdin's wonderful lamp what just happened now Washington thinks we're gonna take him we're gonna get him how the general on the British side kind of freaks out and says we got to go now this attack he gets he gets him his men already they get in the boats across the river the hurricane a miracle number three the hurricane hits pushes on back destroys their plans and and really how I'll get scared he's like I'm out of here I am out of here and that's when Washington comes in and he's kind of ticked still because he wanted to fight as when he says look what God just did that Sabbath he goes to a church before heading out of New England he goes to a church and here's the sermon and the sermon identifies this cause as Israel's cause equals the pastor quote in Exodus he says when God fights for Israel Israel wins okay how true that is let me go now quickly to the scene on the front cover of your book here it is this is Washington taking the oath yes tell me what he's got his hand he's got his hand on the Bible yeah he adds he have lives so help me God yes what's the scripture the scripture now the scripture to get the full context you really have to read because it's it's it's deep and this profound it's it's from Genesis 49 people say that the Bible doesn't talk about America they pop the Bible doesn't have anything to do with America I take issue with that I believe it does and I believe Washington knew it did Washington had his hand in a scripture that most people would even recognize it is profound hell's it's the key to unlocking the prophecies about about America I believe the ancients did see America and I believe I have proof of it now that's in the book it's in the book okay mm-hm explain world war two how did we I mean we I guess the people were good but he I don't think I don't think FDR was making covenants with God but the question is who sealed the deal who who's who who was the president when we achieved our victory that's significant there's there's a covenant maker and Harry Truman Harry Truman knew he read his scriptures he was a he was just a brilliant brilliant man and a god-fearing man yes and if it wasn't for Harry Truman Israel wouldn't exist and all the gates of Hell opened up against Harry Truman to establish the to Israel we are moving away we're moving in the wrong direction now how long how long have we been doing that do you think I think it's not I think it's been a constant battle but I think in the last you know maybe decade or so it's been as we've been going further and further away all right so let me go to the let me go to the end here where you say there are certain things that we have to do a charge to keep living the Covenant today you just you just go over the first one is keep the commandments to serve the God of the land right pretty easy it's pretty yeah yeah pretty god next one promote separation of church and state not separation of God and stay yes what what a concept that we just have lost our jurists our secular jurists have completely forgotten there's a difference between separation of church and state and in the separation of God and state separate church and state means we don't want any religion supporting or or hurting or meddling with any particular denomination any set of beliefs but that's not to say that God is to be taken out of this religion doesn't equal God in the sense of the First Amendment and the founders knew it they're the the amendment the first place and they welcome to God at every and every opportunity I think there's also the get government out of the church leave the church alone leave it alone exactly participate in government now we need to pay attention I mean yeah don't legislate immorality right I always hear it the other way you can't legislate morality and I agree with that too we cannot I wouldn't I wouldn't legislate morality because we need to keep me to keep freedom alive you don't want to start you know tell people you have to do this yeah it has to be your choice but you know the flip side of the coin you don't legislate immorality you can't slap our national seal on something that is is it immoral behavior you just you just you live and let live but you can't say we're gonna promote and sponsor this how does God look at that looking down at us what what is be slow to political rat that's stepping over that has to do with the idea that we as a nation pick at each other as if it's some sports contest you know part you know Republican versus Democrat and we get so weird about truth anymore we get so angry that we're not even worried about finding the truth we're just worried about looking like we're right because I have to tell you I mean we have because we do a lot of research on the show and we have we struggle because we get really pissed off because nobody's looking at the truth you know I got pissed off with George W Bush I was called on the carpet in the Oval Office as I I spoke the truth the same thing with Barack Obama yes and we have to stay away from political wrath but that doesn't mean that we stop speaking the truth no no and I say in there I say in that's very section righteous indignation that's not what I'm talking about that we should have that we need to scream out and and and and and as long as we're looking for the truth let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid one of my favorite scriptures yes meaning people I got to go back to Israel because it's just being replayed again the children of Israel were scared a lot of them you read the account they left slavery some of them wanted to go back because they realized something with freedom comes responsibility we have you know slave freedom from slavery is slavery to goodness Martin Luther King said that and he understood these principles and what's happening now is people are scared instead of putting the faith in God and you talk to us all attempt to put in the faith in Pharaoh to put in the faith in the state take us feed us do everything for us God's saying turn to me I won't make it happen fear not I will make it happen for you the state's not there they'll take you by the hand but they're gonna lead you in the wrong direction deliver the Bible number seven the Bible is our roadmap we the founders said we're newer than new Israel the pilgrims said it you know the the revolutionaries said it we're the new Israel so the roadmap is in the Old Testament that tells the Old Testament largely is the National Covenant that's what it is the new testament talks more about your personal covenants with your in your personal faith in your relationship with with christ but the old testament is largely the National Covenant it's our story which is why the founding fathers quoted more out of the Old Testament than any other than any other book I'm talking non religious books no no from 33% more right than any anything it was their inspiration because they were invoking the same covenant and this is the last one and I you know I would even buy take the blessings to every nation that means we stand for these prints for constitutional principles God gave us this this land he gave us the power we must take a stand we don't turn our backs on the oppressed you know I I'm in a job where I'm lucky to see the United States going out into a foreign country and finding children who are being abused in the worst way then I get to be part of helping bring the power of the United States to liberate them and I I don't like to see stories where we forsake people overseas who are good people trying to do good things this is a this is an important book it is an important story that you're not going to get anyplace else you're not going to get the story of the Covenant nobody even speaks in these terms anymore but I am Telling You I know it to be true I know it to be true that we would not have been able to breathe beat the British we wouldn't have been able to conquer slavery and save the Union we wouldn't have been able to win the Second World War Israel wouldn't have been established we wouldn't have been the people to do any of this stuff had we not made a covenant with God the name of the book is the Covenant go to amazon.com right now and grab your copy of it and read it the covenant by Timothy Ballard thank you Tim thank you appreciate it back in a minute you

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  • Amazing that a factual entry in Columbus' diary exists which prophesied the return of Israel some 500 years ago. This when Columbus' queen proclaimed genocide if the Jews did not leave the country by a certain date.

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