The Fork – Communist Minecraft Survival!

wait is there new stuff in the snapchat that I know where I should build my house you killed her jack y'all suck survival yes we will what about your old house I didn't kill you I just keep you out of it in the closed door and then the monsters outside I think I'm gonna take up the role I always do and just terrorize everybody we're having a play blow community and you're not making a play blow house okay fine we're gonna build a house right over here conforming to your and I mean if you want to be a part of the community you gotta follow the community rules I didn't make these rules but they're here five by five is a five there we go yes Oh guys we should have all these little houses that we live in and then we have a connected basement basements way Mac and lassie and No and and and and and Marty Marty Marty Marty hey Jack make sure you add my dog on the sign his name is nose cream oh my gosh this is like the fourth time I've had to break sorry if you gotta add those creepy just keeps on growing as I said dysfunctional smack and lassie not the dog lassie but we do have a dog named what's its nose cream hey Brandon our communist leader wait no can we actually do like under slave [Applause] [Laughter] Cassie we have to hide this we did nothing we did nothing wrong hey you like it I'm growing a broccoli farm down here cauliflower is like not spicy broccoli no is uncooked broccoli spicy other people think it's spicy too I gue I'm prompt and promise you broccoli spicy you're just crazy good of tastebuds is me to taste no there's some a jack-up with your days mud why is broccoli spicy when you chew up chopped or chopped broccoli it releases a type of chemical in the food called glucosinolates these chemical was being broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables they're bitter or spicy taste I don't care about your science it's wrong I just want to point out I've started the chicken coop I've built three houses and I'm trying to be a good leader those leaders actually dead I looked at it forget about him remember when I was when I was I had a runny nose I wiped it night and then I went it was the real reason he's dead actually he ate my beef and I was starving so I hit him with a shovel that wasn't me laughing by the way I was crying why I was yeah Oh bread Jack are you home yet I want to spy on you yeah now look at the mound that's east of the chicken coop you see the mound thanks for building a communist empire with me guys this was fun you

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