The Freedom Machine Movie Trailer

Must of us have a family, a career, responsibilities At least I do But when I get on my bike, I always feel exactly the same… I feel free! A JOURNEY Every once in a while you just need to get on a bike and disappear, right? You’re like, I’m out, I’m going to go live ACROSS BAJA CALIFORNIA You’re just sat on top of this engine, feeling the wind in your face, you really are part of what’s going on. IN SEARCH OF You don’t think about moving to town? No, I am free here, I’m satisfied. I have no bosses. OTHER PATHS TO FREEDOM It’s like to go to dance, with the best dancer in the world, and you just go with her. Let’s go, you want to go and ride. I’ve got a surprise for you. Hey, my name is Jamie You want to race? Yes, let’s race Yeah man, you look fast. I guess you could say I was liberated by a steel-framed dragon, the perfect centaur, The Freedom Machine

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