The End of Socialism – Kennedy Retires, 2298

this report is brought to you by virtual shield the easiest way to create a personal VPN or virtual private network to completely anonymize your location and browsing history please view their ad at the end of this report good afternoon I'm still reporting on the coup in what many see as the death blow to the coup and an eventual halt to the progress of creeping socialism in America Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement this afternoon President Trump has promised a swift nomination from his original list of potentials published before his election and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised the Senate will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy's successor this fall the new justice will give conservatives a 6 to 3 advantage on the court with the likelihood of yet another retirement before the end of the trump presidency bringing the conservative edge up to an overwhelming 7-2 to majority the president has promised to nominate only pro-life judges that potentially means the end of abortion on demand as decisions will now fall on state legislators the New Yorkers Jeffrey Toobin immediately tweeted his reaction to the announcement of judge Kennedy's retirement abortion will be illegal in 20 states in 18 months during the 2016 presidential debate Trump explained that once such a majority occurred it will go back to the states and the states will then make a determination but there are other even more immediate consequences to a 6-3 majority a quick confirmation could help Republicans hold their majority in the Senate as well according to CNN's Manu Raju voting on a new justice will squeeze red state Democrats state Democrat senators would be sacrificing their own reelection survival chances to vote against Trump's Nnamani the early favorite at this hour seems to be republican senator from utah mike lee who told CNN that he would not say no if asked other leading contenders are sitting justices of the Iowa and Oklahoma Supreme Court so the last 24 hours has produced an unexpected and momentous shift in the future direction of this nation yesterday's decisions from The Supremes affirmed Trump's travel ban as totally constitutional and a second decision restricted the ability of a single federal judge in Hawaii from bringing such important national security executive orders to a grinding halt and as far as the deep state coup plotters go don't look for any creative judicial relief from these Supremes for the first time in my adult lifetime The Supremes now have America's back I'm still reporting from outside the one-time free speech capital of the world good day the recent exposure of the Cambridge analytics hack of Facebook's customer data is yet another good reason to have you your family and even your company behind a VPN wall because as long as your Facebook is open even though it's on a separate page or tab Facebook according to media reports is somehow watching where you're going and what you're doing and it's not hard to go stealth in fact it's fun here's what it looks like double click the virtual shield app click sign-in takes about five seconds to sign in now you can simply click on connect and virtual shield will pick the location and sign in for you in another 5 seconds 10 seconds once a day and you're done and if you have a business you absolutely should not go another day without virtual shield look at this deal they've got as low as $49.99 per month for 50 to 100 devices unlimited bandwidth and phone support if you need it and like any product we approve for advertising it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee you can get a single user version of virtual shield Brazil is $5.99 a month and for viewers of the still report use promo code bill still or an additional 20% off again no technical knowledge is required and they offer helpful live chat support to get you up and running fast you

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  • Another plumber on the Titanic, ready to fix leaky faucets in 1st class.
    Making Communism inevitable one iceberg at a time.

  • I’m not so fond of a Supreme Court Justice that uses “double-negatives”—he said “I will not say no” to a nomination. And, if we outlaw abortions, we won’t need immigration.


    The Fullerton Informer
    Streamed live on Jun 28, 2018


  • Good report Bill, We must be on guard for the coming pushback! Deep state has nothing more to loose so they will go down kicking and screaming..

  • Conservatives are pushing for Mike Lee (UT) but We need him in the Senate for one more year. Next opening though, Hell yeah!

  • Thank you so much for this report, Bill. WOW! WOW! WOW! PRAISE YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH, JESUS, IF THIS IS ALL TRUE! WOOHOO!

  • Excellent investigative reporting, Bill !! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, and he can come in June !! And, their is a God, and he DOES love America !! The Left is absolutely going "bonkers" over another SCOTUS appointment !! Its another win for POTUS and they can't do a "fricken" thing about it, and its driving them insane !! Let's hope it doesn't drive someone on the Left to violence !! WE need to keep up the winning at the November ballot box !! MAGA >>>>>>>>>> KAG !!

  • Republicans might be able to have the supreme court, but our justice system is STACKED with liberal judges throughout, which have been evidenced in their opposition action halting President Trump's executive orders. Obama did a great job in his 8 years with that damage.

  • One thing that a lot of people are not talking about is that there is no constitutional obligation for just NINE justices. FDR tried to pack the SCOTUS; however, many were wary of that. To that end, if a liberal president is elected again with a liberal congress, they will simply say that due to growing complexity of the US Laws, it is time to grow the SCOTUS to handle the situation – In short, put in an even number of justices; so that, socialism can grow. To that end, vigilance is key and do not let your guard down.

  • & Ginsburg chokes on a prune pit,  Sotomayor   chokes on a fajita,  & Kagan    chokes on a crispy crème . please Lord make it happen

  • Bill, may our Judean-Christian God, for all your good and valuable insights, continue to bless you and Beth … but let me offer a suggestion: I am not going to quibble with you when you reference our nation's creeping slide toward socialism — indeed, very well, eventually, that could be our collective outcome, or, worse — however, I believe that it is much more accurate to describe our current national situation as one steeped in fascism … where the Bushes, Clintons, and very much 0-bama were/are all classical fascists. Simply summarized: fascism, aka state-run capitalism, is where the govt, using mountains of rules and regulations, in effect, CONTROLS THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION [see: 0-bamaCare], Socialism is where the govt actually OWNS THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION, and communism is where the govt OWNS EVERYTHING. Note: I am not certain but, Bernie may actually be a socialist; however, OTOH, I suspect that the reason he does not use the F-word, to more properly characterize himself, is because of its very negative connotation.

  • Sure looks like God is blessing Trump's leadership. He has really driven the leftists beyond nuts. Amazing to watch unfold. MAGA!!!

  • I'm not sure Trump said he will only nominate pro-life judges, but that he would nominate pro-constitutionalist judges. Either way it works out to the same thing: abortion issue gets kicked back to the states, as it should.

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