The Flood vs The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) | Who Would Win?

Today we put everyone’s favorite parasitic extra-galactic life-form (the flood) against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Which faction will win? Find out on today’s episode of star wars Galactic Versus. (Theme music plays) Hey guys this is Eckhart’sLadder, hello and welcome to another episode of Star Wars Galactic Versus. This is something that you guys have been asking me to do for a very long time Every time i take suggestions for galactic vs. episodes the CIS vs. the flood is always the number one suggestion and I won’t lie, this wouldn’t have been my number one episode of choice, but i’m still more than happy to do it for you guys. In this scenario as i mentioned earlier the flood from the Halo series will go head-to-head with the Confederacy of Independent Systems However, in this scenario the confederacy will have won the Clone Wars and now have direct control over the entire Star Wars galaxy. They’ve thus ramped their production of clones up, and clones are now operating as Stormtroopers would for the Empire with droid star fighters operating as Tie Fighters would etc etc. Before we actually go into deciding who wins the matchup let’s take a brief look at each faction. I’ve talked time and time again about the Flood on this channel, if i were to guess i’d say that they’re the enemy or the faction that probably appears most in these galactic vs. episodes. Still i will give a brief description of the species here,if you want to learn more just go back and watch one of my previous galactic vs. episodes, the flood are ancient devastating parasitic extra-galactic threat from the Halo universe. The power of the Flood varies wildly depending on the extent of their Infestation, and these infestations come in various stages which are also linked to the development of the flood group consciousness. For example, in the early stages of a flood threat the greatest danger to an individual is having your body hijacked by flood spores. The Flood grow by accumulating body mass, basically by taking over the bodies of sentient beings. However when the Flood take over a body, they do not only gain the body itself but also its memories and intelligence. Because the Flood share a group mind and group consciousness this means that as the infestation spreads the flood as a whole become much more sophisticated and much much more intelligent. Typically as the flood propagates they will create Proto-Graveminds then Graveminds and then Keyminds.These entities which are grown in succession but require a very high amount of body mass are able to further coordinate the Flood and represent an extraordinary amount of intelligence and tactical ability. We’ll talk more about the flood and their war with the Forerunner as we get to the actual matchup, but the key to know now is that the Flood are not simple zombies, they’re extraordinarily deadly, they propagate very quickly, and the group consciousness that all flood share is probably the most dangerous aspect of the species especially when you have Graveminds and Keyminds coordinating the species as a whole. Let’s now talk about the Confederacy of Independent Systems and remember in this scenario we’re assuming and pretending that the confederacy won the Clone Wars let’s say that Palpatine was accidentally killed during the battle of Corucant after the Republic cruisers fired on the Invisible-Hand After a few more years the Separatists were able to eventually outlast the Republic. Mostly through sheer production of Battle Droids and the dwindling Jedi numbers. The Confederacy has selected Raxus as its home planet and now administers affairs throughout the galaxy using primarily Battle Droids and other forms of droids to fill all police, military, and administrative positions. The Confederacy used hundreds, if not thousands of variants of Battle Droids, far too many for me to even scratch the surface of in today’s video. From Tactical Droids to basic Battle Droids to Destroyer Droids(Droideka). Anything that could or needed to be done on a battlefield was done by droids. Vehicles used by the Confederacy were also mechanized either,they had a droid brain within them as did the vulture droids, or they were controlled by a droid as you see with the MTT’s or various other ground units. The Separatists were able to create very powerful weapons and even at times created super weapons. On the low end we have something like the Seismic Tank, on the high end we have weapons capable of destroying planets and then ships like the Malevolence with their Ion Cannons. One of the greatest strengths for the Separatists, besides for just the power of their weapons, is how quickly they could pump them out. The Confederacy, which at the height of its power, was limited to only a few tens of thousands of planets was able to take on the Republic, which had over a million. And through a war of attrition and just through sheer numbers with their Battle Droids, they were actually gaining some ground during the Clone Wars. The Confederacy is not only a government structure but it’s also propped up by huge mega corporations. These corporations have tremendous production capability and they’re able to create starships, droids, capital ships, weapons, and basically anything else. I want to move away a bit from just looking at the facts of each one of these factions and start doing some analysis. So let’s move in now to the actual matchup. The greatest weakness of the Confederacy here is certainly not their droid army, i mean against a very young Flood threat the droids would be very effective because they don’t present potential hosts, i mean even the Forerunners used things like Sentinels to try to stop early flood infestations. Still while the Confederacy’s military is comprised pretty much solely of droids the, Confederacy is much more than a military,it’s also a government. If the Confederacy won the Clone Wars, this government would be responsible for protecting an entire galaxy with trillions and trillions of beings These are all potential flood hosts so the weakness for the star wars universe in the scenario is how many hosts there are, and how easily a flood infestation could spread. This was the exact same thing when the Galactic Empire tried to fight the Flood. By far the most difficult aspect of the process is trying to contain the Infestation. So let’s say a flood spore somehow lands on some Confederate world somewhere,what happens? Well in my mind the Confederacy would be a much more hands-off, less authoritarian government than the Galactic Empire was. I mean they initially seceded from the republic because they were a bit too hands-on and the taxation was excessive, so i imagine the Separatists would allow individual systems and planets to have a high degree of autonomy. At this point we start seeing the problems when the Star Wars universe deals with a Flood infection the first is that hyperspace travel is extremely common extremely fast and extremely easy. For the infection to spread, all it would need to do is attach itself to a passenger going on a spaceship to another planet. Due to the variety of smugglers, criminals, commercial travelers, military travelers and everything else the flood will be able to propagate extremely quickly. Even in the times of the Empire the Outer Rim planets and even the Mid Rim planets were not under tight rule, i mean people could visit planets at will and Under the Confederacy i would expect these rules to be even more relaxed. In my opinion the Separatists won’t notice the Flood Infection and they won’t expect it until it’s already offworld. There are so many planets in the Star Wars universe, the likelihood of noticing something going wrong on a single one of them is extremely low. The likelihood of being able to respond directly before the flood manages to propagate is even lower. So now you have Flood colonies of various sizes some worlds probably have a few infected persons, some may have dozens, a few worlds by now may be totally lost, and this is where almost every faction that faces the flood fails. Because of the rate of Flood reproduction and the way that they accumulate intelligence it’s almost impossible to beat an enemy of this size. As recognized by the Shipmaster in Halo 3:”One single Flood spore can destroy a species.” I don’t think the Confederacy will be able to do that because of the nature of the Star Wars universe and its size, which will lead to them trying to use the droid army to stop the flood at its full power Don’t get me wrong the Confederacy of Independent Systems had a very powerful army, but they’re just not up for this task The fact that battle droids alone are not susceptible to flood infection won’t be enough to win this war. I mean we know the Forerunner relied on sentinels and other constructs which were totally artificial and they relied on them in the trillions ,but it still wasn’t enough to stop the infection. That’s just because of the sheer amount of civilian populations that the flood now has access to. Also in my mind the Artificial Intelligence of the Star Wars universe is not up to par when compared with the Artificial Intelligence used by the Forerunner. So the Separatists will have a very difficult time mobilizing and reacting to the various Flood threats which are now presenting themselves across the galaxy also as further beings are consumed the flood is gaining more intelligence itself and perhaps by now has consumed someone who knows the locations of the Battle Droid factories or, if it still exists, where the master shutoff switch is. It’s also possible that has the Flood growing in sophistication they, will be able to corrupt the battle droids themselves as they did with Mendicant Bias who was a Forerunner AI before defecting to the Flood. All in all battle droids are fine and maybe even good for fighting a localized Flood Infestation however due to the nature of the Star Wars universe there’s no way that the Confederacy will be able to respond to this threat before it reaches other planets. At that point the CIS is just hilariously outmatched by the flood. The Forerunner, who technologically dwarfed any faction in the star wars universe, Were unable to do so. What chance that the Separatists now have, assuming the initial flood infection starts on a planet connected to the rest of the galaxy which for the sake of this scenario i think is necessary, the Separatists just don’t stand a chance. I give this matchup to the Flood and i think they win ten times out of ten and that’s why i was a bit reluctant about doing this video. But i know you guys really wanted it and i hope you enjoyed. Let me know down in the comments what you thought. If you agree with my analysis, if you disagree and of course any future matchups that you’d like to see. Also make sure you join the Discord where you can vote on future matchups and help decide which videos get made. Follow me on Twitter where you can listen to my inane ramblings about Star Wars and other science fiction and if you really like the channel consider donating on patreon, where you can support the channel on a monthly basis. Anyway thank you so much for watching guys as always this has been Eckhart’sLadder, may the force be with you.

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  • What about the MTT with the cannon that only kills organisms ot has that still been destroyed in the clone wars?

    They also have a ship with a ion cannon on its side which i think can disable planetary shields but since it was crashed into a moon in the clone wars, is it still gone?

  • For the part where you mention the separatists droids have a bad A.I system. You are correct, but that is because Palpatine wanted the droids to be dumb so he made sure the republic won the war. So if the separatists won, the newer droids might have a better A.I system.

  • But didn't the CIS have the plans to the death star what would stop them from building that after the war and useing that against the flood

  • And if the flood grows in the unknown regions they are most unnoticed until they come out and then they are big enough to kill 1/3 of a galaxy… I think the flood is too dangerous for the star wars universe.

  • Dear Eckhart!
    Thank you for your analysis, if you don´t mind I may just add some comments:
    1. The flood can only absorb biological or advanced AI systems. The CIS has the advantage of Droid Armies whitch cannot be absorbed of the Flood nor be used for enhancement.
    2. Orbital bombardment is an very efficient method to sterilize whole planets. The Empire showed that in many cases
    3. If under pressure like that the CIS may consider to take political help of other factions and remnants like Clonetroopers and imperial fractions like the dark empire.

    4. Sith&Jedi survivors – I don´t think the flood spores have an easy time with them. They even may be able to establish some sort of communication but that may be unlikely. I think the SW Galaxy will have a very hard time and may loose this on the long term, but to take over a whole galaxy will take enough time for all fractions to adapt to the threat and optimize their strategies. I agree that the first infestations may stay undetected long enough to allow the initial spread of the spores offworld, but I think that Flood armies will have a hard stand against droid carrier ships and battaillons of mindless battledroids simply because they are not of any interest for them – no evolving potential.

  • Okay, these episodes are pointless. Flood wins every time. Why bother?? I'm a huge star wars fan, but if the flood always wins, then why bother

  • The flood would easily win if a gravemind can get control of the droid control tower or whatever the droid gets its orders from using the logic plague.

  • 0:35 "Yes sir, that man right there. He mispronounced the acronym of the Confederacy of Independent Systems."

  • And to add my own part if the flood crash landed on a world were there was a droid factory and infected all life on that planet and created a gravemind they could put the logic plague in the droids software making them part of the floods growing army

  • If the flood consumed a jedi i wonder if they could use the force or learn how? Since there one with all I wonder how powerful the force would be , almost godlike if that

  • Nobody:

    Literally nobody:

    Not one single soul in the entire known universe:

    Eckharts: skinny robot dudes vs the halo flood

  • Eckhartsladder" if not for two phenomenons, you'd jave a solid debate. However" it is the way George Lucas "penned" his lore. All life generates The Force. "Meaning" natural life, not artificial, and not accidental. Midiclorians are symbiote with all life. The two phenomenons are" The Force, and The Midiclorians. Flood Spores cannot infect Midiclorians, they are The Windows Of The Force, and" they cannot infect The Force. The Flood" is accidental, not natural life. The Midiclorians will immediately determine Flood Spores to be an abomination and will simply eradicate them. The Midiclorians won't be symbiote with The Flood, life in The Star Wars Galaxy cannot be an abomination. Without Midiclorians" The Flood can't use The Force. All life in The Star Wars Galaxy has one or more Midiclorians because all life in The Star Wars Galaxy is natural, even" life created by The Midiclorians is natural, not artificial, not accidental. It is because of these two phenomenons" is why a Flood Invasion won't work in The Star Wars Galaxy.😔😔

  • Knowing the stuff the cis is capable off and knowing of an investation. The worms shall be burned. The worms have a hard time going to high militairy commanders who know stuff. As the military counsel is noet verry large the bigger the worms get the easyer they can be dealt with. As small can hide but big wormes can be hit by naval guns. If i major planet does get hit with the stuff it will probebly be blocked. For a major planet to be hit a smaller one has got to be hit first. Because not the entire CIS is stupid. They can understand and react to it. (Because the war is over they probebly fixed the droid thinking problem) so they might have a chance.

  • brotherhood of steel (Including liberty prime from fallout 4) And the Enclave vs The CIS and The Republic (including some sorta droid/clone walker to matchup against liberty prime)

  • You know the flood would probably be able to control the force if they infected a Jedi or with with the knowledge

  • Cis has a weapon that can wipe out any life form within a designated radius..duh..missed dat part surely CIS would win

  • I agree with the decision however the CIS have no morals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just started destroying the systems nd planets that are infected rather than dealing with the infection

  • I wonder how to Death Star would play into this because although Paletine died it would still be under construction

  • I think you got it wrong if you pay attention to the CIS they are always building new Droids to combat their enemies…. for example the Jedi Hunter droids they where designed to fight force sensitive beings on an effect scale.. I think the CIS ability to adapt quickly and effectively to their enemy is enough to win against the flood…. I mean look at general Grievous… a cybernetic machine cable of killing dozens of force beings all at the same time! Imagen an army of Droids even half that effective would put up a amazing fight even against the flood… and the best part is…… the CIS built special weapons specifically made to destroy bio-matter and not machines… think about that… that it self in its implementation… could easily grant the CIS victory in my mind……. got flood infested planet? No problem we will just build a death star size machine that vaporize all the bio-matter on the planet…. all Droids perfectly fine ready to attack somewhere else… the CIS ability to build super weapons is enough to win… they had the plans for the death star for crying out loud! As for the civilians they could make "burn lines" in the galaxy preventing the flood from spreading by removing all bio-matter in a chain of planets effectively causing the flood to stop dead in their expansion… all the while they could be sending massive Droid armies into the flood zones with the purpose purely on decimating the flood with no need to return to civilization, with the self destruct button on all space effective ships if they where to be bored by flood.. all the while no bio-matter is being sent into "flood zones"

  • There may be millions of planets but the amount of droids is also more than millions they could put a battalion of droids like aat, droidekas, b1, b2 and many more on each planet and still have millions left over not to mention it's not like the planets population is defenseless some people might have laser or droids that can also have shooting or fighting capabilities

  • And I'm pretty sure news can get spread fast all over the galaxy with intelligent agencies like bothawains, new broadcasting lot of ways to the get the word out that some shits going down

  • CIS would win hands down. They can overwhelm the flood with their trillon of droids. Not to mention glassing the infected planets. Then you have Grievous if its legends he could do alot of damage. Nevermind with millions of droids.

  • Part of me thinks that the floods power is narratively inconsistant. In the game it takes one master chief to blast through an infested halo ring and escape. I always feel like im suspending some disbelief when i hear that the forunners couldnt fight them back considering how weak the flood is in its early stages. I am perhaps misinformed but they seem to have alot of plot of plot armor/power.

  • Why the hell do you need an ad in the middle of the video….this isnt TV and it's not like your making any more money from it.

  • I hate how you think that the forrunners who had to make an AI's to fight for them was the end all be all of military stratagem yes they could go big but really as intelligent as they were they were not smart in my opinion.

  • If General grevious was still around, he would have no issues pulling a Base Delta Zero and removing full worlds off the map.. Along with the CIS using bio weapons on planets… I still only give them a 2/10 chance but still…

  • random thought but has anyone done Flood (halo) VS Necromorphs (dead space)? they both infect and they are both rediculously hard to stop and all that really in a way they both work in the exact same way from what i understand of both of them i could be wrong but just a random thought

  • Can the CIS mass produce Defoliator tanks quickly? Having mass produced Hyena bombers armed with Defoliator bombs would be very effective as well.

  • What about the logic plaque? The logic plaque can be used on humans and ai's by a grave mind to convert them to the flood. Example: mandacen bias. Correct me if I misspell it.

  • Who would win
    The monument to all of your sins the consumer of galaxys the destroyer of the civilization which wiped out the gods of the galaxy and can consume any sentient being.

    Or some roger boi

    Lol i see these comments so much thought I’d do one

  • For people that like halo now one are point out that the flood never are or were defeated. They are precursors and the knowledge is embedded in the supercells. They only are passing judgement at the humans.

  • Don't they have Planet killing in system destroying super weapons in the Starwars universe I mean would it really be so hard to destroy colonies that are taken by the flood with Starkiller base it seems quite easy

  • Alot of people are talking about the logic plague but they forget that by the middle of the clone wars the CIS put individual processors in droids so by the end of the war (and in this case they won.) The floor's logic plague would be useless.

    Couple that with the CIS great blockading abilities and if they managed to keep the flood to only one place they can easily win. Especially if they overwhelm the flood. (I know "Overwhelm the flood? Are you stupid?") No but half way through the clone wars there so many droids that it was insane. Imagine by the end, they just send a few billion droids of diffrent types and good bye infestation.

  • i feel like CIS would actually win this one. with all of their troops being non-organic they can field mass anti-organic weapons and since so much is automated it would be relatively easy for them to capture and analyze flood samples/hosts to figure out how to most effectively eradicate them.
    it also would not be hard to trap them on whatever planets they manage to get hold on before the seps figure out whats happening. Communication in the star wars universe is EXTREMELY advanced and messages can be effectively sent from one end of the Galaxy to the other almost instantly (as seen by when members of the jedi council are out and about but all are present at least holographically for meetings.

    I genuinely believe that because seps cant have their primary force infected they would be able to eradicate the flood

  • In full on war, I don’t think the CIS can lose. It would only be a couple of planets before it would be noticed, and even if they take the entire populations of a few systems, the CIS can blockade the systems, and now that they’re alert, if new colonies popped up the CIS would take them out before they could grow. Don’t forget that the CIS army specializes in fighting organic beings, but the flood can’t infect the droids. The CIS was developing various bio weapons, and while research would of stopped after the war ended, but in the clone wars show some of these biological agents were used, or ready to use. The biggest question is would the bureaucracy recognize the scope needed to bring the flood down before it breaks free and grows too big to feasibly be stopped. We know that Tatooine was a lush planet before it was bombarded to hell, would the CIS be able to justify turning a few systems into that?
    Put it into our lens. If a zombie outbreak occurred in and infected England, would we nuke the island before it could spread, or would we continue to try and fight it. In the end, it depends on prior knowledge. If the CIS knew what a full on infection could do and the horror they were facing, the flood would never get off the ground. If it was unknown, it’s up to debate

  • If there are any sort of Anti-Vaxxers in Star wars universe the Flood would have same IQ as a kid who says Fortnite is best on Minecon

  • Couldn't they just blockade the hyperspace lanes and cut off part of the galaxy with their endless numbers of non organic droid ships? Even if the flood got on board, they wouldn't be able to expand with them since the ships have no organics on board.

  • I have a better idea of how to defeat the flood: death star every planet that they infect and mass orbital bombardment. I'd even go so far as to evacuate all the planetary systems in a 100 light year radius from an infected world and then glass that planet with orbital bombardment.

    The flood are very susceptible to scorched earth tactics and heat

  • Ekarts ladder:"Everyone's favourite parasitic extra-gallatic life form"
    Me:what is that?
    Ekarts ladder: the flood
    Me:well looks like i am going to puke

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