The Faces of McAdam Financial

McAdam Financial I’m grateful to work at a firm like
McAdam because I have the opportunity every single day to wake up and enjoy
what I do McAdam is fun it does it feel like a job it
was more like a lifestyle there is a sense of community here you’ll make a
lot of friends one of our core values family and relationships a lot of times in the industry and other
firms its me me me how can I be the best in our firm the environment is more so
how can I help the guy next to me anytime you walk through this office
he’ll see advisors working together the main piece of you back here from brand
new advised that they’re so excited and happy that the person to the right and a
lot of them are really help them just as much as their leader it’s not strange to
see somebody who’s in their fifth or sixth year helping out somebody was in
there that their six-week you have a team that you can trust to teach you to
instill values in you and help you grow as a business person is very serious
work that we do is very serious that we help people achieve their goals but
there’s just absolutely no reason we can enjoy it time focusing on the people and only
getting to know them but also helping them see how they can reach their
long-term personal goals their career and again I we say that we have a
culture that’s competitive or cooperative and I think the best way to
handle think about that is anybody’s willing to help everyone starting off at
the same point and you’re kinda growing through that experience together we all
have our individual goals but what we know is that if we work together on
going to hit our individual goals probably more effectively little bit
quicker maybe even a little bit more fun the guy next to me is my brand I know
that he’s going to push me to succeed and I’m gonna push him to succeed and
ultimately that will help all of us are not a lot of places that I think have a
sales organization that have both competitive people but they’re also very
helpful to one another and it’s a high-energy environment so there’s a lot
going on every day and here we have meetings that we go to whether it be
with advisers or whether it be with clients and even though it’s the same
type of meeting that’s going to be different from start to finish and
there’s gonna be a different outcome in different end result I think that screen exciting about working here is the
opportunity to grow and to learn for advisors and that allows us to truly
follow our passions and what we believe is the right thing to do which is
obviously not only unbiased advice but providing great opportunities to grow
the business McAdam Financial

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