10 thoughts on “The Freedom of LGBT+ People Lies in the Victory of the Communist Struggle!

  • This channel is hilarious. Please Stop comparing real historic civil rights struggles with Degenerate gay/transgender culture of the modern day. I suppose it ties in well with your insane political philosophy though.

  • Great video, if you keep these up I am sure you could seriously grow your audience and get your message out to the world.

  • I hate that left in imperialist first world omits the fact that Soviet socialism was a socialism under siege and not in a vacuum the entire time and soviet nation was destroyed twice before 1945 . Once by imperialist intervention by Brits Japs and Americans etc and again by anti Comintern axis of Europe vichy Italy Germany etc . After civil war ended in 1922 the production in industries fell by 80 percent of pre war level and after end of world war two the developed part of USSR in west of Moscow was literally flattened by axis occupation they murdered 30 million tortured and raped as policy millions of women and children and even during peacetime the combined forces of western imperialism and capitalism waged constant harrasment , sabotage campaign against USSR while USSR suffered west capitalist nations survived both war intact and came together to encircle the destroyed state not allowing it to trade freely which slowed down the reconstruction after ww2 . Meanwhile left in in developed capitalist states like USA UK France Canada Australia etc behaves like spoilt child which demands utopian perfection and does not acknowledge or praise the martyrdom and sacrifice of Soviet workers who died smiling against fascist and never surrendered in Eastern front where warfare was so gruesome that it cannot be compared to any other modern war not even to the western theatre of same war

  • The anti-LGBT sentiments among some socialists were a sign of bourgeois-conservative influence from capitalism and feudalism

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