The Dark Pact Between Terra And Commorragh – 40K Theories

of all the many unprecedented technological marvels that were discovered or innovated during the Dark Age of technology the device that would one day become known as the golden throne is one of the most perplexing the core of the golden throne would be discovered by the Emperor of mankind of an asset of ancient ruins located within the vast deserts of Asia even though the Emperor himself remained unaware of the device's origin over time the Emperor would begin experimenting with the mechanisms of the golden throne which would eventually result in the undertaking of the Imperial web way project the core components of the golden throne would be installed within the Emperor's laboratory deep within the heart of the Imperial Palace connected to both the psychic beacon known as the astronomical as well as to a gargantuan golden gateway this gate which was large enough to allow a war hand class Scout Titan to pass without difficulty was the conduit that would grant humanity access to the web way the subspace network that was created by the ancient xenos race known as the old ones and inherited by their creations the El tari the Emperor's intent was for Humanity like the El tari to use the web way to traverse across the vast expanse of space instead of utilizing the dangerous and often unpredictable currents of the warp to function as intended the golden throne could only be operated by a cycle of incredible potency indeed the prime mark of a thousand suns legion mechanist the red who was the most psychically powerful of all the prime marks was created specifically for the purpose of operating the golden throne in order to help lead humanity into a new golden age where the dangers of warp travel would be made a thing of the past ironically however it would be because of maccalister red using his sorceress powers to breach Taron web way gate in his attempts to warn the Emperor of Horace's betrayal just prior to the onset of the Horus heresy that the golden throne would suffer extensive if not irreparable damage not only that but Magnus in his haste would also create a warped air within the web way which would not only disgorge scores of demonic creatures but threatened to consume terror itself as a result the emperor would be forced to attempt to harness the now rampant and uncontrolled energies of the golden throne in order to prevent this warped air from engulfing a soul system completely the actions of which would cause immense physical and psychic trauma to the master of mankind following the siege of the Imperial Palace and the Emperor's jewel with Horus Luba Cao the Emperor now mortally wounded would instruct rogue adorn the Primark of the Imperial fists legion to enter is be into the golden throne the throne itself would be further modified with a number of ancient and advanced technologies such as stasis fields and sigh fusion reactors in order to act as the Emperor's life-support system but to keep the golden throne functional the souls of over a thousand cycles must be sacrificed in order to keep it fully operational for but one day in recent years the golden throne has begun to slowly break down and over time more and more psychically sensitive souls are required to sustain its operation by m41 over 4000 souls are needed each day to keep the golden throne from breaking down completely and the knowledge to maintain the functions of many of its components have since become lost to the Imperium in desperation and expedition incorporating members of the Inquisition and the adaptors mechanicus would enter the web way with their destination being the realm of Kimora the Dominion of the true khari the perverse and sadistic cousins of the crafts world the ASEAN e a bargain was there made between this imperial expedition and this cruel xenos race so what could this bargain between the two factions have entailed the most obvious answer would appear to be for the Juke re to repair the golden throne while many of the golden Thrones components remain a mystery in regards to their operation and maintenance to the tech priests of the adaptors mechanicus it is known that at least a portion of the thrones construction is comprised of eldery technology as documented with the following passage from the novel ghost warrior one was brought forth from the distant past a true legend from the time when the Emperor of mankind walked abroad among the mortals rather then existed as a vampiric husk sustained by the souls of his own servants and technology is stolen from the old re since the true courier understandably familiar with how such technology operates then it would be logical for the Imperium to seek their assistance in regards to repairing the golden throne this way not only could the throne continued sustaining the Emperor's life-support systems but also allowed the Emperor to continue focusing the energies of the astronomic on allowing Imperial vessels to navigate through the warp with relative accuracy but why would the Imperium seek aid from the denizens of Kimura in this matter instead of besieging one of the ASEAN e craft world's for help not only do the true carry frequently raid Imperial worlds in order to capture slaves or cause indiscriminate slaughter panic and mayhem but the craft worlds as a whole have a history of maintaining better political relations with the Imperium these relations have resulted in not only numerous militaristic alliances despite the fact that conflicts have frequently arisen between the two groups but in some cases genuine treaties of peace and friend ship such as the pact between craft weld biotin and the imperial world of Tallinn the answer to this particular question would appear to have a simple answer the drew Carey as a whole compared to their ASEAN II cousins are completely unscrupulous and because of this are willing to undertake many tasks no matter how unsavory for the right price be it the selling of weaponry slaves or even hiring themselves out as mercenaries to the highest bidder the cost of repairing the golden throne and by extension keeping the Emperor of mankind alive would be astronomical for the drew Carey themselves are well aware of how important such a figure is to the human species the price paid would even be documented with the following quote from the inquisitorial Lord Adam are a solo from the novel Carrie enthroned rasuluh would attempt to prevent the Inquisitor Erasmus Crowell from slaying a drew Carey homunculus that wrestler herself had helped in smuggling to terror they cannot repair the throne you understand that do you see what that means so they are searching for something else something beyond the understanding of the Martian priesthood embassies have been sent treaties made technology souls planets all have been traded to judge if they could truly help us one would have to be brought here to speak to those charged with maintaining what remains to be shown the folds and though we knew the risks and we knew there were those on the council who would never agree to it the order was given despite being smuggled into the soul system by rasuluh as well as a few other politically powerful individuals which are strongly implied to be the fabricator general of Mars and the Speaker of the Chartist captains this particular homunculus would betray them before fleeing into the depths of terrors under hives the homunculus would then use the population of the under hives to create a vast horde of abominations known as grotesques with which he sought to breach the walls of the Imperial Palace in order to see the Emperor with his own eyes before the master of mankind perished however the Jakari would never get the chance for he would eventually be killed by one of the Emperor's custodian guard despite this particular homunculus betraying his employers there is some evidence to support the notion that a number of Drew Carey are still attempting to repair the golden throne in their own way as detailed within the a tradition drew Carey codex a near perfect simulacrum of the golden throne that was caked in gore would be discovered by the Inquisition upon what was described as a wandering moon following the abduction of multiple custodies however before the Imperial agents could send word of their findings back to Terra the homunculus coven of the twisted spiral would appear and slay them all this could suggest that this tortured throne could be part of the twisted Spyros experiments to see if they could essentially reconstruct the golden throne from scratch and that their actions in kidnapping multiple warriors of the custodies could be – in essence test the functionality of this new throne in order to make sure it is compatible with human physiology given the amount of core and viscera documented by the inquisitorial investigation force that discovered the tortured throne then if this was indeed part of the twisted Spyros experiments in repairing the golden throne the process clearly needs some form of refinement alternatively the twisted spiral could simply have constructed an elaborate device of torture reminiscent of the golden throne in order to satisfy their cruel and sadistic natures taking pleasure in the irony that a defender of the golden throne would die upon a device so similar in appearance but instead of the Imperium seeking the aid of the drew Carey to repair the golden throne what if they instead sought a different method to either preserve the emperor's lie for perhaps even resurrect the master of mankind from his state of undeath the homunculus of the Jakari are themselves masters of genetic engineering and experimentation but more importantly they have obtained the ability to effectively transcend death becoming for all intents and purposes immortal the homunculus complex this by leaving a small portion of their very essence within specially constructed room Laden caskets or extra-dimensional pockets which will regenerate the body of the homunculus upon their death not only this but the homunculus are able to use their arcane Sciences to bring others back from the dead for the price of just a sliver of their soul a notable demonstration of such an event in recent times was following the assassination of the supreme overlord of Kimura as cruel fact when the archons of the numerous kebabs attended effects great wake they would be slaughtered by the Harlequins of the failed path fact himself would be resurrected during the course of his slaughter and those archons who remained loyal to vector would be restored to life by the homunculus coven known as the prophets of flesh with this in mind perhaps those members of the Imperium who sought to strike a bargain with the Jakari did so with the intention of utilizing and mysterious processes that's the homunculus use upon themselves in order to restore the emperor to glory the fact that the drew carry that was smuggled to terror by Inquisitor Asolo was also a homunculus could also potentially support this notion indeed to taste just a portion of the soul belonging to a being as powerful as the emperor would prove to be a tempting offer too many homunculus while the homunculus entire worlds or countless human lives and souls as being suitable payment for their services the very chance to consume a portion of the Emperor's soul would be the true price and apprised that not even Inquisition would necessarily be willing to pay nevertheless placing a large degree of trust in the true carry race may prove disastrous for the Imperium after all nobody truly trusts the Juke re not even a true carry what do you think leave a comment below and thanks for watching [Applause] [Applause]

36 thoughts on “The Dark Pact Between Terra And Commorragh – 40K Theories

  • Just pull the plug already and see what happens… We're screwed either way at this point. The emperor is both a shield and a crutch at this point to man, at some point we must walk on our own. Maybe with the plug pulled he could come again. Who knows but at some point all you can do is roll the dice. The imperium is in decay at this point…

  • They should have asked the ORKS for help. Just cram a couple million into the Imperial Palace and tell them it works and BAM! IT WORKS!

  • Dark Eldar will keep their end of the bargain so long as you can ensure that doing what you tell them to will be more lucrative than stabbing you in the back
    Orks will keep their end of the bargain so long as you can keep them from getting bored.
    Neither are small feats.

  • Inquisitor walks into haemonculi laboratory

    Haemonculus singing: "Poor unfortunate souls, in pain… in need. This wants to repair the throne that one wants to save their lord and do I help them? Yes indeed."

  • There is an other side to this bargain that should be mentioned.
    The drukhari need extreme emotions, the pain, suffering and very souls of other sentient beings to cheat she whom thirst.
    Humanity making up the bulk of the sentient beings they make up the bulk of their prey. Not only that but as humans are by far some of the more squishy beings in the 40k universe they are also more suited as prey items.
    Orcs don't really feel pain, tau don't have much soul, the nids don't feel pain nor do they have a soul other eldar know pain and have strong soul but are too few. Humanity is THE prey item of choice for the drukhari.
    If the golden throne where to fail. Humanity would die with it.
    And while they'd have a killing raiding the remnants of the imperium. Those glory days would last them only a blink of their "eternal" lives of hunger.
    No the drukhari as much as they would loath to admit is are dependent on those they consider mere cattle.
    And while the minor leaders of their society would eagerly take the short feast. The ruler of their race knows better and the status quo suits him best.
    No golden throne = no cattle = no pain = hello eternal torture by she whom thirsts and he favorite collection of "toys"

  • After seeing "if the Emperor had text to speech" I am no longer able to see this image 0:37 without hearing the sassy emperor.

  • The technology behind the Talos Pain Engine and such seems like it would be related to the Golden Throne; mechanical engine fueled by human suffering; yet immune to the Warp’s influence.

  • The golden throne will fail, and if the Emperor really is a perpetual he will finally be able to regenerate and be "reborne" is essence, if the dark eldar make repairs to the thone it will come at a cost that may see parts of the ecclesiarchy and inquisition come under scrutiny by Robute Guilliman

  • Thousand suns just got released on "LEGIONS" when you play Magnus and use his personal whispers of chaos card, one of his SPOKEN LINES is "I've done everything wrong"
    There you go. Even Magnus knows he fcked up.

  • I think the decision to use drukhari also has something to do with their expertise in using eldar technology without the use of their own psychic potential. this may give them greater understanding when it comes to inherently psychic technology than the craftworld eldar, as well as humanity not bringing potentially malicious psychic beings near the emperor.

  • An ork could fix it. Just promise the return the biggest wwwwwaaaaaagggghhhhh the universe has ever seen.
    Plot twist. The golden throne is just a really advanced dark elder toilet. We looted them like how orks loot our gear

  • I have no idea what is going on. I'm only here because the quiet kid in class was watching this today and I managed to remember part of the title.

  • Magnus was supposed to usher in a golden age for humanity, but instead brought forth a molding age for his father

    cause he's a fucking skeleton

    magnus what did you do

  • OMG I think I know what the dark eldar want to do! They probably want to create their own Golden Throne to close Khaine's gate once more!

  • Its definitely a hard choice, but some options may still exist within the very same disagreeable factions involved. One price is steep, one payoff is great. It would be terrible to see an opportunity to eradicate the evil in chaos, squandered, but still, much diplomacy must be reached for a middle ground for all sides to benefit from such an uneasy alliance. War is inevitable, but, the way the war is fought could be altered and eventually the history could be made which shows one galaxy could raise a banner against such dark forces. The internal struggles that lead to the descent into chaos….
    Holy emperor, this is my backstory for my main character and its army…what have I become…
    I think I've descended into madness, or i truly am a real psyker….
    but mine involves rogue aeldari, not drukhari…

  • What a load of…..! Sacrificing humans on that scale to save the rest which obviously based on incremental daily rate of required souls soon will be a useless thing….. e. g. killing 5000 great psychers to supposedly maybe saving 3000 scientist clerks murderers mutants gene stealers ….dumb future

  • Sure, lets allow the most insanely sadistic genetic engineers in the galaxy access the the life support of our God. That's gonna end well. While we're at it, lets hand over Mars to the Orkz!

  • What about Orks after all though savage they are known to sell their services and are known to perform technological miracles with their unique abilities.

  • Personally, I think the Haemunculi are trying to use some kind of soul fuckery to broadcast the Emperor's suffering all across Commorragh. The Dark Eldar feed off of the suffering of others. The Emperor lives in perpetual pain, forever dying but never truly dead. Imagine if every single Drukhari were able to tap into this suffering at once. Oh, they would not merely be surviving. They would be thriving. It is truly a terrifying prospect, an army of Dark Eldar tapping into the Emperor's agony such that they could grow exponentially in power and live for thousands upon thousands of years without the need for any other victims.

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