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the fact that you noticed it you
advanced it and you you’ve worked to fix it I mean that’s the that’s the goal I
mean that is the ultimate goal and I feel like Jamie good for you girl oh my
life that is full of what you like doing miserable way you’re talking about
putting limitations on something that will only injure you right so like let’s
not do a jewel let’s let’s make it illegal that you can buy these vaping
products that you will only injure yourself by buying this right the harm
is only on the individual whereas we’re not going to restrain gun laws because
like these white old men are going to be very angry about it but like how many
other people are getting hurt because of the guns that one person buys like these
mass shootings like I don’t see these large numbers of people who got like
secondhand vaping I love I love the way you look at that right like because I
think that is Jamie that is that is genius right because that is how we
should look at freedom if something is only affecting the individual do you
booboo right do you like I can give you all the information in the world but if
it’s only affecting you I should have no right to say do it
don’t do it you have to do you can’t do it whatever right but the second the
minute it starts to affect the people around you anyone around you that’s when
we can start putting laws and regulations behind it I love that though
that perspective of life I think that’s that’s genius Jamie Sheamus yeah I saw a
bumper sticker one time again live in the south so they you know a lot of
Southern places they hate gay people but I thought it was like don’t agree with
gay marriage and where underneath it it said that sin doesn’t have one
and I thought that was the most profound thought that if we all adopted that
mentality the world would be a beautiful place like if it doesn’t work for you
then don’t do it and otherwise let other people do what does work for them you
know exactly name with abortion same with whatever like if you don’t agree
with it don’t take part if it’s really that simple it really in live and let
live yeah first of all I do here I think I know she just started going crazy my
little dog what’s what’s her name Ellie Minka Ellie Mick yeah so you know
Minka from Alabama’s team Ellie is from Wayne Ellington who used to play for UNC
so that’s where she got her first name are you serious yeah mmm-hmm do you
watch like national football like I don’t know okay it’s just a college your
you big advantage I used to follow it until scam Newton got drafted to the
Panthers I just can’t be a part of this it doesn’t fit my life I couldn’t be
angry every week you know I just it wasn’t worth it to me well good for you
I love what people have these irrational standards right Amelie appreciated that
in a person as long as they know it’s the rational oh yeah but um what I
wanted to say I don’t know so like I have to ask and I know that this is a
biased perspective from someone up north and like I live in Boston I’m surrounded
by these hippie oh my goodness we should be living in kumbaya and like I can’t
get to that level of like hugs and kisses bullshit but like I want like how
like have you always been against the grain living down south like with the
conservative religious family or has it been something that like your entire
family has been way far on the Left compared to everybody else like is this
something oh yeah I really appreciate that question this is by the way this blue Elly she’s
beautiful hawlucha is she’s just tiny or she a
puppy this is her size for all of her life she’s about 4 pounds yeah oh my
goodness hola Allie hello but I yeah I really appreciate you asking um no my
family is very very conservative actually one of my future podcast is and
I would love if you would want to talk about this because this was going to be
my next podcast and I did a lot a lot of research on it but like one of my future
one’s going to be on the Confederate flag or the rebel flag and because I
live I live in a very southern family let you finish but Jamie I’m in right
now we’re doing it if you have like 30 more minutes we’re gonna do it but ya
know I have definitely not fallen in line with my family I I was married for
seven years and then I got a divorce and I started dating this guy and we flew
out to California like LA and while we were out there I saw this person like
real crazy-looking walking down the street and I was like oh my gosh like I
hit the guy I’m win like hey Eric look at that doing he’s like okay and then as
I looked around no one else paid attention to him either and I thought
people actually stay in their Lane and they don’t care that this person looks
weird or that they have like a green mohawk or um I didn’t know the world was
so big you know and I really think it was from that period
it’s been years of progression um to get away from the mentality of the south
like I hate that I live here this is not my forever home it’s not
part of me but I want to make a difference you know which is the whole
purpose of this podcast if people just stop and think and understand then maybe
we can respect and love like don’t have to agree with it but maybe
you can understand a little bit more not to hate the person you know get me tear
up like that’s so deep J because cuz like it I like I it’s so easy for me to
point the finger like like I feel like I can I always say this out loud I always
say that yes I’m a progressive but like I know that there’s a bubble that I live
in I know that there’s perspectives I have that aren’t I don’t want to say
Universal or just the next that’s a part of what like my biased and I and I’m
always asking myself where that bubble is inappropriate or not right or just
unfair right and the fact that you noticed it you advanced it and you
you’ve worked to fix it I mean that’s the that’s the goal I mean that is the
ultimate goal and I feel like Jamie good for you girl oh my my dad he’s he’s a
really great man um but we he flew out I had a contract in Phoenix last summer
not this past one but last year and I remember and I was talking to him and
he’s like you know I think I’m racist and I really don’t want to be and I was
like okay why do you again very southern family right like and I was like why do
you feel like you’re racist because he knows that I’m very much against that
and very very much against it and sounds like why do you feel this way and he’s
like well I would I would never date a black woman and I was like okay and I
was like I mean there’s I probably wouldn’t date someone who had brown hair
that’s called a preference you’re just not attracted to that’s not racism
that’s very different yeah do you feel like there’s other
ethnicities that aren’t as intelligent as you and he’s like oh no and he’s like
you know this person so much more brilliant
than I am in this person you know and this person was Mexican and this person
was black and I was like okay do you feel like you deserve more than
different ethnicities like I don’t know if you have like an immigrant that comes
over do you believe that you deserve something different is like no if they
work hard and they do it the right way to get in the country no they deserve to
dream to like Daddy that’s not that’s not racism but even it broke my heart
innocence to for to think he’s lift all of this life to think that he was
close-minded because he never really understood what that meant either and
I’ve seen him interact with people that weren’t white um but you know it doesn’t
but there is so much of it I mean there there’s so much legit I mean even from
like Muslims or you know after 9/11 like people just can’t comprehend that it’s
okay to be different you know and and that’s such a good point because I feel
like it’s super easy it’s like it’s really easy to point out a some of that
is conservative or or likes tradition quite a bit and say yeah your tradition
your conservatism is causing you to believe in old-school thinking right but
I think the problem with the left is is causing that exact problem it’s making
everyone believe that they’re racist making everyone believe that they’re
sexist making everyone believe that they Slama phobic that they transphobic you
have to let people know look listen just because you don’t understand something
you might just be ignorant right just know I’m not such a great none of us are
gonna know everything but I mean you can take the time but you also don’t have to
put down what you don’t know I mean I think that we fear like we hate the
things that we’re afraid of so I think that when we you know again here’s the
purpose of the podcast like you hate what you don’t know and so if you take
the time to educate people on topics then maybe they won’t hate it so much
anymore they won’t hate this person or this group of people and I think like
and look listen for the hist for the vast majority of like history of human
beings so women have been put down people of
different races have been put down people of different sexual orientations
I’ve been put down right so I’m okay that now we’re in this super hyper
cancel culture where everyone’s walking on eggshells like I get it I get it I
get the fact that you don’t want to be walking on eggshells right but I’d
almost rather this for a little bit I understand that we need to get over the
hump but for a little bit I’m okay with people walking on eggshells trying not
to offend anyone because I would love to live in a world where the goal is not to
offend people but at the end of the day we have to let people live because if
we’re walking on way too many eggshells it gets to the point where we are afraid
to talk to someone different because we are afraid to offend them and I don’t
want to live in a world where you’re so afraid to offend other people that you
don’t even interact with them because then then what’s the point right then
what’s the point so we need to get over this hump of I’m afraid to offend you
but we also the left needs to combat and understand some things that are
offensive some things that can cause microaggressions and all of these things
are done or happened because of ignorance because I don’t know that
that’s a problem so just let me know and it won’t happen again
you’re not trying to I’m not trying to be a dick I’m not trying to be I’m not
racist I’m not homophobic I’m not sexist I just didn’t know right thank you guys
so much for watching I really do appreciate this if you guys were
informed or educated in any way shape or form by these stories um please hit that
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