The Freedom to Choose American Made Roofs! | Semper Solaris

Bakersfield residents! If you don’t have solar, chances are, you’re losing money! the sun is always shining an your electric bill is always climbing so go solar and roofing American style with Semper Solaris, your local veteran owned solar and roofing contractor Semper Solaris offers you the freedom to choose solar panels made in America and what’s more American than freedom of choice Semper Solaris is 5 start rated by hundreds of reviews and is A+ rated by the BBB so you know they’ll get the job done with Esprit De Corps and honor save even more and protect your family by adding battery storage Semper Solaris will help by custom designing a system just for you Need a new roof? Save up to $2000 dollars Semper Solaris is one of the few Owens Corning certified contractors in Southern California and offer a 50 year warranty on your new roof Solar, battery storage, roofing, oh my! visit

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