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Are you going to intro this one channel channel? You can enjoy this on. No Way. Come on man. I’m going to insure it as year. Do An intro and pretend to be me. All right. Ready? Yep. Good. Hey guys, this is Ryan from on property here
and today. Ryan didn’t want to introduce this video,
so I’m going to do it for us and we’re going to talk about the freedom club, which is something
really, really special that we haven’t sort of talked about before. We haven’t prepared for this one. So what we’re really talking about is that
special place for people that have gone through the two property strategy, which is the two
houses and two granny flats and then they get to come and do epic stuff with me, Brian
and other people that have also executed that stuff. So we’re throwing ideas out there like Bali,
like private retreats, private massages, private chefs and coaches as well as hates me and
Ron drawing down with you guys and actually having an amazing time overseas. Thanks so much for that Intro Ryan. Guys. So much better chosen maybe. No, no, that was good. I really liked it. That was good except that you said your name
was Ryan and then you kept saying me and Ryan, so you gotta kind of work on, but it was good. You’re also going to grow out the mustache
if you really want to look like me because I just always have a mustache. I actually literally just shaved. If you watched any youtube video mustache
right now, I have no choice. There’s no choice in the matter. Anyway, today we want to talk about something
that me and Ben had been talking about for a couple of months now, which is this idea
of what we’re calling the freedom club and this is a club exclusively for people who
have been through the two properties to financial freedom strategy with pumped on property to
help them and we’re just talking about doing some really cool stuff and so rather than
just keeping this on the phone between me and Ben spitballing ideas back and forth,
we thought that we would actually record our conversation and our ideas around this. I’m just being asked to listen to and enjoy. So some of these ideas may come to fruition,
some of them might not. Um, but yeah, it’s really exciting to be talking
about this sort of stuff. So when, when did this idea start? I feel like I came up with this idea, I felt
like this, I’m sure like you inception made with the
idea at some point and then I’ve taken it on as my own, like I always do, but I’m sure
it was your idea and I think we even recorded a video about this awhile back at that in
the event that we’re talking about holding and we both wanted to make it really awesome
and in line with the things that we care about outside of business. That was definitely your idea. Yeah, I definitely, I have email proof that
it will. I remember sending it. I remember having this idea and sending an
email that it’s like, okay, what if we do something that’s. Especially for the people because rather what
we’re passionate about is that we get people to financial freedom. It’s not buy a property so you can own a property
or it’s not buy 10 properties in 10 years. What we’re passionate about is that financial
freedom and the choices that that gives you because when we achieved that in our lives,
it drastically change allies and allies look really similar, but in terms of what we feel
like in the freedom that we have a drastically changed it and so what we want to do is get
people motivated, get people passionate about financial freedom for themselves as well. So not just buying properties for the sake
of properties, buying it to achieve financial freedom. And then we want to really. This is to reward people who have gone and
done it. Yeah, and I love that man. Like one of the biggest thing that people
say to me when I’m talking to them and I’ve probably spoken to 6,000 investors in the
last three and a half years, is I feel like I’m on this journey on my own and I’ll say
it to you bro. Like, I’m started pumped on property because
as a blog five years ago, because I wanted to connect with people that were more like
me and that didn’t necessarily mean like enjoying all the stuff that I enjoy, but we’re just
on that property investment, looking for financial freedom, looking for choices in my life type
thing. So a lot of the guys that I grew up with who
I’m still epic nights with just aren’t talking about this stuff and you know, I don’t want
to talk about it with them anyway. You know, my family hadn’t done this stuff
and I was kind of feeling isolated by the time I’d gone through a couple of properties. And so these freedom club is really about,
you know, we’re, we’re all individuals that want to connect with people. We all want to increase your circle of friends. We want to increase like the group of people
that we get to hang out with and tap into regularly. But you know, how can you actually hang out
with Ron and I when, you know, like our priorities are our businesses. We live on the sunshine coast and we have
three kids that were constantly fair hang around at the moment. So what we wanted to do was like what I want
to do is create a place where people that are due is not just talkers because we’re
both such doers, so people that have gone out there and bought the two properties and
maybe built the two granny flats, become part of this online community of people in their
city that can hook up and become friends and share different ideas. Not Hook up in the way that you’re thinking
about it. Your daddy knows where your head’s at, but
you know, can catch up online, hookup online and have a bit of fun with agent knows that
they can come together and share their stories, share their pain points, share their fears,
and also talk about the cool shit that they’re doing in their lives. Like achieving financial freedom, like buying
properties like building granny flats, like doing renovations in an environment when nobody
is judging them for actually doing more than the average person. And so it’s not just an online community. It’s let’s actually get overseas somewhere
without partners and have an amazing time together, you know, like doing all the fun
stuff that we’d love to do, but also connecting with people, building lifelong friendships
and networks and then getting to hang out with Ron and which like, who doesn’t want
to do that? And um, I want to get onto talking about this event
that, um, you know, we’re likely going to hold in the future, but I just want to reiterate
that point of how hard it is to talk to people about this stuff. Okay. My life is to most people being young, being
financially free, having kids, young, being vegetarian, nearly Vegan, like there’s so
many things in my life that are very odd. Um, and you can’t talk to a lot of people
about it without sounding really arrogant because I can’t talk about my lifestyle and
I can’t talk about my finances with people. What’s hard to talk about with people who
are struggling and people who hate their job. I got friends who hate their jobs or hate
their businesses and it’s hard to talk about what I’m exploring and what I’m doing without
coming across as boasting and arrogant and. But it’s not where you come from. Where I live. I’ve never had a convo with you where you’re
coming from an ego driven place, but that’s because that’s because you’re like me though,
like you don’t understand me because we’re in a similar place and that’s what I want
to get at is recognizing that this is difficult for people out there who are serious about
investing in property like Maine. You both met up with Jonathan and Brooke when
they came up to new sign to the sunshine coast. Young people completely switched on into property
investing as well as minimalism and tiny houses and stuff like that and just being able to
hang out with me and Kelly went to the beach with them and hung out and got coffee and
stuff and it was just absolutely epic to be able to do that and to be able to have those
conversations with people that you don’t get to have with most people in everyday life. And so the idea for the freedom club was kind
of this idea too. Yeah, motivate people to do it, but also create
this community of people who have done it and that because so many good ideas and so
much good stuff comes out of that. And even though I was, you know, at the start
saying that it’s my idea, I 100 I 1000 percent recognize that I would not execute on this
idea without you. So this has helped me advance relationship
works guys, is that I come up with a lot of these crazy ideas. Some of them are good, some of them are complete
rubbish. And then the good ones, ben and his team are
able to execute on and I was talking to Wifi, I was talking to Kelly the other day because
I had shared this idea with her and talked about it and she’s like, she’s. She was saying great, but now I’m looking
back thinking she was like, she probably just says that because I can’t do it with so many
ideas anyway. But then I was talking about how now will
we had a convo with Umi and Simon talking about this trip in Bali, which I’ll let you
talk about and then hearing about what we’re going to do and how it could work and stuff
like that and knowing the people that you have on your team, like knowing how good joe
is at organizing stuff and managing things, knowing how good your team is. And I was talking to Kelly about this and
she’s like, yeah, it was just you and Ben trying to make this happen. It wouldn’t never happen. Like that would be a nice. She’s like, I wouldn’t. Me and Lisa would end up doing it for you
guys. Knowing that there’s a team behind it to bring
this to fruition is going to be super exciting and is going to, we’re going to be able to
talk about things and um, take content to a whole nother level to stuff that we can’t
really talk about on this channel or we could, but it might come across as pretentious. Yeah. So I want to. Yeah. So what is this? What, what is the event that we’re thinking
about? So let’s just talking about like the event and then like
I really want to talk about the wife for May laugh because this is something that I’m so
passionate about. Like this is the most exciting thing that
I think we’re going to do in the next couple of years. Like I just am that excited about this community
as like an investor inside me that just wants to openly talk about stuff with people that
hasn’t had the opportunity to really do that outside of these videos since I bought my
second property because I realized that no one around you wants to know what you’re doing. And so it’s easy to just sort of shut out
than it is to keep on going on with your life purpose. But Bali is like our thought because it’s
super close. We’re thinking the long weekend in October
next year because who doesn’t want to be in Bali for like a 40 grand final in IFL grand
final win. Everyone else is getting smashed in Australia
and you know, you can take that long weekend without feeling guilty about it. We thought Bali because it’s cheap, like who
can’t afford a $500 return flight to get there? Well, if you’ve already bought your foundational
properties, if you’ve already bought your foundational properties, like 500 bucks to
get there isn’t gonna be too taxing? And then I like, I just think about it from
my perspective, like yes, we’re going to talk about so much cool stuff related to property
and I’m going to spend most of the time with Ryan talking about that acceleration phase
because you’ve already gone through and you bought two properties. You’re in the process of building your own,
your granny flats or you’ve done it. You know, I want to talk about, let’s get
some ideas and a plan for the next 10 years for you to speed this journey up and actually
get to financial freedom so much faster. Um, but also I want people to connect in such
a meaningful way, not just the property way, not just the personality way, but like actually
come together and like have those relationships. So when you go back to your own city, you’ve
got like a new best night who can catch up with and actually talk about this stuff with
her. I really cool couple that sit in the same
phase of life that you can do a dinner party with once every three months and just have
a bragging session openly where someone’s not cutting me down about your ideas that
you have for setting up your future and the cool work you’ve already done. And a big part of it would be celebrating. All right, so this sounds absolutely awesome. I’m really excited if you’re watching the
video and you’re wondering why me and Ben just changed tee shirts. That’s because the magic of Internet shut
down on me last week. So we’re backwards this week to finish off
this video. So what we want to do is what I’m talk about. Okay. We’re thinking about going to Bali in October. We are going to Bali in October and bringing
a bunch of people over there to have an awesome time to talk property, to talk business, to
talk financial freedom. What is a day over they’re going to look like
or what’s the trip gonna look like and we’re still fleshing this out. So Ben’s going to talk about what his ideal
ideal day will look like and then I’ll have a go as well. So you and I are constantly changing as people
and so by the time we get to Bali, I think it’s probably going to look a little bit different,
but right now I’m vibing on a few things. One of those is morning meditation, so I’d
love someone to come along and obviously facilitate something like that. I’m not talking about hours of meditation
or any crazy stuff like that, but just a little five, 10 minute wait, excited that it’s actually
going to be a silent retreat. Guys allowed to talk for multiple days, people
are sick of hearing our voices for being online. So now it’s going to be us sitting there and
this will be your chance to get a break from us so they don’t have to listen to us anymore. People can just give us shit for three days,
but not morning meditation. Sounds awesome. I’m so down for that. Followed by, you know, like a little yoga
thing. So again, it’s anyone that wants to opt in
to any of the different activities throughout the Tom can just jump in. But I’d love to start the day with a meditation,
some Yoga, um, just lucky. Good Chat. And then maybe for anyone that’s interested,
go for a quick serve on our. Definitely be surfing every morning. Um, and then from there it’d be fun to have
like a really good brekkie isn’t group with the organic chef. Um, and then go into some sort of session. I don’t like massively long sessions, but
I do like breaking it up and having meaningful conversations. So I don’t know what those sessions are going
to look like if we want to. Do you know, a couple of hours and then break
up a couple of hours and then break up. But what I would like to do is break the middle
of the day out with a workout with a personal trainer and then some lunch and then back
into the afternoon session. And then hopefully for anyone that’s interested
in other surf in the avo before, like drinks by the pool and an awesome organic dinner
or whatever people want to do. So that would be like an ideal day for me. And as we said, like it’ll just be those for
those people that have already achieved financial freedom or they’ve set up the foundation phase
of their portfolio to achieve freedom in the future. Um, so that’d be really bad. Focusing on that acceleration phase and all
of the things that you and I have learned, plus all of the things that the group of land,
um, and we just share idea after idea after idea and really break it down so that everyone
walks away with a clear plan of how they’re going to speed up that process of financial
freedom. By the end of it for themselves and have the
sort of concrete tactical action plan that they can implement over the year sort of 10
years after that trip. Yeah, and so for me, the seed of this idea actually came from James Schramko who runs
super fast, I think, and he took a bunch of people over to the Maldives and
they stayed on. I think they stayed on a yacht or something
and they surfed all day and they did. They did sessions at night and so I really
liked that concept of having that smaller group where a lot of the value of the trip
comes from the interactions with each other. Not necessarily just the interactions with
me or the interactions with Ben, but the interactions with each other where they’re at. As ben was saying, it’s for people who have
already had it either achieve financial freedom or have built their foundation of their portfolio
that will go on to achieve financial freedom so that loved the idea of the morning meditation,
Healthy Breakfast and Yoga. Go for a walk, maybe do a session in the middle
of the day. Maybe not just the. That might be a bit extreme if we want to
serve. Actually just thinking about that. Well that’s the thing and a lot of the power
and a lot of the value is gonna come from those interactions, but then also we’re all
adults as well, so staying up late at night is not going to be that big an issue I don’t
think and so to go through the day and to have awesome fun during the day. Maybe one session thrown in there but not
a big deal and then to have the nights where we maybe that’s when and you will present
and we’ll get down to nitty gritty sort of staff or it might even be some sessions might
be going around and each person having a turn talking about their situation and then individually
helping that person with how they can accelerate their portfolio will help them achieve what
they want to achieve. And I feel like Maine, you a Yin and Yang,
your more analytical. I’m more high level sort of creative stuff. So I liked the idea of I’m. I say I’m quite alternative and I am, but
not in the way that most people think, so I liked the idea and the opportunity to be
able to talk to a small group of people have stuff that will just bend their mind about
happiness and about life and stuff like that as well, so not just talking about money,
not just talking about how to make more money faster, but actually getting down to that
nitty gritty of happiness in your life. How do you pursue happiness? How do you achieve it? Because you and I both know that financial
freedom and the money doesn’t give you happiness, but it does give you the opportunity to pursue
it. So I’m really excited to talk about that sort
of stuff. Talk about lifestyle stuff. Talk get really personal as well with these
people. Yeah, and just share a whole bunch. So I love that concept of you sort of sharing
those things that you’re passionate about and the way that you lived your life and may
sharing the things that I’m passionate about in my personal life. The things that we don’t talk about on camera
and how we’ve actually done what we’ve done so that people understand the truth behind
everything that we’ve done in the hard work we’ve put in and the opportunities that have
come our way because of that hard work. But I’m also, as you said, really excited
to break up into like a group where we can just openly talk and openly support each other
in relation to that person’s individual goals. And you know, like I said, I plan on going
home from Bali with an amazing group of friends that, you know, we’re on the same journey
for the rest of our lives together. Um, you know, for some people I hope it’s
going to be that as well for some other people. It’s just going to be an amazing period of
time where they go off feeling so much better about where they’re at and they have a tactical
plan for shading. Whatever it is that they are looking to do
next. Yep. And how long are we talking for this trip? I’m thinking like three days for that, just
because I know that people have stuff going on in their lives, but I’m going to personally
started with them for 14 days at least I’m with the family, so obviously people are going
to hang out for longer and stuff like that and you know, that’s where at the end of it
I’ll will completely switch off and just be surfing and you’re anchoring and eating bad
food and hanging out with the family and anyone that wants to hang around, he’s more than
welcome to do that stuff. Yeah. And then I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I’ll come for the three or four days and then
go home because I kind of live in paradise anyway. Yeah. So that’s kind of the core concept of what
we’re looking at. This freedom club, this awesome get away where
it’s not going to be like anything that’s out there. It’s not going to be like a property seminar
that you might go to in Sydney where they try and hard pitch you a bunch of stuff. There’s not gonna be any of that sort of stuff
there. This is more, it is more chilled, more laid
back, just like we uh, we’ll be hanging out, we’ll be drinking beers, will be surfing,
will be eating good wholesome food. So it’s gonna be a great time. I’m really, really excited for it. So I think, yeah, this is, it’s for, it’s
not going to be for everyone. It’s for people who have either already achieved
financial freedom or build their foundational properties and it will only be for clients
or pumped on property as well. So we’ll be working exclusively with those
people to get it. I know you floated the idea with some people
already been having you. Yeah, so as I do, I get so excited about this
stuff when we start talking about it and so I’ve had a three, three people in the past
week that have bought properties with us. It actually just raised, signed up again to
work with us again and all three of those people after sort of sharing this initial
concept that you and I had literally for one minute have put their names down there, 100
percent locked in and so excited about coming over. A couple of them are bringing their partners. A couple of them are single, so yeah, I’m
just excited like all of them are, you know, going through the process of buying their
second property now. Then now build deck to granny flats, one on
each of the properties they’re bought with us and that will qualify them to come across
in, you know, what they’re excited about is the same thing as you and I and that is censored. Like they completely feel like they’re doing
this on their own or maybe they’ve got a couple of people in their life that they can talk
about this stuff openly with, but they just have this deep sense wanting to connect to
some sort of community where they can openly talk about their drains, vision for the future. And you know, actually hanging out with a
bunch of people that are doing the same thing as opposed to, you know, the talk about doing
something that we always sort of have a laugh about. So you know, it’s going to be really cool. Like there’s a, a really different range of
people, like one of the dudes, he’s not going to mind me saying Berlin is like working in
heron island at the moment as a carpenter. He’s like grown up in Byron Bay and he’s just
a really, really cool guy. Like service. Meditates, doesn’t drink. I’m just a really, really epic guy. Like does a lot of meditation and things like
that. And then I’ve got another client coming cross
jude who’s like an incredible dude. His family’s from Singapore and he’s a little
bit older. He’s just so inspired by this stuff and like
so stoked about building his property portfolio and is already in a great position now. So, um, you know, I’ve got another capital
from Sydney coming across. They’re literally like 23 years of age. They’re into triathlons and um, they’ve just
got their stuff together. Like that. Sounds good. We have some of those people and maybe we
can do some runs in the morning as well. People will be just doing stuff, man. Like that’s what I’m excited about. Like whatever people want to do, paypal can
do. You know what I mean? If Yoga is not your thing, go for a run. If exercises being sit by the pool and have
a cocktail event. Totally. So that sounds cool. We may also be doing some other things throughout
the year. We’re not 100 percent sure about it at the
moment, but this is kind of the first idea. This is the tip of the iceberg and it’s really
exciting to be taking our content to the next level, to be taking our experience with you
guys to the next level and to be offering something that we don’t feel really exists
out there in the way that we want to give it to the world and the experience that we
think we can give to people. So I’m super pumped for it. If you’re listening to this thinking, man,
I want in on that, that sounds pretty epic. Uh, but you haven’t built your foundational
properties yet, but you want to then Ben and the team over at pumped on property are offering
free strategy sessions to listeners, Yvonne property. So if you’re thinking, okay, freedom club
I want in, I want to do it seriously, I want to be an action taker. I want to go ahead and buy my foundational
properties and build my granny flats. Need some help doing it. And that’s you get a free strategy session. Go to on-property dot com dot EU for such
session. If you haven’t been there already and you
can read about the free strategy session over there, you can book a time that suits you
and you can start moving forward and taking action. So again, that link is on forward
slash session. As we said, this Freedom Club, you know it’s
going to be sick, it’s going to be awesome. And so this was a fun little episode just
to share with you guys some of the things that are on our lines and maybe in the future
will come up with some other ideas that are maybe open more people as well. And there’s a whole bunch of fun stuff that
we could be doing. Yeah. And I think he paid like a cool ideas as say
watching this beard. Like chuck it in the comment section. We’d love to get your ideas about what would
make it fun. And you know when it’s going to continue to
build on this I think is we actually get to the action phase in implementation phase. Like obviously we’ll record a heap of state
content over there, but I’m leading up to it. We’ll also share what the plan is, is we actually
get get to that point where we actually have a plan. Yeah. And that’ll be one of the cool things as well
is that if you can’t make it for whatever reason, we will be filming a bunch of the
content that’s over there. So then we will be releasing that as well. So even if you can’t attend it, you will get
some good content that will release on our youtube channels as well. So that’ll be really cool to share with you
guys, but yeah, we’ll leave it there. We’ve probably talked about this for ages,
but we’re still in the planning phase so we don’t actually know what we’re doing. So we’ll leave it there. Thanks so much for tuning in today guys. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and
don’t forget to check out our two properties to financial freedom video ad on property
condo you for session five slash eight if you haven’t already. And until next time, stay positive.

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