The Covenant's deadliest assassins – THE SILENT SHADOW

you are all vermin the Covenant posed the greatest threat to humanity's survival since the dawn of time under the orders of the high prophets covenant soldiers caused the death of over 23 billion humans a kill count spearheaded by merciless zealots armed with lethal plasma weaponry however few warriors could match the lethality of one secretive sankini order a division of elusive SpecOps of leaves that acted as the prophets personal death squad codenamed silent shadow during the time of the covenant the silent shadows SpecOps division was some of the high prophets most loyal warriors they were commonly sent on assassination missions by the prophets sent to cleanse the galaxy of high-value human targets notably the demons the fact that few files exist indicate their success reads extraction was also their second main role but again no records exist detailing these missions which suggests they were highly successful solid shallow elites fulfilled these missions not just because the prophets willed it but also because of the pleasure and the gratification they received for quelling the galaxy of heretics of those who stood between them and their great journey as noted by a previous leader of a thermal shadow team their ends were religious verging on godly the exact number of squads during the war is unknown all we know is that there were multiple each led by a sung-hee Lee first blade officer these officers differ from the rest of the squad in their leadership abilities lethality and visually in their armor where the rest of the squad have blue visors the first blade officer tom is an intimidating red visor in with their menacing look sullen shadow warriors seemed to wear a variant of the standard elite SpecOps armor slim fitting to aid in the stealth that they require on their missions the helmet seemed entirely custom-made and use a visor that's not that dissimilar from that of the me ornate helmets able to light up and glow either blue or red likely giving them a form of heads-up display that provides tactical information again very similar to me on air these suits also contain active camouflage modules technology that uses an energy field to bend light around the elite rendering them almost completely invisible which makes assassination missions chillingly easy and like regular zealous these holy warriors carry out the will of the prophets with a more unique weapon instead of the typical blue energy swords they instead you bleed that glues crimson similar to that of the blood they're made to shed seemingly identical to the regular energy sword in all but color this variation is likely to aid in the intimidation tactics they use when combined with the rest of their equipment silent shadow or outfitter to instill the terror of the Covenant into the eyes of those deemed important enough to meet their end by their blade silent shadow were some of the prophets most loyal warriors their most efficient personal Grim Reaper's and were likely responsible for the death of many who could have been instrumental in putting a stop to the prophets genocide however in 25:52 their long-standing loyalty was betrayed the arbiters failure to protect alpha halo combined with years of the elites getting too close to the truth of the covenant religion was built purely on lies led to the prophets conspiring with the brute to usurp the elites from all positions of power within the Covenant and then transfer these positions of power over to the brutes this changing of the guard sparked an event known as the Great Schism a bloody civil war than the Covenant fought between the elites and those still loyal to the prophets an event which set in motion the beginning of the and the Covenant this period of extreme civil unrest brought the future of the silent shadow into question the order was one of the most loyal to the covenant religion led by the most devout of zealous but the very core of the division had been torn apart all they had left was their extreme combat prowess and ruthless faith in their abilities to make heretics regret their actions since the political landscape had just shifted to some silent shadow squads so had those that they deemed heretics one squad in particular led by first blade Arisa as a veil now had their crimson blades pointed in the direction of the Bruce and they focused their attention on ruthlessly slaying as many as they could find the squad travel to Covenant held moons ships and outposts all over the galaxy to cleanse them of brutes and were ultimately the one was to finish off what remained of Tartarus the ex chieftain of the Brutes crew onboard his cruiser the rapid conversion that was passed on the Chieftains bloodline however for the first time since they were formed races squads would meet their match on board a Corvette the allergies were mended their Intel indicated that it was just another brute controlled ship and it seemed like that at first they boarded the Corvette quietly using active camouflage and started dispatching the brutes on board everything seemed normal until they got to the bridge where a brute warlord detected them a warlord that seemed to have far more importance about him than any they'd quelled before this warlord was at a tree ox the leader of the vanished a tree ox told the squad that he and his brutes were different to those who betrayed the leaves which was truthful to be fair and he offered the silent shadows squad a place in the banished where they could fight under their own free will not beholdin to any high prophet or religious leader of the squad racer was the only elite who refused a tree OPS's offer stating that the banished to deserved death of us illness after failing to convince their leader the rest of the squad silence as a veil with as he moved to attack a tree ox a tree or saw this newfound loyalty and although it was technically born out of betrayal he still went through with his offer the last piece of Intel gathered confirms with at least one silent shadow squad are now serving with the banished but in keeping with the core of this order of assassins their operations remain a mystery so that's all that we know about silent shadow now given that they were an order of incredibly high-ranking spec ops assassins even only know very very little about them but what we do know does draw some very interesting parallels to you only head hunt a division of Spartan threes they're lethal warriors that demonstrate the peak of their abilities who carry out their assassinations and extractions in the most covert stealthy manner possible I want to give a big THANK YOU to ardent tomahawk Taylor Evan Moe Moshe Katsav foxy be on air Matthew Pierre Manu Tony Jack Madden Eric Brown Sam Grafton Reagan Singh and Brewer in 98 for the massive generous support over on patreon that's a lot for watching guys I really appreciate all the support on the last video hopefully this video lived up to its standards and I'll catch you in the next one

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