The danger of Strife and anger

here again today to share about the good news something it's a my spirit a spirit of God tells me to share this something that we we face every day in our life this subject matter that I'm going to teach today is something that we face everything in our lives let's begin before your father in heaven we come to you we humble ourself we leap up your name Lord be glorified in me may it be the knowledge and revelation be stir up today O Lord Jesus that they may see your glory none of me Lord but all of you I reviewed the spirit of ever Arabic I reviewed every kind of his spirit that he smelled of you that will him their dispatching any kind of metal block or any error I rebuke it in Jesus name all the glory belongs to you alone none of me and all of you belongs the glory amen in my port in my behalf my mother is listening to me today she's facing me she wanted to listen to my teaching she always want to listen to my teaching as a matter of fact I got all all day most of the knowledge from her before I became Minister anything I got this all these nuns from her she she she shared it to us as a family so I'm very honored to have my mother with me in front of me today and she don't want to be in the video but she's here in the person of me yes say hi night you say okay so she's the air okay I'm on James chapter 3 verse vs. 14 this is the subject matter that we face every day it's about strife strife is something anger anger a strike is something that creates division a strike is something that have bitterness in your heart everybody have feelings Jesus Christ I'm feeling stood he was angry one day he turned those tables upside down he was mad he saying grace a hundred percent men the Bible says in Ephesians 4:4 that be angry but seemed not okay so when you let not the Sun come down into your wrath what does it mean it means that you you be angry but don't let the Sun come down into your ass not like cane came killed Abel the Sun came down into the wrath or something that the Sun won't come down into your rap it means that you will not hold that all day long or every day that you you can't forgive anyone anymore or you'll be thinking about it every single day that your life is not moving you're thinking about others what they have done to you you're thinking how mad or angry you are that you don't like to see this person you don't even want to hear this person that is a strife or it creates division or something that you you are tail girl you got it from your brother or your sister one from another you talk back against them that creates strife that what that we should be avoiding that I want to tell you something this is the kind this is this is the kind that Jesus Christ that this is the kind of Jesus Christ is is an enemy of the Cross is an enemy of the cross okay I'll tell you what what go with me on Jude James three worst verses 14 to 16 is that if you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts glory not and lie not against the truth as you can see a strife is accompanied by empty envying because we knew when you when you see somebody your sister your brother in success or they see it you see them promoted or have a kind of blessing sometimes we feel bad and you say that I'm promoted you're gonna say that like all right you're not rejoicing with their success that is the struck that's envy the strength of accompanied with envy so envying and strike a safe year in your hearts glory not a lie not against the truth verse 15 the wisdom descendeth not from above but but it is the wisdom that descended not from above but is earthly sensual devilish so strife in the wisdom of Satan because it did not come from above is that wisdom descendeth not from above but is earthly sensual devilish so it's earthly sensual devilish that came from say that this is colonel Colonel Sidney carnality for envying and strife is there is confusion it says here every there is the fusion verse 16 James 3 verse 16 where envy and strife is there's confusion and every evil work every evil work in is that is the gate where Satan can come in because you have hatred in your heart you hate somebody your man you lost your temper you just man you just met when you're winning when you win would it every day me and messed up but husband have argument somebody needs to stop it there was an argument okay of course very human thing there was an argument but if there is an argument of no one will come down and be humble themselves you are in a center you are you are self-centered when you are having when you have infighting a strike in the family is strike in the church do you are in the center where Christ is not the center anymore the devil is right there when you are your self center that devil is right there when you when you claim that the Christian and still you haven't forgiveness spirit and still mad to somebody it said that it said in the Bible that you have to forgive them because Christ has forgiven you is that sense before before Jesus walk in the earth is that that we said that forgive him forgive your brother or sister so that I will forgive you that's before the cross but after the cross it stays in the Bible balázs it's everything forgave your brothers as I had loved one another as I have forgive you so you see the greatest of all is love love covers a multitude of sin okay so anybody that create the vision in the family the vision in the church that's the one that put a destroy and the devil is trying to use that person to create the strike so get a man nd strike why it all comes from the box verse and then to your mouth once you say something if the map is an evil you know it is a little thing that creates evil evil the time the power of the fam so it came from the mouth so we're emptying and strike this area there's confusion and every evil work can you imagine what is every evil work every evil working any kind of evil work even your health will look at you even your mental help to affect you ever even by natural when financial thing will affect you because it is every evil work when there's a strike there's confusion and every evil work according to the Bible Galatians 3 verse 6 means every evil work can you imagine so that's where it came from why there is evil why is there chaos in the family why are we fighting each other because there's a strike there's the strike there is why I'm not successful because there's a strength why I'm not I have not blessed because there's strength in your head why is the grace of God not not working on me because their strength why I am NOT bless because i there's a strike why I'm not getting healed why am I still sick because their strength their business every evil work a strength so we have to get off from the strap we have to remember if you're born again if any man is in Christ he is a new creation old things are passed away so if your new creation that hatred one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control you have a self-control yes we had arguments my husband the other day but you know one of us has to come down and humble and he is the one he is the one the one boy himself the Lord is speaking to me sir even though if I'm wrong the purpose of love you wife as I am I have loved you love you and as I have the head of the church so he company and yes yes apologize I wonder it's good to marry a Christian man who loves you who loves who loves you it's good to have so there is the the quest that the sub sentinels centeredness is gone when there is humility okay okay now of the same chapter James chapter 4 verse 1 from whence come Wars and Fighting's among you come they not hence even of your lusts that war in your members what is this war advantage coming from it came from you members means from your from you less from your flesh but we're still here last and have not you kill and desire to have and cannot obtain you fight a war yet you have not because you ask not let's go back for Abel and Cain able able able able I'll offered good sacrifice to God to God with the blood of animals but Cain had been offered God the matter how is effort that's the work of beside me open it but God rejected it you say he mustn't have not you kill I decide to have canal pain he final war yet you have not because you ask not he should have said to the Lord that Lord what must I do to do accept my sacrifice he did ask what he did is jealous he's so bad he has to kill Abel and and that's that's the strike he hasn't received not because you ask amiss that you may consume it upon your lusts cec war is that was coming from worse this fight coming from it came from the lust of the flesh from all that the desire the carnality the end remember is strike connected with envy I don't know why it's connected with envy but that's what the Bible said it's connected with envy when somebody it has a success you you say congratulation but deep in your heart you feel bad if you feel bad and that's that's creating a strike okay he adulterers an adult-adult arrests know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world if the end is the enemy o God you see do you think that the scriptures say and then this is a baby spirit that dwelleth in US lasted two nd again he's saying that but he giveth more grace wherefore he saith God resists the proud and give grace unto the humble submit yourself before the God winces the devil and he will flee from you as you can see when we read the context the strength came from the devil if they resist the devil and he will flee from you how can you resist the devil and me from you if you don't submit yourself to God the instruction here is submit yourself to God resist the devil and he will flee from you as you can see the strife is very a bad weapon oh of the devil that's where he struck you it goes into your head and into your thoughts a casting all imagination that bringing up do you be captain if you have a strike in your heart when you have you are captive of Satan that that is a greatest bondage the pleasanter not overflow because you're stopping it we are the one that's stopping the blessing of God because of this strength this is very important because you deal with this every single day to your house to your job on the road everywhere you go there is always of you you face this strife even on the road when you're driving when somebody curse you and of course back you great strength with somebody curse you you just stay calm remember God gives grace to the humble okay and this is the problem and then we go through me as I continue let's go to second Timothy second Timothy chapter 2 verse 20 23 24 25 but foolish end of chapter 2 verse 22 but foolish and unlearned question avoid knowing that they do gender stripes so any anybody that that as people is let's say your ears sharing the Word of God right and they actually foolish things he said that you have to avoid it because if you argue and be paying the Bible that creates strike you don't be bathe and argue the Bible avoid it that's what the Bible says verse 24 the and the servants of the Lord buzz man is trying but a gentle a tall man at the peach and patient you see if you want to serve God if you want to be the disciple of Jesus you must not have a stripe in your heart but be gentle to all men regardless of who they are be candled oh man each every patient in meekness instructing those who oppose themselves if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth because if you argue with them what you're teaching what you're sharing the more it it creates trouble but it's easier if you're humble in meekness God will touch their heart and they will be the one to do all two up to get close to you don't be the one to approach you and say sorry you just keep humble I just keep going okay I am mark something on my Bible let's go to Philippians chapter 4 verse hallelujah verse 18 this is now their enemy of Christ of the Cross I will tell you for many wardroom have told you often that not tell you even weeping that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ what is this whose end is destruction number one whose God is their belly the retreat whose glory is their shame who mind earthly things so anything that you desire that the earthly pleasure that you desire is is an enemy of the Cross whose end is destruction whose God is their belly you love more the pleasures of your obvious of your life of your of your flesh than God that is the enemies of the cross whose glory is the shame who mind earthly things you don't think about things above but about yourself you you you your glory your you you yourself you you your pride you want to you want to excel you want to be you you you you without glorifying God that is an enemies of the Cross because that's the end is destruction there seems to be something away that looks like good that the end is destruction that's what the Bible say right that it seems to be it is is a deception you think it's good but the end is destruction I will give you an example I used to have that okay that I use I used to do to live in a world manner is a worldly manner see I have I have my ex-boyfriend okay my ex-boyfriend got me pregnant and now I wasn't married there was destruction in them you think it's good but there is destruction it's a consequence of sin whose God is their belly it means that you desire more about your place you didn't think about more what were you you didn't think more about God you love you love to you when it comes to partying you're there when it comes to church you're not there now that's what whose God is their belly when it comes to party you're there when it comes to God you're not there when this comes to pray everything you're not there when the constituents you are not there okay but but when it comes to party you there when it comes there is there's job or money you are there okay you might think that we can that we cannot leave it up working yeah God say so but you have you have to eat juicer whose God is their belly is their belly okay that's that's the enemies of the cross whose glory is in their shame who mind earthly thinks you don't like about all about things about God you don't like it you put more effort on what you desire you're lovers of pleasure that is the enemies of the cross that it stays there in the Bible it straight to the point to watch you and all of us okay hallelujah do the same thing you can find it in 2nd Timothy 3 verse 4 nor lovers of pleasure than lovers of God and that's the enemies of the cross you can look at it now look at Galatians Galatians chapter chapter chapter chapter 5 verse you know the fruits of the Hall carved up the fruits of the words of the flesh and the fruit of the holy spirit but I will read that to you again Galatians chapter 5 verse 18 the first verse 19 now the works of the flesh are manifest with artists of all three fornication and clean this less viciousness idolatry witchcraft hatred here we go what so the pleaseth hatred strike variance emulations wrath strife seditions heresies envyings murders drunkenness revellings and chefs like this which i tell you before as i have told you in time past that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God even though you said you born again but if you do all this blast of it much you're not born again yet you have to reborn to in order for you not to like these things as you can see I will look at their strife here on the last of them on all of the on table of the words of the flesh I will tell you which are the stripe here on the words of the flesh it mentioned three times number now first is hatred hatred another one is wrath and then another one is struck three times these are all cousins and brothers and sisters or be strong hatred wrath strife they're all cousins they're all related to each other and these are the works of the flesh so if you have any truth in your heart you have to ask God please take up this hatred in my heart I know I want to walk into your righteousness I want to have a blessing Lord I want to be blessed I want to get healed I want to get those grace that you have given me that's what you have to do but the fruit of the Spirit is we're starting to love number one is love joy please do you don't have a piece when you have a strike in your heart you never have peace and you don't have blood either long-suffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance against such there is no law temperance is included that has something to do with a strike temperance is the opposite of a strife temperance is self-control we have self-control despite of talk that brother or sister do you still have peppermints you're giving it all to Jesus because you are a born again you have that food of the Holy Spirit amen I kept two more verses and bad okay if proverbs 29 verse 30 22 29 verse 22 and angry man is stirring up the strife and the furious meant about death in transgression you see an angry man always mad there's always complaining there's no complaining here complaining there always always man if spirit is trying to steer this truck it gives strike there is no way that if you're angry and you don't stare strike there is always an outcome is strike and the furious meant about that in transgression it's more spin accumulated because you are man you're mad to the world you're mad to your family you're mad to yourself you're mad about your job you're mad about having no money you're not about friends you met above everybody you've met about your church you're mad about this gifts and that and that that is a complain that is a complain but you can see this real life did not go to the promised land because you complain because of the a furious men abounded in transgression it collected more sins and even though you're not curious but it's collecting things because the stripe is not from God it came and it came from the devil of proverbs 28 verse 25 he that is browned hard his turret up strife but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat so do you trust in the Lord if you trust in the Lord think of your strife because you trust them even though your man have no money you trusting that he will supply your needs according to your riches and glory you're mad because of this person did this lead up to you you just trust in the Lord give all your cares with him and you you will see that God will make you fat fat in one fat is all being that injured in your pocket in everything he said he ever trust in the Lord shall be made fat you'll be fat in every areas of your life you are means that you are blessed in every areas of your life means that you're not lacking in every areas of your life that's what that's what it says so you see you see ladies and gentlemen this is what we deal every day about the strike hatred we deal that every day we are still in the world we face this every day you go out there you meet somebody somebody can curse you can cut some somebody can can give an action to you like you they wanna fight but don't create it strike you can see Jesus what Mandy turn upside down the tables and chairs but he did not he did not punish nobody because he is a God of peace this is what we do even though you're mad okay it's okay to be mad that's what Jesus said okay you're mad but you have a self-control don't let your son go down don't let your son go go you'll be thinking like a whole month about your wrath you'll be thinking about you anger above all all year you cannot it means that you're not forgiving them you're not forgiving yourself you'd be thinking about it every single day so that the blessing the prettier there is a hindrance or prayer do you want to be a great person do you want the grace to flow in your life do if you want grace applause in your life let love when they stake out that strife if you want grace to flow in your life you do not stop the grace the flowing is constant but you're stopping it we are limiting God you are stopping the blessing of God because of your anger your strife that the words that if there is the same that people not that's if you cannot say anything good just shut up okay it's better it's better she just shut up you cannot say anything good just shut up you stop pail burying you some love one another as a business when your commandment that's what Jesus Christ said one another as I have loved you forgive one another as I have forgiven you so God forgave us are you should forgive forget about whatever oh yeah I forgave you know sister I forgive you no brother but I want to get what you have done that's not a real forgiveness that's not loving one another when you love one another put it away put it away you know I learned a lot of things from my father if you say if you if you hear something like complaining like my late father these are something you complain something and you will say your opinion us or say something to somebody else or somebody knows you know what he would say though don't worry about it don't worry about don't worry about it don't worry about it in a little counties that bum loud don't belong don't worry about it yes just be cool just be cool because if you if you want grace to flow in your life you need to be humble in everything because it saves you God gives grace to one to the hambo hey there's no way he can become eat eat eat cannot give you grace of your humble God gives grace to the humble but he resisted the problem if you are Pride and forgiveness wrath or wrath or anger then let's pray that sprout is stopping the place it says that God gives grace to the humble so this is what we build every day is that if the strong do you have a strong in your heart ask God to forgive to forgive you and if you're born again you don't need to ask forgiveness you just say that Lord I'm sorry but I don't take up my strife Lord take it out in the name of Jesus make me a new creation make me a born again may I be like you there's a song that changed my heart of God change my heart of God big I'd be like you you are the Potter I am the clay melt melt me and mold me this is what I pray to change my heart or gun until your heart is my chains you will not have peace and love to somebody else you'll not have peace and love to anyone else – in this world until you have you are the of you you will be changed you have to be changed you have to be reborn you have to be you must be born again you born again it's not a title it's not a certificate where you can get it all was baptized and water I'll have another certificate born again is you have to be christ-like Christ like Christ never never had a fighting with anyone they don't no matter what they did to him before the cross they bother the martyr face they tortured him he did even he did Papa he didn't say any word the Bible says he didn't say any word it is anyone so when somebody when somebody have success don't be saying that congratulation but in your heart is bad or you could just say that oh look at him is she just she is better again he look at him he's showing his house he's showing he's showing his stylist mm that's a strike that's a strike that's right with somebody successful or having system rejoice women but we just when you're brother and sister has success build up one another love one another rejoice that's how it is so if you must strive in your heart when you pray this prayer today and ask Jesus to control you did you say Heavenly Father I come to you father I asked you to forgive me if I have a strife or hatred in my heart come into my heart come into my life help me help me through the face every single day about strife father I asked you to come into my heart to come into my life be my lord be my Savior I believe every word that they say that you gives grace to the humble I'll have to humble myself and pick off of me all this strife in my heart and hatred make me humble day by day I praise You Father I believe I'm now your child this is strife and right in my heart is gone help me to love one another and help me do the show goodness to others and loving one another and I have you have peace because you have forgiven me I forgave them to thank you lord I'll give you praise and honor hallelujah if you pray that that prayer you're not born again you're not born again if you have that pray that prayer people and if you if you are if you claim that you're born again if you have rest you have to reborn you have to reborn ask Jesus to come into your heart and change you change your heart change your heart as Jesus like be a

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