The Freedom Of Choice

When you ask a question,
the universe hears you and goes, “Alright, what is it that you need?
What is it you require?” It opens its doors to future
possibilities all the time. The first thing I see people do
is slam them shut and kill future possibilities. There’s many, many, many,
many, many, many, many, choices that you could be making.
And guess what? You don’t have to have
a problem with anything! You don’t have to have a money problem. You don’t have to have
a relationship problem, sex problem body problem, health problem,
business problem, none of it. Most of the time there is
an insane point of view that is locking you up
about one of these topics. Choice is such an advanced
conversation in this world because we don’t believe we have it. I mean, if you look at your life, how many things
would you have different if you realized you had the choice
to make them different? This is not about showing you
the way and giving you the answer. It’s about ─ like Simone said ─
recognizing that you have a question. When you ask those questions
you’re going to get awarenesses and what works for you. What works for me,
is not going to for you. What works for Simone
doesn’t work for me. It’s not about what we have
or what answers we can give you. It’s, “What do you know?
What do you know about your life?” And I get that most people
have been told they don’t know anything their whole lives and
that they don’t know what’s going on. But you actually do. You do know what’s going to work for you. My point of view is,
when are you gonna find your rhythm? When are you going to find your tune? When are you going to find your marching band? When are you going to start marching for you,
not for anybody else? When you realize that there’s not
a right choice and a wrong choice and a good choice and a bad choice,
that it’s just choice, the freedom in it is, “Wow, so I don’t have to figure
this out before I do it?” And when you start
to have freedom in choice, that’s when it starts to give you
the willingness to go, “Wow I can just choose anything.”

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