The Forgotten War: Libya After NATO

We are taught all our lives that our modern
political systems are “by and for the people.” In order to justify taking us to war, then,
our misleaders have to convince us that war is not a racket, as General Smedley Butler
revealed, and is not for the benefit of the industrialists who sell the munitions or the
politicians in their back pocket or the financiers that own them both, but in the interest of
the average man or woman. In other words, they lie through their teeth.
Why do the hate us? They hate our freedoms. Our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech.
Our freedom to vote and assemble and to disagree with each other
Such was the case with Afghanistan, which we were told was all about the hunt for Osama
I said a long time ago one of our objectives is to smoke them out and get them running
bring them to justice We’re smoking them out, they are running and
now we are going to bring them to justice. …until it no longer was.
So I don’t know where he is.. you know I just don’t spend so much time on it, let me be
honest with you Or in Iraq, which was all about weapons of
mass destruction Intelligence gathered by this and other governments
leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal
weapons ever devised. …until it no longer was.
Those weapons of mass destruction got to be somewhere…
By the time the original lie is exposed, it no longer matters why the war was started,
only that it continue as long as it needs to. Suddenly the war in Afghanistan was all
about women’s rights and the Iraq war was all about the purple fingers of democracy.
Never mind that women in Kabul are worse off under the NATO-installed, UNOCAL consultant
Hamid Karzai than they were in the bad old days before Operation Cyclone. Never mind
that Iraq is now a balkanized mess, divided along religious and ethnic lines and still
rocked by bloody violence on a daily basis. The media spotlight has shifted to the next
24/7 distraction, and the public can go back to not being able to place these countries
on a map, let alone care about their inhabitants. This is exactly the case with the NATO-led
invasion of Libya in 2011, which once again we were told was about a heartfelt concern
for the well-being of the Libyan people. The Libyan opposition, and the Arab League,
appealed to the world to save lives in Libya. And so, at my direction, America led an effort
with our allies at the United Nations Security Council to pass an historic resolution that
authorized a no-fly zone to stop the regime’s attacks from the air and further authorized
all necessary measures to protect the Libyan people.
If this compassion for the plight of men and women in Libya was so heartfelt, why is it
that you have heard nothing whatsoever about Libya in the last two years from the same
politicians and talking heads who persuaded you that dropping bombs on the country was
the only way to save it? Is it because the situation was resolved with the death of Gaddafi
and the virtuous western-backed freedom fighters have established a happy, prosperous, functioning
society of peace and happiness? Of course not.
Libya is on the way to becoming a terrorist outpost for possible future attacks on Europe.
The prospect that has been raised by Libya’s former prime minister who came to power following
the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime and he recently fled the country where rival militias
run rampant and are into facto control of the state.
On a quiet Mediterranean night you might think all is well in Tripoli until suddenly it’s
not. We filmed from our hotel balcony as two rival militia clashed, it turned into the
worst fighting since the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi. Libya’s weak government has no control.
The men with guns are a law unto themselves . The brigades who spearheaded the Libyan
revolution now threaten to destroy it. Once again, the public was lied to just enough
to convince them that war was necessary to maintain peace, and now that the real mission
has been accomplished and Libya’s gold has been stolen and its central bank has been
established and its AFRICOM-resisting leader has been killed and it has been established
as an operations base for NATO’s Al-CIAda mercenaries, they couldn’t care less about
the lives of the Libyan people. Earlier this week, Faraj Muftah, a spokesman
for the largest Arab tribe in Libya, the Warfalla tribe, joined me on The Corbett Report to
discuss what life is like in Libya now that the NATO powers and their foreign jihadist
assets have taken over the country. Every, every day you will hear that someone
kidnapped, military officer was kidnapped, any civilian has been kidnapped, by the militia.
Nobody knows how this history was happening in Libya.
From a few hours, from 3, 4 hours, just in Benghazi our friend (Sicilian?) is teacher
for university, at university, has been killed by terroristic groups in Benghazi. And they
announce that they will kill anyone against them. From police office, from military, anyone
who is not member of Al Qaeda’s terroristic groups will be killed, you know. This is the
truth and the way in Libya now. And this is the news stories, now listen to
the Brotherhood members, terroristic groups in Egypt since revolution 30 June in Egypt
by general el-Sisi and his group against these groups, they run away to Libya and they start
to make trouble against Egypt and against Libya.
From inside Libya, from Derna and Benghazi. Misrata now this is the main centre for training
terroristic groups. Derna is well the main centre for Al Qaeda groups from all the world.
There are those who have been trying to spread the word about this grim reality to anyone
who will hear it, but unsurprisingly they have been ignored, shunned, and even threatened
by the same US government that once mouthed its concern for Libya. A prime example of
this phenomenon are James and JoAnne Moriarty, two Americans working in Libya since 2007
who became first-hand eyewitnesses to the bloody war waged against the Libyan people
in 2011 and the aftermath of cover-up perpetrated at the highest levels of political office.
JoAnne and I were asked in May if we would go into Tripoli to head an NGO fact-finding
commission. We agreed to do that. We went to do that. We went to Tripoli we were there
for a hundred days. After the first few weeks there we were trapped
and could not get out of Tripoli. In the end we’ve been captured by Al Qaeda, we’ve been
put on their kill-list because we had had the audacity to tell the Libyan people that
they had the right to determine their own government.
We were taken to the Al Qaeda torture centre which was Al Mehari hotel, we we’re there
a long time. So we had maybe two hundred gigabyte of videos
and photographs of what happened during that time with NATO. We had many, many personal
interviews of people with their personal stories. This is why the government began to attack
us, because they didn’t want that put out I am sure. They didn’t tell us that exactly,
but they… We tried to tell them… For more than two years we contacted every politician
in Washington D.C., Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, anybody that we could talk to that held any
kind of position in security, in Homeland security, in terrorism safety, etc. Noone
in Washington D.C. would talk to us. We would get through their gatekeepers JoAnne was diligent
six right hours every day trying to find someone so we could tell this government how wrongful
we were in Libya. How we were supporting Al Qaeda, Moslem brotherhood and Ansar Al Sharia.
We knew about Bengahzi happening six right weeks before it happened. Couldn’t tell anybody,
we didn’t know specifically Chris Stevens was gonna be killed, but we knew they are gonna be attacks
on all the U.S. properties in Libya. We told people, but nobody listened, no one
listened. The treatment of the Moriartys, including
their blacklisting in business circles in the United States and the numerous death threats
they’ve received from government officials, is reprehensible. Those who are concerned
about their situation in particular, and the real aftermath of the Libyan war in general,
should see their website,, and consult the DVD documenting their experiences
for more of these details. But as long as we continue letting politicians
lie about their concern for people around the world, whether it be the Egyptians in
Tahrir Square who are now living through an era of chaos and upheaval while being virtually
ignored by the politicians and commentators who pretended to care for them, or the Ukrainians
who have just been signed into IMF debt slavery by the same forces that pretended to care
about their plight, the same scenes of violence and misery will take place over and over again
at the expense of the masses and for the benefit of the few at the very top.
For citizens of the NATO countries who insist on blindly supporting the NATO war machine
every time it kicks into action anywhere around the globe, and who buy into the rhetoric about
helping people around the world and protecting interests abroad, ask yourself this: when
was the last time that any war, anywhere, amounted to anything more than a swindle for
the benefit of the bankers and the war industry, or anything less than a bloodbath for the
average man or woman in the target country?

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