The Freedom of No Expectations, Tour of Consciousness with Dr Dain Heer

Hi everybody this is Dr. Dain. Welcome to this installment
of the Tour of Consciousness, from lovely Vancouver. Wow, how does it get
any better than this? How does it get any more beautiful this? Just here facilitating an ESB,
an Energetic Synthesis of Being class Three days where some beautiful,
courageous, amazing people got together and changed what was reality
as we knew it – to something greater. Really freaking cool! So, one of the things I
wanted to share with you, which is today’s tool, if you will,
from lovely Vancouver is: What if you had no expectation or projection
of anyone or anything in your life? See, one of the things that we’ve
learned doing Access Consciousness. I say we because for me
Access isn’t just me, it’s me, it’s Gary the founder, but it’s the thousands of
facilitators we have around the world, who see this as valuable and
who desire to contribute it to people. It’s the hundreds of thousands of
you who come and do this every year and who see a different
possibility for yourself. So, when I talk about we, I’m not just talking about
me and the mouse in my pocket. It’s not the royal we,
it’s like the conscious we, the kingdom of we – all of us. And I speak like that a
lot and sometimes people who don’t know Access look at me like, “Why do you keep saying we?” Well, it’s because it’s not me – it’s us, man! So, anyway. You may hear the plane
behind me taking off. I was like, “wow, what is that?” It’s a water plane,
going some place fun, I’m sure. So, what’s the tool for today? Well, if you had no
projections or expectations of anyone or anything in your life. If you didn’t expect
them to be a certain way, if you didn’t project that
they should be a certain way, then they could be however they
were and you’d have no point of view. You’d be grateful for
them as they showed up, you wouldn’t feel like somehow
they were doing something wrong or being something wrong. It’s one of the tools that we’ve
had in Access for a very long time and the short form for
it is PESJR – P E S J R. Which is the projections, expectations,
separations, judgments and rejections. And the funny part is, it’s like most
of us don’t realize when we’re doing this. We don’t realize that
something like that even exist. We don’t realize that this is
something that we’ve learned to do, from the time we were little kids. To project and expect
what the future is going to be and because we’ve been
taught that that’s a way to create it. Actually all that is, is a system
for judging us for not creating what it is we would
like to be able to create. So, what happens is, anytime
you have a projection of somebody – an expectation. If they don’t do exactly what
you think they’re supposed to, in exactly the way you
think they’re supposed to – you go into judgment. Who do you judge? Well, you judge them
and you judge you. It’s basically a recipe for judgment. So, what do you want to do? Think about the three most
important people in your life right now. And just ask: All the projections,
expectations, separations, judgments and rejections
I have of this person and of me
– based on this person I now destroy and uncreate it. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC,
All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. Ok, so thats one thing
– the three closest people to you. And if you look at that,
you start to recognize that… Let me explain how this works. What happens is you start to
realize that you have a projection – you have a an idea of
the way they’re supposed to be or how they’re supposed to act
or “if they love me” – they will do this. Which sets up this expectation
that they’re going to do this because of course they love you. And then if they don’t
do it in exactly that way, then you go into judgment
– of you and them, you go into rejecting
them to try to protect yourself because they didn’t do
what they were supposed to do. And you’ve had this
expectation in the way that they’re supposed to do something
that they can’t actually necessarily do or that it’s not that they
don’t even want to do it. They may not even know
that this is what you require, they might even do it if they
knew that you were required it. So, a lot of these things are
kept secret in our own world and it’s a thing that
creates a huge separation and a huge distance between
us and those we care about and between us and us. So, all the projections,
expectations, separations, judgments and rejections you have
of the three people closest to you, will you destroy and uncreate it please? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC,
All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. Now, if you want to use
this tool on a daily basis. I highly suggest every morning
when you get up you go, “all the projections, expectations,
separations, judgments and rejections I have of me,
of everyone in my life, of everything I’m looking
to create and of my life itself, I destroy and uncreate it.” Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC,
All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. That’s a bit of a big one, that may be a great way to start your day. If you start to recognize that
if you don’t expect something, from someone then you’re not
disappointed with what they deliver. And a lot of our lives, you know we’ve been taught to
expect that somebody will do this and we’ve been taught to project
that they will do this and they will be this. Unfortunately, usually,
it’s a recipe for disappointment because even if they deliver 99%
of what you think they’re supposed to. If they’re missing that last 1%,
you somehow feel something is wrong and then you go into judgment of them,
which separates you from them. And then, what happens is this
is actually usually the beginning of the distance that occurs in relationships, the distance that occurs in friendships, the distance that occurs in business
contacts and business relationships. It’s a killer! So, once again, “all the projections, expectations,
separations, judgments and rejections that you’ve been functioning from, that you’ve had directed at you,
just today, that you have bought or functioned from, or used to separate
you from anybody else.” Would you destroy
and uncreate it please? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC,
All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. A lot of you have been part of the
Tour of Consciousness for a very long time. Some of you are brand new but when
I’m asking you to destroy and uncreate – even though I say it really fast, because I’ve said it hundreds
of thousands of times in my life. Please recognize that what we’re
looking to do is to undo the limitation and the limited point of
view that standing in your way. You can take this,
add it to anything else in your life, anything else in your world
any other tool that works for you and it’ll just contribute
to it and make it greater. You don’t have to give up
anything that you’ve ever done, anything you’ve ever
known to use this stuff. So, let it contribute to your life! On that note, thank you very much for being part of the
Tour of Consciousness. I am very grateful to have been with you today,
from lovely Vancouver Where it is so freaking beautiful,
my goodness… How does it get any better than this? Please like this video,
if you liked this video because then other people might get here so they can learn to like their lives and welcome to being part
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this channel if you like it, I look forward to be with you next time. What if you truly being you,
are the gift, the change and the
possibility this world requires? I look forward to be with you
next time my beautiful friends. Bye bye!

47 thoughts on “The Freedom of No Expectations, Tour of Consciousness with Dr Dain Heer

  • How does it get any better than this? Feels like you just read my mind and posted for me 🙂 Thanks for this great tool

  • Thank you, Dain for being you and sharing this tool with everyone. We are blessed to have you and the entire Access Consciousness team facilitating change in our world!

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    Always love your good vibes.
    I will be adding your link to my new Yoga / Mindfulness t shirt shop website.
    What's the best link?
    Living free!

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    When are you coming to London (UK)? Come on, so many times in Paris and nothing in London 🙁
    From Paris to London… How quick can that be?

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  • FREE=F-eeling       R-ealy          E-xciting                     E-volvement

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  • SOOOOOOO great Dr. Dain. Thank you! I'm so connected right now that this video came up for me today. I had realized today I was still carrying judgement energy. And I was wondering (as I'm still new to all this) when you're supposed to use the clearing statement and you answered that too! LOL Wow…thank you Universe 😘

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    See you in this next time in Brazil.

    Best regard
    Maria José


  • Thanks! Today is my birthday and my family don’t seem to care. I know it’s stupid but I expected them to at least want to spend the day with me. I made plans with them to go to my favorite place but they didn’t show up so I had to go and have my birthday meal by myself. I felt worthless, unloved and lonely. This helped me realize that I can’t expect others to show me a good time, to get me gifts or make me feel special. I can expect myself to do those things but I can’t control others. I imagined something and blamed them when it didn’t happen. I’m feeling so much better now, and ready to pamper myself today. I don’t feel unloved anymore despite their lack of attention, it’s just the way it is. Not expecting anything for my next birthday that’s for sure! I’m grateful for the good wishes and hugs, that’s more than enough. Thanks again! Expectations hurt.

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