The Final Remnant – A People of Covenant- "Understanding the Mosaic Covenant"

Shalom and welcome to Seeking Truth in Torah. I'm Yosef ben Avraham and you have
joined us for part two of the Covenant series which I've entitled today the
Mosaic Covenant. And if you haven't had the opportunity to listen to part one,
the Abrahamic Covenant, then I urge you to stop this teaching now and go back and
listen to the Abrahamic Covenant. Each one of these Covenants is essential in
the believers walk so that they may become a mature bride. And like I said in
part 1, many believers just believe or have come to understand that if they are
saved and they are automatically the bride. But as we are going to look
through each and every Covenant we will come to understand the importance of
covenant and how these covenants relate to us being a pure spotless bride. So today as we continue with this
teaching I pray that it will really speak to you. I pray that part 1 has
already spoken to you and that you'll be able to take from it and meditate upon it. And
it and that you will continue to study to show yourself approved so that you
can be one of those people that understand and live Yahweh's truth. So before we start let's just pray.
Father we give You glory and we give You praise, and Father as we get into part two
of this series I pray Yahshuah that you will be glorified that You will take over and
that by the power of Your Holy Spirit that You will enable me to teach Your
Word. Father I pray that I will decrease so
that you may increase and we thank you that you give us opportunities like this
where we can share Your Word and Father it is all about Your glory. We want to be
people Father that reveal Your glory that live to tell others Father of who
You are and Father in this dark generation that we are alive in I pray
father that your true sons and daughters will rise up and Father that they will
be not only people who walk in covenant, but that they will learn Father that it
is all about repairing the breach and proclaiming to the wayward House of
Israel how to be restored and how to come back
into covenant relationship with You. So father we give You praise and we give
You glory as we continue with this teaching I pray that You will speak into
the hearts of every single person in Messiah Yahshuah's name we pray. Amen. Now if you have your Bible with
you I'd like you to turn with me to the book of 1 Corinthians and I'm reading
from 1 Corinthians chapter 10. And it's a very interesting passage of scripture
where Paul is speaking and he says the following he says; "for I do not want you
to be unaware brethren that our fathers were all under the cloud and all passed
through the sea and all were baptized into Moshe in the cloud and in the sea. And
all ate the same spiritual food and all drank the same spiritual drink for they
were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them. And the rock was
Messiah. Never less the most of them God with most of them Yahweh was not
well-pleased. With most of them Yahweh was not well-pleased. For they
laid low." And then it says; "for they laid low in the wilderness." Now these things happen and this is the
most important part of this passage as we go on with this series. It says the following; it says; "for now
understand", Paul says; "now understand that these things everything that happened to Israel in
the wilderness happened as examples for us. For this generation. For the generation
that comes after." And it says; "so that we you and I would not crave evil things as
they also craved." Now what I want us to have a look at is
what Paul is speaking about and Paul is speaking about the Exodus and he
says that that basically he says that by way of reminder to the generation that
he found himself and he says the following he says; "that they should
remember the events of the Exodus and the fact that only a few made it." Now we know that Caleb and Joshua are
part of those two and the Bible says very clearly that Caleb, it says Caleb had
a different spirit in him. He understood things in a different way. And that's
what we need to understand what you and I need to be those that have a different
spirit, not going with the whole crowd but we need to learn to have a different
spirit. Now let's carry on. Paul continually
reminded them to remember those events and you know we too can learn a great
deal from the Exodus and events as it relates to our redemption in Messiah Yahshuah. And as we continue with the covenants
you will come to understand how the story of the exodus is a picture of our
Redemption. How the tabernacle is what we've been speaking about is a picture
of our Redemption and how each of the things that happened to Israel
throughout the wilderness sojourn is all a picture of how you and I are to meant
mature in Messiah Yahshuah. Now we see the picture of redemption
woven into the story of the Exodus and the days that followed after they left
Egypt too. When we begin to see with the eyes of covenant that's when we begin to
see the same pattern emerging of deliverance of Israel. As we see in our
own lives today. You know Exodus chapter 12 onwards
actually details for us the redemption of Israel from slavery. And you know
Abba father told Moses to command the people to slaughter a lamb. If you remember
the Passover story you remember that they were told to slaughter a lamb. And
to place the blood of the animal on the doorpost as a sign. A sign to say that
they were the children of Yahweh. It was a sign so that when the destroyer would
come that the destroyer would sweep thru Egypt and not destroy their firstborn
sons. We know that Yahweh did exactly that
and only those who placed the blood of the lamb on the door were the ones that
were saved. And brothers and sisters this is exactly what the first covenant was
all about that we spoke about the Abrahamic Covenant. It was all about
faith. Faith in the sacrifice of Yahshuah. Faith in the blood sacrifice. Faith that
that sacrifice was enough to set you free. And that's what we need to remember. So
that's what the first covenant was all about it was about redemption and
opportunity thru faith to become part of the family, if you and I confess our sins and if we
believe the sacrifice of Yahshuah. Now getting back to where we were and
and try to bring us all into our understanding we need to have a look at
it and see. The truth is that unfortunately many believers seem to
just stop at that as I said before. Many believers seem to stop at the entrance
or they just go through the entrance, they accept the sacrifice of Messiah
Yahshuah but they never seem to go further with their faith ever. It's almost as if they seem to be happy
with, with salvation and they never seem to see the bigger picture. You know Yahweh wants you and I to
mature and he wants you and I to become priests. Priests that can reveal Him to
the nation's. But brothers and sisters what we need to understand is that becoming a
priest doesn't just happen when you get saved. You know a priest was born and I've said
this so often, a priest was born into the family of becoming a priest. But that
doesn't mean that as soon as he was born automatically he knew how to be as a
priest. That came through through sacrifice and it came through learning
the required protocol of being a priest. And that's what we need to understand, he had to learn that priest had to learn
the difference between what Yahweh considered holy and profane. And if he
chose to live a profane life he would have been killed. We need to understand that. We need to
understand that we have been blessed to be part of the family, we have been
blessed to be able to become those priests. If we endure. If we choose life and not
death. If we go from the things of the world to the things of
the presence and glory of God. That's why I've said so often in our
teachings that becoming a priest is like unto passing from death to life. That's what it really means. You let go
of everything that the world has to offer and you progress into becoming the
exact image of Yahshuah. That's what he wants us to be. He wants you and I to conform to His
image. So like I said unfortunately many
believers seem to just stop at that and I can't understand why. And I hope that
throughout these teachings on covenant that you and others will become people
who understand what the covenants are all about. That is not about works but it's
about maturing. It's about being refined. It's about becoming that image of Yahshuah. So brothers and sisters covenant and not only understanding of covenant
but actually living covenant is what it's all about it! Understanding something is gonna not it
will give you an understanding but we need to learn to live in the covenant of
God. And I started this evening by sharing with you and saying something
very very important. Brothers and sisters what you need to
understand is that they are those that will hear this teaching and that's all
that will happen. They will hear it there will be others
that Yahweh is busy trying to raise up in this generation. You see if you go and
listen to all the teachings on the remnant you'll come to understand the
underlying message. The message is that Yahweh is raising up a final remnant. A
people whose hearts have been refined. A people who seek after Him. And these
brothers and sisters will be like the apostles of old. They will have a message
embedded and engraved inside their heart. And this is the message brothers and
sisters the message is that they will proclaim
Covenant! They will tell the wayward house of Israel their sins and they will
tell the wayward house of Israel where they have fallen short! Those who have remained in the first
covenant shall be rebuked. Those who have remained in the second covenant shall be
rebuked. And those in the third covenant shall be used by Abba Father as a tool in His hand
to proclaim judgment upon the wayward House of Israel, just as Elijah did
before, just as John did before, just as Paul did before. Just as Yahshuah Himself came to do. You
see brothers and sisters, this is what it's all about. Those who
are the remnant are the keepers of Covenant. They are the keepers of His
truth. And that's why I explained to you in part one that James was detailing in
Acts chapter 15, how the Gentile how those who had gone
and and and played the harlot with the nation's, how they could return into
covenant with Yahweh. And it started by accepting Messiah Yahshuah. Removing themselves from that pagan
sacrificial rites that they were doing, and then going to the synagogue learning
the Torah on a weekly basis and then it said what? Then we would see the restored house of
David, the Final Covenant. Then they would go from being children no longer being
young adults but becoming fathers and her father is likened to a priest, Why?
Because the father teaches the children. And I'm going to explain it to you as we
go on. Now brothers and sisters like I said the story of redemption of Israel
does not stop at Passover. It actually only begins there and that is the same
for you and I, salvation is the starting point on a journey to holiness and
sanctification that will ultimately if you continue to run the race, that will
ultimately end in glorification at the end of time. Paul in verse 3 says the following. He
says he says in verse 3 of that chapter he says; "and all all were baptized into Moses in the
cloud and in the sea." And this is precisely what Peter was proclaiming
that had to take place. Peter said that once a person got saved, if you go and read the book of Acts you
come to know to something very specific that takes place right after salvation.
They don't wait don't wait for a couple of years know immediately after a person
excepted Messiah Yahshua even with with with the unique and all the believers that that were
baptized that were that was that were accepted salvation at Shavu'ot, they at
the temple what happened immediately after, they were mitv'd! They were
mitv'd into the name of Yahshuah! And isn't this exactly what happened
with Israel? We see the type straight after they get delivered what is Yahweh
do? He takes them through the Red Sea which
is a spiritual picture of you and I as we pass through the waters as we go
under as we are submerged as we pass through
the waters so that we might be cleansed. So that we might be ready. But brothers
and sisters all of this is taking place where, in the outer court. In the outer
court we have the brazen altar as well as the brazen laver. The place of the
washing of the priests. And it's all significant brothers and sisters in our
Redemption plan. But so many people what happens after you get baptized? What happens after you go and get prayed
to be filled with the Holy Spirit? What happened to Yahshuah after he
himself was mitv'd by John the immercer? He went into the wilderness and he was
tried and tested, but what did he do he stood the test of time and he rebuked the enemy with the Living Word of God. Unfortunately today what happens is what
we read in the Gospels. It says that some fell by the wayside
others fell in the thorns and others when trials and tribulation come do not
have a soil that is rooted. They are not able to withstand why? Because they do
not allow the Refiners Fire to cleanse them. Many people just don't seem to be able
to withstand. So when they go through the sacrifice get past that brazen laver and
when they get to the door of decision the next part of the tabernacle that's
the exact place where they decide hey you know what I can't do this anymore. I just I just it's better just to be
saved. It's better just to to be a Christian.
It's better just to be a believer. I don't know if I can lay my life down. I
don't know if I can take the time every day for an hour or 30 minutes and
actually really spend time with God and busy. So what happens to them? They always
wait and remain in the outer court and as we going in the teaching you'll come
to see what happens to those who remain in the outer court in the end of days?
When judgment comes and when tribulation comes and when the anti-messiah is sitting
upon his throne those in the outer Court brothers and sisters will be in the
place of judgment. Let me say that again. Those in the outer
court will be in the place of judgment. No it doesn't mean that they lose their
salvation, but what it does mean is they are not in the protection of the Father
as they wished. And we'll have a look at that as we go
on. So like I said Peter is proclaiming this and he says that you know what we
need to each be immersed in water after salvation. And that's why Exodus brothers
and sisters the book of Exodus and the story of Israel departing out of Egypt
is a picture of yours and my Redemption. And that's why Paul says he says hey you
know what this is all for you as an example. Not only with the patterns and
the signs and the and the and the fore shadows but also the fact that hey only a few of these people entered into the Promised Land. Don't be the same as them and become a stubborn and stiff-necked nation, that doesn't want to repent. That doesn't want to walk
in covenant. That always wants to set up camp in one place and never move forward. Isn't that what what they wanted to do
they just wanted to remain and what happened for 40 years they wandered in the
wilderness, and only a few, only two of the original entered into
the Promised Land. The question is how many are going to into in now, at the end of days? That's the real
question. Now brothers and sisters let's carry on, Yahweh could have taken Israel straight
to the promised land but as we read the story we see that their hearts were not
in the right place and that Yahweh chose to test them to see what was in
their hearts just like he's doing today with many of the believers. He's taking us through trials brothers
and sisters. Why? Because he wants to test what's inside your heart. He is the refiner and He is the one that
is trying to lift the drowse out of your life, so that you may become a pure
and spotless bride. But so many of us are looking and saying ah, but I can't take the fire and we quit. We give up. And Yahweh is saying no I'm doing this
for your own good and I am doing it because I love you! I'm doing it because when the
enemy comes in like a flood you need to be able to withstand. You need to
be ready and you need to be able to withstand. So like I said Yahweh was
testing what was in their hearts. And what should
have been a couple of days turned into 40 years! And the question is how long have
you been taking to get to the place that Yahweh is trying to take you? How much longer will you refuse to
listen and obey all that He is showing you? Brothers and sisters He desires for
you to mature and to follow the pattern that is left for you in His Word. Not
some other person's pattern the pattern that is found in the Word of God. And the
pattern from Genesis to the end of Revelation is all about maturing into
His image. Being a reflection of Messiah Yahshuah! So Yahweh leads Israel to Mount Sinai
not straight into the Promised Land. And we need to see the pattern here to
understand what we need to follow and why we need to follow it. You see Yahweh's desire for Israel is to
be a kingdom of priests to whom He could reveal His glory to the nation's. That
was his ultimate plan. His plan was that the entire Israel
would be a kingdom of priests. And that through Israel the world would come to
know Him! Doesn't that sound familiar? Doesn't that same
call is in the same thing reiterated throughout the scriptures that Yahweh is
looking for a man or a woman through whom he can reveal His glory? But we need
to be willing to be cleaned out because we can't be filled with self will never
be able to contain Him. So Yahweh's desire was to have a kingdom
of priests through whom he would reveal His glory to the nation's. And His desire
was for them to mature and for them to become His bride right there at the foot
of the mountain! That's where he gave them The Torah so
that they would learn to walk in his ways, His guidelines for holiness. This was important, it was so important
and it would establish them as a nation of priests. A nation whom served the one true Elohim! And He had
a land a place and He had an inheritance for them and He wanted them to walk in His Torah so that they would know what he considered to be right and wrong. So that they would know how to live in
community in the promised land. You know brethren nothing has changed.
Think about it! How can you have a kingdom if you don't
have a constitution? How can you run a kingdom without rules? You see the Torah is so much more than
law as many people have said. I actually hate the word law. I know it's a very harsh thing to say
hey but I dislike it very much. Because the Torah to me is not a bunch of law. It's my God's will and character for
my life. And it's like a father that wants his son to know everything about him. That's why I look into His word so
that I can find more about my God. But when people turn around and say
but your just legalistic. How can you be legalistic when it's a love
relationship with your God. And you want to know everything about Him! From the
book of Genesis how he created man all the way to the end of how He will
restore us, and how we will be partakers with Him. When we look at the book pardon me, when we look at the Hebrew word Torah, we come to see that it means
instructions, guidelines, and it speaks to us about the heart of Yahweh for those who
actually love Him. You know in ancient Israel, in ancient
Israel there was a covenant of friendship. It was actually worked out by the eating
of a meal and the distribution of salt from each participant salt pouch. And
what's interesting is this cabinet was an eternal covenant unlike the one
before it was not renewed daily. And this is very important as the Torah is an
eternal covenant between Yahweh and Israel. It's a covenant between Yahweh and
Israel. And his word is alive and living and it never changes! That's what we need to understand. Man
can try as much as you want to change His Word but His Word is eternal and it
never changes. What's interesting about this covenant
type is that when two or more persons wanted to enter into this type of
relationship with each other the parties would mix their salt in a
common bowl. Now I'm sure that many of you have been to weddings maybe where you have seen couples taking
this ritual or taking this this covenant
concept and they take some salt maybe in a jar or salt in a pouch and they seem
to pour out of the pouches into one common dish, or one common container. And this is very
important for our understanding. So what they would do is they would take
the salt, pour it into a dish and then they would mix their salt in a common bowl
and they would break bread and then they would dip it into the salt and eat it.
Then when they were finished they would redistribute that same salt. Now can you
imagine you're putting two pouches of salt into one bowl and then you're
mixing or all or eating from it with your bread. There is no way that that either party
will ever know who's salt was whose. And this is very important to understanding
of what Yahshuah is trying to say to us. You see what does this all mean for you
and I? What is this whole idea or this whole picture of distributing salt into
a bowl mean for you and I? Let's take a look at what it says in John chapter 15
verse 7 it says; "if you abide in me and my words abide in you ask whatever you
wish and it will be done for you. My father is glorified by this that you
bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples." Now let's go on to 1 John chapter 2: 3-9
and 24 to 25 it says this; "now by this we meaning you and I, know that we know him
if we keep his commandments." The commandments of God His Torah, His
instructions, His guidelines. "He who says I know Him and does not keep
His Commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps his word, truly the love of God is perfected in
him. Made perfect in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He
who says he abides in him or also himself also to walk just as he walked. Brethren I write no new commandment to
you, but an old commandment which you have heard from the beginning. The old command the same commandment
there's nothing new written." Yeah it's just the same. Then he goes on and he says; "the old
commandment is the Word which you heard from the beginning. Which is the truth. It's the gospel message." Brothers and
sisters it's the entire message of redemption that you heard from the very
beginning. He goes on and he says again; "a new
commandment I write to you. Which thing is true in Him and in you because the
darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining. He who says he is in the light and hates
his brother is in darkness until now. Therefore let that truth abide in you.
Which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning
abides in you you also will abide in the Son and in the Father and this is the
promise that he has promised us eternal life." Brothers and sisters the salt
covenant was also called the Covenant of Friendship. And we already noted that
before Abraham was called a friend of Yahweh he was called a servant. And
Abraham was called upon by Yahweh to have faith in the promises that he was
given. And the Bible says that his faith was acredited to him as righteousness. And
what we need to understand is that faith should produce obedience. You see brethren our Salvation should
lead us to a life of obedience which ultimately leads us into a deeper
relationship with Messiah, the one where we learn to walk in obedience to His
Torah and His instructions. And this is what it means to abide in him. You see the words that will remain in us
are the words of Torah. It is the words of our Heavenly Father. His will, His
character, His likeness will become part of us. The words that will remain in us are the
words from Torah, the Scriptures, both from Genesis all the way through to
Revelation. When we live in Messiah and His word is alive in us we are like the
salt that has been mixed together and redistributed. We are one with him and no one can
distinguish whose salt we are because why because now we are one with Him. No one can say that you are so and so.
Why? Because we are mixed together. He is part of us and we are part of Him!
That's what it means to abide in Him. When you abide in Messiah Yahshuah, His Word
abides in you. And when you speak you can ask in His name. Why? Because you don't
ask according to your will, you asked according to the will of your Father,
because His will is alive in you! It's not asking for for Him black
Cadillac or a blackness Mercedes when you got a car already, it's not about that. It's about
asking according to the will of your Father. I hope that it makes sense to you. Now is
this not what he said we are to be the Yahshuah say that you and I are to be
the salt? Didn't He say that you want to be a
light to the nation's and that we are to be like salt? Let's take a look at Matthew chapter 5
verse 13. He says the following; "you are the salt of the earth but if the salt
has become tasteless how can it be made salty again? It is no
longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot, by
men." Then He says; "you are the light of the
world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden." In Leviticus chapter 2 verse 13 it says;
"every grain offering of yours moreover you shall season with salt, so
that the salt of the Covenant of your God shall not be lacking from your grain
offering. With all your offerings you shall offer salt." You see we need to
understand how each covenant works together brothers and sisters. You need both if you are wanting to mature. We need to understand the sacrifice
which is all about Yahshuah as it relates to the blood covenant. And we
need to understand the next covenant, the salt covenant and
we also need to understand that this is all about the Torah of God. It's when you understand the first one
and apply the sacrifice to your life, when you understand the second covenant
and apply God's will, His character, His instructions, to your
life and you're living for Him. Not a religious life but a godly life in Him. When you live for Him that's when you
mature into being a son and a daughter. One who can move into the next Covenant
of God. You see Abraham had to believe the
promise that was given to him. And he learned what it meant to be a servant,
and as he served Yahweh he became an obedient son who was called a friend of
Yahweh. You see when we enter into covenant with Yahweh and learn that there is so
much more to our salvation then what he expects us and shows us
then basically what we learn, when we learned that there is more to this life
and that we too can become His friend and His son or daughter that's brother and sister when we grow
up! That's when we begin to understand all
that has been given to us and we begin to grow, we begin to learn, and we begin
to mature. You see as we walk in covenant with
Yahweh and remain in Him He begins to reward us with more of Himself. That's why the inheritance Covenant the
inheritance that the people receive in that covenant is Him! He is our inheritance. That's why he said to Abraham; "I am your exceedingly great reward!" So many people today want fame, they want
a large congregation who want to be known by people, but what Yahweh is
saying is those who truly love me those who are truly in covenant with me
those who walk with me shall inherit me! They inherit the
presence of Yahweh. You know today many have been placed in places and and and
in those places they've seemed to place all their eggs if I have to say it like
that, they seem to have placed all the eggs in the basket of salvation. So many people have placed every single
thing, their whole theological understanding is based on one covenant;
salvation. And they seem to refuse to mature because they have no desire to be
obedient. You know many have believed the lie that
all they need is the grace doctrine and that they can carry on living a life
that has no fruit. You know the purpose of our lives
brothers and sisters is to become a true disciple that looks and acts like our rabbi, like
Yahshuah Himself. We need to understand the importance of
maturing in Him and obeying His instruction and covenants. And the
Abrahamic Covenant brothers and sisters, what's important about Abrahamic
Covenant is it is the door to the tabernacle. It's the place where we enter in. It's
the call there and then to repent and it's the gift of salvation to all who
believe! To every single one of us if we believe in Messiah Yahshuah and we accept
the work that he did that's when we become part of the family.
And this is signified in the death of the animal and the shedding of blood. And
once a believer enters the tabernacle he or she is faced with the choice of
whether or not they will accept the sacrifice at the altar. You know Yahshuah became our sacrifice
and we need to accept it if we want to be part of his family. This is what the first covenant is all
about and this covenant details the promise of a land, it promises a people and it promises a
blessing. And it opens the door for us to become the sons and daughters of
inheritance. Like I said unfortunately many believers
know nothing about these promises. They know nothing about the things that God
has blessed us to to to give us so that we can become His children or His sons
and daughters. They know nothing because they have chosen to throw out the Torah
and everything from Genesis to the book of Malachi. They say somehow
those things do not apply to them and like we spoke about in the first covenant
that I did with you the Abrahamic Covenant, we explain why, explain to you
the difference between a covenant and a testament. And we said that every new testament
makes an old testament null void and that's why it is so easy for people with
a Greek mindset to say oh but you know what the Old Testament is old so let's throw it out why because they
have an understanding that any new testament throws out the old so
automatically they look at it and say oh but Yahshuah came, he gave us a new
testament so let's throw out the old. And by doing that brothers and sisters they have thrown out the manual and the
guideline that Yahshuah has given us from the book of Genesis all the way through.
The guideline that God has given us so that you and I might mature. They seemed to just throw it out. I don't understand how important it is.
You know it's because of this that we still have people who are babies in the
kingdom of God. They are still drinking milk when they should be eating meat. The instructions on how to mature and
the promises of inheritance and the blessing of being a priest is all
written in the Torah. Which is the second covenant that every believer needs to
enter in if he or she wants to mature. You cannot throw it out! It's part of
God's plan. It's part of His Redemption plan to get
you to where you need to be. And it's only once the words of Torah are alive in
our hearts that we will be able to ask in Yahshuah's name and it will be done. Why is that? Because He's will like I
said is found in the Torah. Where are we are supposed to be one with
him as the salt as we said previously. We are supposed to be one with Him. And when
we are one with Him we no longer ask according to our flesh, but we ask
according to His spirit and His word that is alive in us! As I stated over and
over we need to understand that our God is progressive. And that is exactly how
covenant works. Each and every believer is to progress
from the outer Court which is salvation into the Holy of Holies which is the place of
inheritance. And we do this by walking in the covenants that Yahweh has given us.
And no covenant can work on its own. We cannot have one covenant working on
its own. Think about that for a second, and I said
this so often in all the teachings. If Abraham's covenant was a promise of
many many people in other words many sons and daughters if I have to say like
that that the Bible says that that that they would be numerous people and he
sees the Stars remember, so what Abraham's covenant is detailing
to us is that there would be a lot of people. Now the question is how are those people
going to enter into the kingdom if they do not keep the Mosaic Covenant. The
rules and guidelines of the kingdom of God. Not only that but you if you take the
Davidic Covenant away you have no Kingdom for those people to
inherit. If you take away the people you will have nothing either. Each one of these covenants brothers and
sisters builds on each other. You need the people, you need the
Constitution, you need the kingdom. This is the plan of God and this is why
Yahshuah wants us to understand covenant. And it's not about ok so I
understand its the blood covenant in the Covenant of Noah no no it's about taking the
covenants living in covenant putting that in your heart making the message your own because God
has a remnant and he is raising up that remnant in this final generation to
proclaim this message of covenant with great fire to the wayward House of
Israel. That's what it's about. That is why he
wants you to mature. He wants an army brothers and sisters. He
can do it alone but He chooses to use His people. He chooses to use His people.
So we moved from the outer court into the Holy of Holies. And we do this by
walking in the covenants that Yahweh has given us. And no covenant can work on its
own as I said for, if all we had is salvation, we would never have a kingdom of priests
in the Order of Melchizedek. Because we would always remain only at the first covenant.
Each covenant brothers and sisters each covenant is interdependent and needs
the other to function. Now the Abrahamic Covenant is all
about the promise I said of many people. It's these people who need to walk in
the instructions of Yahweh that is found in his Torah which is actually the second
covenant. And I'm saying this again to reiterate it so that it becomes part of
you! I'm getting fired up! So that it becomes part of you! You see those who walk in the Abrahamic covenant, they have salvation but Yahweh wants you
to become a priest! How can you become a priest if you don't know the difference
between right and wrong? If you don't know what he considers to
be holy or profane and that is found in his Torah! And it's only after you
pass through the second covenant and make it real in your life. Not just a bunch of
laws and become this religious fanatical freakazoid! That's not what Yahweh wants. He doesn't want
mechanical people. He wants people who will serve Him in spirit and in truth,
people who are ready to inherit the kingdom that he wants! God doesn't want a priest like the
sons of Eli! He wants a priest like Samuel. A priest
who will stand for what is righteous in this wicked generation. But today
unfortunately many you claim to be priests are are there for their own
selfish gain! They are not there for the glory and the
presence of God. Now I'm not there to mend the broken hearted they are not
there to go and look for the sheep that wandered off. They are not there to help and to
teach and to disciple, no they are there for their own gain. And Yahweh is getting
to a point brothers and sisters where it is enough is enough! That's why the entire book of Ezekiel is
all about this generation too, why, because it starts off by telling us brothers and sisters,
it tells us that that in Ezekiel sees the one true God! Something that this world
is lacking. They don't know who Yahweh is and the
Israel today brothers and sisters those who profess to be grafted in are just
like Israel of old. And that's why Yahweh is taken out a remnant. Yahweh says to Ezekiel; "I'm not sending you
to a foreign nation. I'm sending you to Israel to your own
people who are stubborn and stiff-necked. And I will make you
strong and I will put my words in your mouth and you will be like a diamond." Brother and sisters these things are
going to happen again. The remnant shall arise and they shall go forth with
great power and with a message that will grind many leaders. Why? Because they have chosen the path of
compromise over the path of truth. Again where will you be standing? So brothers and sisters, covenant is all
about moving progressing it's all about becoming the bride. You enter into the
Abrahamic Covenant then you enter in the second covenant which is all about
Yahweh's Torah so that you may learn what it means to become a kingdom of
priests which is all about inheritance Covenant and ultimately become the
bride. So the second covenant is all about how
the believer is to walk. Its about sanctification and holiness.
Its how to walk at a redeemed lifestyle through the promises of Yahshuah's
Kingdom. And we also need to understand that this covenant is conditional. It's conditional in that you and I
we need to walk in obedience just as Abraham did! He was a servant but he had
to learn what it means to walk in obedience! It's also important that we continue to
be a servant that serves one another as well has served Yahshuah. We've been given a choice to
obey. You can choose brothers and sisters will you obey or will you be half-hearted? If we are
to become the kingdom of priests that we were meant to be then we need to
understand the importance of the second covenant. The Torah is the foundation to all that
will govern us in the days to come. How are we teach others what is right or
wrong if we are not obeying it ourselves or if you have come to think that it no
longer is valid to our walk in Messiah Yahshuah. We need to
understand that the Torah is still as valid today as it was when it was given
to Moses. You know many say that the Torah was a schoolmaster and I've heard
this many many times. And I would like to bring some clarity
to that understanding. To the idea that the Torah was a schoolmaster I agree as
this is what Paul says. Yet the bible does not mean that we no longer need to
keep it or that it only has a temporary purpose. You see that the schoolmaster brothers
and sisters never fades away. Why? Because the schoolmaster is there to
preach and to teach every single generation of believers how to follow
the Torah it's you that outgrows that's the the
schoolmaster. It doesn't mean that you that you forget
what the schoolmaster or the Tudor taught you, no, it means that now what the
teacher has taught you has become part of your life. And it is now pointing you to
Messiah Yahshuah, but we still need the Tudor, why? Because they will be generations of
people that will still come behind us. That need to get into the place of
maturity where they can become the teachers. Where they move from being a child
and to a father from a person who needs teaching to a person who gives teaching. Does this make sense? You see the purpose
of the schoolmasters to point us to your Yahshuah and in essence that is all about
pointing us to the third covenant. And you'll see the teacher or Tudor remains as I
said why, because not all of us are at the place of maturity that we need to be. This is why the priests are the ones who
teach the Torah. They teach what they have what they have learned and how they
have matured and they teach those things that they have studied and what what
they have learned they teach it to others. This is what we need to understand. You
see a true priest or a prophet, a disciple of Yahshuah today is to teach his people believers those are the people of God,
the difference between what is clean and what is unclean and what is holy and
what is unholy and a true priest is also to teach believers Yahshuah's Feast days, His Sabbaths and to call him to His new moon celebrations. This is what it means brothers and
sisters that's what it means in Ezekiel chapter 44 when it says; "and they the priest shall teach my
people the difference between the holy and unholy and cause them to discern
between the unclean and the clean. In controversy they shall stand as judges! Now please
stop and pause there for a minute, and go and think about everything that we have
been teaching. It is the remnant the remnant brothers and sisters those sons of Zadok, those who are walking in the righteousness of God. Those who are
walking in the inheritance covenant they are the ones brothers and sisters
in Ezekiel chapter 44 that he's speaking about. He's making reference to them why
because he remembers what happened with David. And now he likens them to that. And
he says hey you know what these people are entering into the very presence of
God! And they go in and what does it say it says they remove their garments why
because no sweat in other words nothing inpure is
allowed in that place. And then it says that after a time they come out and
where they grow they go to preach the Word of truth, but they put on the old
garments again, why, less the people are made pure. I want you to go and study that
passage for yourself. So that you can get a deeper understanding of it. In time I
will do the Book of Ezekiel in detail but brothers and sisters we need to
understand it is those who mature in the faith that Yahweh uses to teach and to
stand as judges. It's the remnant. How can you stand as a
judge? How can you stand and judge if you don't
even understand the Torah of God? How can you stand and be a judge if you don't
even walk in Covenant? Impossible! How will we do it? Like I said I've been teaching in the remnant teachings that the Book of Leviticus is one of the least read books
of the bible by most believers and this should cause us to really think why? You know
Satan the master deceiver has blinded the eyes of many by making them believe
that the Torah is not even relevant or that they are some parts of it that no
longer applied to them as they now move closer into a deeper relationship with
Abba Father. But this is not the truth. As I showed
from the teaching what was before Moses I came to show that the same
commandments that Abraham kept is the same commandments that Moses kept. And it's
the same commandments that we are to keep and that the final remnant will
also teach. And as I said before most religious teachers say that Yahweh's
Commandments given to Moses applied only to ancient Israel and they are not for
us today. But in drawing that conclusion most of them overlook the full
significance of what Yahweh said about Abraham's obedience in Genesis
chapter 26 verse 5. Hundreds of years before Yahweh even spoke to Moses and
Israel at Mount Sinai. The Bible says the following; "Abraham
obeyed me and keep my requirements, my commands, my decrees, and my laws. And it's strange
that they never seem to see that fact. The Hebrew words that are used here are
extremely important. Now take a look on the screen and you'll
see. The Expositors Bible Commentary explains regarding this verse that
Yahweh then added a remarkable note and it says the following; "Abraham kept my
requirements, my commands, my decrees, and my laws." Take note there, I'm not going to read you
those Hebrew words but take note of the Hebrew words that are used there. Then you'll go on
and you'll see in in the bottom section that's on your screen it says, it's
remarkable that this is exactly the way that obedience to the Sinai covenant is
expressed in Deuteronomy 11:1. It says; "love the Lord your God and keep his
requirements." It's the same Hebrew word His decrees, same Hebrew word, again His laws same even word again and these commands same Hebrew word
again. So then its plain to see brothers and
sisters that Abraham is an example of one who shows that the law is written on
his heart, just like it says in Jeremiah 31:33. Here's the writers ultimate example of
true obedience to the law. The one about whom Yahweh could say Abraham
obeyed me. Now don't be fooled and say okay so Abraham had the law written on
his heart. Brothers and sisters if you study for a
test right and you study for that test for all this what is this what if you
don't study for a test and you going to write a test right you cannot plead to the teacher but you
know what ma'am I listen in class so so I think it's written on my heart, no,
what we need to understand is that in order for the Torah to be written on your heart you have to open that book. You have to read it you have to study it you have
to meditate upon it isn't that what David says he says I meditate upon your
Law day and night and it's in my heart. If you are not placing the Torah in your
heart how can it be written on your heart? If you don't even know what the Torah says. Or what Yahweh considers in His word to be right or wrong. We need to read it. We need to apply it
and we need to make it part of our lives. That's what it means to put it in your
heart and the Holy Spirit the Ruach is what comes upon us and enables us to
live the law of God the Torah the guidelines the instructions of Yahweh! So what we need to understand is that
Abraham obeyed the same foundational spiritual laws that were given later to
Israel. However the symbolic tabernacle and
temple ceremonies and rituals were not applicable in Abraham's day. We know that
this we see that Abraham knew a lot more about Yahweh's righteous behavior than most people give him credit for
today. And also means that the laws defining righteous attitudes and
behavior that were given to Israel were known and practice by servants of Yahweh
long before the Sinai covenant was ever established. And we know that and that's
why it is so imperative to understand the Melchizedek. Because without it we
will not understand that they kept the same laws that were given. But then we have the tabernacle
structure and today we don't have a tabernacle, so certain laws we don't keep but that
doesn't mean that we must be going to study them it doesn't mean that we must understand
them and apply them or teach others hey you know what they've been done away
with, because as soon as we say to people
that things have been done away with we are in essence actually becoming like
the church says hey you know what, you can pick and choose whatever you
want that's not what Yahweh says. Yahweh says rather go and study
everything so that you can be a good workman be a berean, be a berean, don't
just study a little bit what you think applies to study at all because they
will come a day with someone will ask you a question and it will be a day that
you have to understand that my law is all of it. It's not pick and choose that's rather
be faithful servants and say hey you know what I want to know everything. I want to study at all. I want to live at
all. And you know what in the end of the day if if if the Bible's or or if Yahweh didn't want me to keep something at least I kept it with an open heart. If Yahweh said to me hey you know
what I shouldn't do this so I shouldn't do that or or or this doesn't matter
rather do what the word says to the best of your ability. You're not going to be struck down for
something that you do in a Word of God, that you didn't know if it's all for His
glory. I'm not saying going to kill someone
obviously not that's against His Torah. I'm talking about if you do something if you do something
in the Word of God if you if you're studying the Torah, if you if you keeping
all of it how can this be wrong? Because we're
learning His word. Then let's get back to where we were. So as I stated before the
Torah is like a schoolmaster and a Tudor, but it never fades away. It's you and I that just matures further
into becoming the image of Yahshuah and the priest that He wants. No priest ever stopped keeping all of the
Torah and neither should we. It's in the Torah that we learn the
feast days the difference between what is holy and what is profane and how we
have been redeemed and the ultimate pattern for us to be free is found in
all of the Torah. You know I cannot understand why we need
to take part of it out to try to change the way that you are we gave it to us. Like I said Yahshuah we were meant to
be a nation of priests and now we are nation with priests. But it's for that very reason our sin
that we need to be keeping all of the Torah so that we can stay on the right
path. As Paul said in the beginning of the section everything that happened to
Israel is to be reminded to us that we do not fall by the way and follow after
our own hearts. Don't you think it's better like I said
to keep all the Torah then to be found wanting in the end because you chose the
part of compromise. You know I know that I want to be a
priest that knows the difference between the Holy and the profane. I want to be able to stand and teach
others the way to walk so that they will mature and so that they can learn to
live a life of Yahweh's presence. Everything that Yahshuah gives us thru his
covenants is so that you and I might mature so that we might be able to enter the
Promised Land. The place brothers and sisters of our inheritance. This is what the covenants are all about.
It's about becoming a holy. Now if you remember I started in the beginning of
the first teaching and stated that covenant is more than just walking in it. It also speaks of time periods. And I
believe that the blood covenant is significant with regards to the church
era and during that period of time many got saved and they entered into the
blood covenant but as Abba Father began to purify those who sought Him there was
a remnant that formed in the people became hungry for the truth. A people who
became searches. They became people who searched and we
in search of a deeper understanding of the scriptures. It was then that the birthing took place
and many began to leave the mainstream Church in search of their Hebraic heritage.
And was there that Yahweh raised up new leaders who had been in the church
system and they began to have a deeper understanding of what it means to keep
the Torah. It was there that they began to teach
others about the importance of keeping things like Shabbat and the festivals
and it was there that many people became angry. Many people became angry at this new
move of god and they decided to remain in church while the remnant was purified and taken
out. So brothers and sisters it is plain to see that covenant is an individual experience. But it is also a
collective experience in that Yahweh desires for all men to mature but only a
few seem to listen to His call. You know the blueprint to this maturing
process is found in the pattern of the tabernacle. It's there that we learn what is
required of us and the tabernacle details the plan of redemption in a manner that
many have not understood. The tabernacle details the plan of redemption in a
manner like I said that that that far outweighs
anything that we can actually understand. It it it brings the entire story into
perspective. You see once we understand the
tabernacle in the words of Paul we come to see that there are different stations
or sections or time frames that we need to pass through in this life. And in
each one we are to learn and mature so that we can be as Paul said those
understand the good, the pleasing, and perfect will of God,
Romans chapter 11. Those who choose to remain just a
believer will only know the good will of God. They will only know the revelation
of Himself to them but never in them or through them. To know the power of Yahweh in
your life working the junk out of you you need to be willing to listen and
obey the words of His Torah in your life. Ephesians 5 verse 26 tells us something
very very important it says that Yahweh wants to have a
bride and it says so that he might sanctify her. The sanctifying process is
done how by the washing of water with the Word. The Word of Yahweh is what
sanctifies us. His Ruach in us and His word is what sanctifies us. Brothers and sisters Yahweh has a plan for your life. His plan is to help you mature but you
and I need to be willing to enter into that plan. And Yahweh's plan, His plan is for you and I to grow and to
grow in a very specific manner. By progressive revelation he put his plan
together in the pattern of the tabernacle. And He shares this protocol of
how His kingdom functions. It's all based on holiness. You see
without holiness our walk cannot begin. This is why the book of Numbers speaks about our journey. It's the place
after it's the place where you and I learn how
to walk in our journey. It's in Exodus that Yahweh details
this plan it's the pattern brothers and sisters and that's why I've said over
and over and over that the Book of Leviticus is all about holiness. You see they've they they work together, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers. It's the
pattern that leads to holiness and then we walk and we journey to the New
Jerusalem into the Promised Land. You see once the understanding of
holiness is recognized then the journey of our walk can begin. The second covenant
brothers and sisters is extremely important in a maturing process and our
journey in becoming the priests in the order of righteousness. This is what Abba Father wants and this is
what we are to become. We need to understand that everything needs to be
restored and this is why our Messiah is the one that dies and He's the one that
restores. You see Adam was created in the image of Yahweh and as such he has he
was created as both the king and a priest. And we know that David also fulfilled
this role and all those who are supposed to be and will ultimately be the true
sons and daughters they too will fulfill this role, as they conform to the image
of Yahshuah. This is the key brothers and sisters this is the key of David. And this is the
message of the hour. This is very very important to our
understanding. Brothers and sisters I would like us to
understand something very very clearly. Holiness, holiness set apartness is the
key. It always was and it always is. To be a
priest means that you are legitimate son. And we will take a deeper look at that as we
continue into the next covenant. Now before we do I just like to recap on
everything that we have said. What I like you to remember in all of this is that
the second covenants intent brothers and sisters is to teach those who have been
bought by the blood of Yahshuah, the rules of how to live in this kingdom. It's in a second covenant that we learn
what our God considers holy or profane. The second covenant does
not negate the first one remember that! It doesn't negate the
first one. Remember also that the keeping of the
Torah is not done for salvation no, salvation brothers and sisters is a
free gift of Yahweh to all who will believe and it's represented by the
first covenant. This is why when a believer progresses
into the second covenant he continues to walk out the first. And
we are always to learn to serve. The covenant of salvation is a covenant where
we learn to serve, where we come to know who our God is. Now let us try and
understand all of that has been said in terms of remnant. As stated previously Yahshuah never
desired for us to just be so divided there was never his plan. But over the
centuries we have adopted so many man-made ideas that we have drifted
further and further away from the truth. The church was meant to remain in the
model that the disciples had established. They were to remain a Hebraic model.
Mainly that Yahshuah was the Chief Cornerstone and that the teachings of
the Apostles were to be placed on top of that. A believe it would learn the Torah and grow into maturity and eventually they would become a disciple
who would be able to teach others. And we read that in the book of Acts. If you
go and look very carefully that's what it was all about! It was all about
maturing. Like I said unfortunately the church
failed due to the lack of keeping the Torah. They got plenty saved sure they
did but many have not become the priest
Yahshuah desires and they are living a life that is filled with compromise.
Yahshuah and His great wisdom kept a remnant who are faithfully seeking Him. And at
the right time he drew them out and raised up a new remnant, one who would
walk out the first covenant as well as the second which is the keeping of the
Torah as these guidelines to a holy life style. The problem is that we as humans tend to
put labels on everything that Yahweh is doing. We labeled our conversion experience and
called it church. We then labeled Torah experience and called it a Messianic.
Brethren, Yahshuah's desire is not to have you label. His desire is to have "one new man". A man
or woman that has matured in the way that He desires. A man or woman that
resembles Him. Today we are at the pruning place again. We are in the process of His fire
purging us. For many this is hard it's a hard thing to grasp and to understand.
Yahshuah is the one with a sickle and He alone gathers the ripe grapes. Yahshuah
is looking for those who will follow Him right until the end. Brothers and sisters each covenant is a
period of time in history. And our God is all-knowing and all-powerful. He knows
how long it will take for you and I to get it. He knows how long it will take for you
and I to get it. The Messianic faith was a pit stop in a
greater journey to becoming the image of Yahshuah. And his desire is not for you to be a
Christian, a messianic, or a believer. His desire is for you to be a priest. A son
or a daughter of righteousness Those who choose to remain in the places
they are in and are stiff-necked to His Ruach's leading, they are the ones who
will miss out on what He is saying and what He's doing. Brothers and sisters I pray that this
teaching has blessed you. I know that there was so much information in it but
I pray that you will take it that you will study it out that you will listen
to it over and over and I pray that you will join us for part 3. As it brings us
to the third covenant, the covenant of inheritance. That's the one brothers and sisters,
that's the time period that we are live in right now and those who have eyes to
see and ears to hear are coming into a deeper deeper relationship with Yahweh. A
place of true intimacy and intimacy brings forth a birthing. And brothers and
sisters when that happens we are going to see great and awesome things upon
this earth. If you want to understand the hundred and forty-four thousand if you
want to understand the the vision of Zechariah, if you want to understand the
inheritance covenant as it relates today and to each one of us then I asked you
and I urge you to join us for part 3. As it comes out shortly I pray that it
will bless you and that it will speak to you in Yahshuah's name. Let's pray; Father Yahweh I want to give
you all the glory and all the honor, Father I want to thank You that Your covenant,
Father is eternal and Father that You want all men Father to understand this
Father that You desire for all men to be saved you desire for all men to mature
and Father You desire for people Father to be Your bride. And Father You have
given us details and You have given us a blue print Father a panoramic view so to say Father of how we can become
those priests in the Order of Melchizedek. How we can be a
representation of your son Messiah Yahshuah. And Father my pray in the name of the
Yahshuah is that people come to understand how imperative it is to walk in covenant.
How important these covenants are and Father that they are not to just listen but Father that they are to apply it to
their lives that is my prayer Father my prayer is that these teachings will not
just be going in one ear and out the other, Father I pray in the name of Messiah
Yahshuah that these teachings Father will raise up a generation Father in this
time Father a generation of true warriors for Your kingdom people who will know Your heart and will
preach it and proclaim it. Father we give You all the glory and we
give You all the praise. We thank you Yahweh that You are our God
and that you are King and we want to pray in Yahshuah's name a blessing over
each living person that is tuned in. Father may they be filled with Your spirit. May they grow Father and may their eyes
of the understanding be opened in Yahshuah's beautiful wonderful name, Amen. I thank you for joining us and again I'm
going to ask you if you are new to this channel then I ask you please subscribe
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for joining me and look out for part 3 as we enter into
the inheritance covenant and ultimately and finally we will touch look at the bride. Thank you ok

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