The End Of The More Freedom Foundation

Hey there. For the past three years I’ve worked full
time producing videos as the More Freedom Foundation. It has been the best job I have ever had. I have spent this time trying to understand
what’s really going on with the world, and trying to present that information to as wide
a population as possible. I don’t work for any organization or political
party. The information and perspectives presented
here would not have seen the light of day if this channel did not exist. It’s been a tremendous privilege to do this
work, and I’m grateful that you the viewers have made this possible. I’ve think I’ve changed some people’s
minds on a range of topics, and I may be flattering myself, but I think I’ve done some good. At the very least, the million and a half
minutes that people have spent watching my videos have gotten people to think a little
harder about the topics discussed. Over the past three years I’ve gotten one
question more than any other… “So.. uh, how do you make money off of this?” The true answer is I really don’t. Or at least not enough. The More Freedom Foundation is supported by
three income streams. Over the entire five year life of this project,
they have produced less than 10,000 dollars. I’ve been able to eat because I’ve taken
on freelance projects, and I’ve run through all of my savings from my corporate law career. For the past year, I have been living on people’s
couches, which is not what I expected to be doing at the age of 37. I’ve done this because I believe that we
desperately need independent voices to explain and interpret our complex world. But I’ve failed to reach sustainability. So today I’m asking for your help. The majority of the money supporting this
project comes from my Patreon page. It’s kind of an on-going kickstarter. A few dozen amazing people contribute between
a dollar and seven dollars for each of the videos I produce. I rarely charge for more than 6 videos a month,
but if I ever do, it’s easy to cap the contribution at the number of videos a patron wants to
fund. For the past couple years, I’ve been trying
to reach 250 dollars per video. If just 150 more of you delightful people
agree to basically buy me a coffee a month, I can reach that goal. It would put me around the US minimum wage,
which is all I need to continue producing this weekly content. I have got so much more to say. In particular, I’m working on a grand strategy
for US foreign policy for the rest of the century. Nobody else seems to be doing this, so why
not me? But I can’t do it at this level of funding
anymore. When I started doing this, I told people I
would just “try it out for a few months”. But I didn’t realize I would love it so
much. My friends and family have gotten more and
more worried as I’ve blown through one artificial deadline after another over the past three
years. You bet we have I’ve reached the end of their patience,
and I’ve reached the end of my ability to bootstrap this thing. So it’s time to set a real deadline. If I don’t reach 250 dollars a video by
July 15th 2017, It’s time to figure something else out. Weekly production of videos will stop, and
I’ll have to pursue other opportunities. I’ll keep on writing, and I’ll keep on
making videos. But it will be a hobby, rather than a job. Instead of 74 videos a year, I’ll probably
produce two or three. Whatever happens, I’m tremendously grateful
to all of you for helping me make this happen. The past three years have been the best of
my life so far, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your views, likes,
shares, comments, essay purchases, and patreon contributions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for watching please subscribe, and
please, please consider chipping in on Patreon.

23 thoughts on “The End Of The More Freedom Foundation

  • Hey 36 is young & trust me u got a lot of time take over the world 😏jk last part lol but u get the idea. Keep evolving

  • Check out the Blog to see why I'm thinking about giving up, even though the channel's traffic picked up by 300% over the past month…

  • I've really enjoyed hearing your perspective on these topics. I'm having trouble coming up with the exact words I want to use, but I think what I want to say is that I liked that there was a more measured approach to addressing such important issues, while still being no less passionate about the subject matter than other, I guess one could say more aggressive outlets, as entertaining as those can be to watch. I really hoped you would gain more traction. I don't know if you've ever tried reaching out to other political channels and podcasts for discussions or debates. I'm not sure if that would come across as desperate or not.

  • Hey, I've always wondered why your channel hasn't picked up even though you do have good quality content.

    Have you tried posting your stuff on reddit? I'm pretty sure if you started uploading your videos and posting insightful comments on subreddits like r/worldpolitics, r/politics, r/europe and others, you might be able to increase your viewership and maybe even have a better chance of getting financial support.

    Best of luck.

  • Have you tried partnering up and making a video with a channel that has a larger subscription base? Your content is really good, you deserve better promotion.

  • Mate, I love your contact but for the love of god I don't understand why you do this full-time.

  • Hey Rob, I love your videos, I don't agree with some of what you say, but, I do agree with a lot of it, I'd even go as far as to say the majority.

    I genuinely feel terrible that you are struggling to get enough support for your work, and feel that it isn't your work that is at fault only your reach.

    I am sure that your (beautiful) sister and family mean well when they say 'hey, time for a "proper" job', but, I must stress their focus is how much they love you and want you to be OK.

    Your situation reminds me of this cognition from – Have a read of this and let it really soak in, because I think you have the charisma, knowledge and genuine concern for real issues to make this work.

    Read this and remember, there ARE people like you out there, people who care enough to team up with you and work for the cause!

  • I'm sure you have heard this multiple times… but the key to engage a less eager audience is through humor. Although I see that you try and I understand that it's actually hard to incorporate into scripts , try to pull in audience with humor and make them listen to the issues at hand. Best example of this is John Oliver.( His jokes are actually not all that funny, but it's his presentation style that works for him, namely exaggeration and randomly chosen, absurdly specific references) , find a style that works for you.
    All the best mate.

  • Loved the humorous explanation for financial situation. I respect what you are trying to achieve. Good luck

  • Change your view on 9/11 and globalism …. and you will get popularity…. on these topics we the people dont buy what youre selling.

  • You need help in marketing. My first suggestion is to change the name of the channel itself. The potential of this channel is very huge.

  • I don't know, since this video was posted in May, how you have made your decision, but I have chosen to pledge and I will continue to do so into the next year, regardless of whether you continue to produce videos at a high rate or not. You have already shared dozens, if not hundreds of certainly very valuable videos, and this is deserving of continued support or else donation! Thank you and good luck. I am so glad to have found such reasonable commentary on youtube!

  • I always like to watch your videos so I think now its time for support 🙂 Don't expect too much because I just divorced and my little girl asking money like you but I couldn't miss the chance of the saying we were too close to save 😉 If you come again in Istanbul you have couch I promise you don't have to pay for anything 🙂

  • i wish if i can chip in to but unfortunately i live in the list economically viable on earth all i can do is to spread the word about ur great content we wish u good (health wealth and prosperity)

  • I am 37 i have a masters degree and Im broke. From what I can tell ur still doing videos. This really gives me hope bro. Keep it up.

  • this person might be uderestimated, well that or an asprin. your foreign policy, will it actually convey a mutual and growing or should? head toward lasting?

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