The Freedom to Roam episode 11 a month with family in Texas

OH Boy oh boy, oh boy! Here she comes Well,somebody took it is an invasion! They settled and the weather in the beginning was gorgeous That how the blissful days of December went: enjoying the warm summer days at the beach Going to Corpus Christi and exploring new city attractions During the colder time. They have a very quiet Museum of Asian culture in Corpus Christi It’s very small and limited on the exhibits yet it has some very beautiful pieces in it . We loved this interactive experience! We drove about 25 miles along the undeveloped shoreline and reached the Shell Beach I was able to replace a broken necklace with a beautiful piece made by nature and Carnivorous snails who drilled the holes in the shell. We were also looking for the most beautiful seeds on the earth. Central America and they come from Africa and all that they get washed up by the sea here No,but seriously, they get the they get dropped to the ground, then greatly the rain bring them into the ocean and the ocean Drops them up here kilometers and kilometers away. This is called a heart that icy heart. This is called a hamburger See hearts unite and bond souls over the time distance and space We saw a few coyotes picking up the dead fish off the shore. I was really surprised to find the bird of paradise flower at the University campus So, we decided to check out the Botanical Garden Those are the orchids which meant to grow on the other plants, but they are not parasites. They capture everything they need from the air, and they have a talking parrot And they have a talking parrot! He belongs to the lady who works for a botanical garden. When Julia is around, we always walk a lot, sometimes we really needed to improvise while getting thirsty! Then it was time to check out the Laguna, Atascosa and South Padre Island We took a participation in the castle building for a bit and found out from this lovely family how to make a sand ball. Apparently, they took a lesson.With a special tool this sand ball weight reaches 18 pounds. It’s so close to Mexico that is not Texas, but Texaso. They have even border patrol check on the road. Back to the Corpus Christi and weather most suitable for museums. The SouthTexas Museum of Art has a beautiful location right on the water. WE LOVED the animal portraits on human bodies by French photographer, Martine Roach We even created some contemporary art by projecting our own body movement captured by the camera and modified , awesome. Sadly you can see lots of signs like this at Port Aransas the golf carts seem to be very popular over there We watched dolphins from the pier and the beautiful sunset important project: the bed extension for mooore family. Meanwhile in United Kingdom. The Christmas Day. You really never know who can you meet at the beach! three weeks old bull came to make a beautiful family Christmas pictures .sooo presious! And for those who’re dreeeaming of a white Christmas :isn’t it white enough?I believe you can call it sand angel! And finally!!!!!! Not entire family but close enough! It’s all we dreamed about ! Everybody loved driving a truck.. How do you like the four-wheel-drive? Just the way I like it. You really feel like a big man! Don’t ya ? Hahahaha I planned for them to re-leave my Zululad experience riding the backy. But I never expected THAT to be on Olga’s bucket list. Let’s go We found more treasures there over there Ah, this is the purse! And I was finally able to find unbroken sand dollar! My daughter, do you fancy the water? I don’t mind! Texas State Aquarium was another gem of Corpus Christi Which would cover it with the entire crew.It feels like you have been to Caribbean, Mexico And so many other tropical areas. You can spend some time teasing some toothy fish. The dolphin show was amazing But the shitting otter made the most lasting impression! While feeding stingrays made us all scream! More animals right back home: Javelina’s big family strolling by in our neighborhood. speaking of neighborhood We kept harvesting those grapefruits because the man on the spiritual journey, Wade, didn’t eat them for any reason No shortage in firewood so nice The pride of the American fleet the most sophisticated warship ever built USS Lexington,nicknamed a Blue Ghost is an aircraft carrier built during World War Two and launched in September 1942 Since 1992 it has been docked in Corpus Christi You can spend an entire day without getting bored It self-guided and most hands-on than any other museums you can basically touch and feel everything Quite easy to imagine yourself a marine, aviator or just any crew member on this ship December 30 .And I have a feeling…. Segway tour in Corpus Christi was everybody’s favorite. We have learned some new stuff Used some amazing routes, like going to the eco-friendly garden Yeah For those of you who cook ,this plant on your right is ginger. Oh And after just one and a half hour we had our proficiency test:allpassed. It was changed to walk after that. Yeah No comments here Next stop escape room And we have escaped with a spare time . The Thai restaurant was the well-deserved award after all that physical and mental exercise. the food was quite delicious It was followed by the birthday cake. What a day! The last day of 2017 The weather let us down and we had to change our plans of celebrating at the beach And what is the better way to stay up then go bowling ? Good thing we’re not professionals who keep their emotions under control, we were so natural on our ups and downs And it was priceless experience I really sucked a pool game and let my son-in-horse down .Slap at my competitive face as well But if you really want to wake up and get your juices flowing You should play a laser tag. It’s an exercise and the fun at the same time Pretty bizarre satisfaction in shooting at your own children,especially at your husband ,hehe We did it twice and were craving for more A bit of fresh air which was getting increasingly fresher and fresher and we had to go back and join Ashy. Some people say you spent the whole year just as you meet it. We were laughing hysterically at the moment But we weren’t laughing the next day when Julia was refused the boarding at the airport. Because her passport was too close to the expiration date. We have no choice, but jump into the car and go to the Dallas Canadian Consulate It wasn’t filmed, but funniest part of our journey was smuggling Ashy in the pet NOT friendly motel. It was meowing in the box while we pretended watching funny cat video and laughing hysterically Ashy was fighting for his dear life and beat through Olga’s fingers in the box hole. He was quite happy in the room though. It’s the Ross tower Oh, it it? Canadian officials were true to their reputation :very nice ,helpful and efficient The white temporary passport was ready the very next day, and we had a chance to explore Dallas Dallas is yet another big city with over a million in population. The history smells of cattle and oil . After JFK assassination Dallas got the name ‘city of hate’ They very proud of many inventors, and yes the laser tag came to life here They claim that ATM machine started its history in Dallas, first silicon chip was also invented here. You can also visit graves of famous criminals Bonnie and Clyde. .We had no interest in that But we wanted to see the cattle drive sculpture It’s over 50 animals altogether, and I liked how all the visitors were thoroughly ignoring the sign’do not climb the sculpture’ Believe it or not, but people are actually saying I DOs in front of this eyeball The true discoverer of Dallars was the Dick’s last resort restaurant, it’s actually chain Were you supposed to be treated very rude and obnoxious way. In a right company and a right mood it’s rather a stand-up comedian show . This is their drink really and again is The experience you have funny experience did you order in fucking food yes? They observe you for some time thinking about funniest horrible things to say about and write it on the head For you to wear during the news as somebody wrote in the review:I had never been treated so bad so good. Amen to that. We stayed overnight and Dallars in very nice and absolutely pet friendly Airbnb playing some games we found here The Museum of Nature and Science is fun for all ages One can be a weather reporter there ,or examine your own cells under the microscope and study it on the computer screen Or launch the ping-pong ball with your brain Hard to find what is actually activating your brain? Sometimes is just talking aloud. But then came that moment.Just like that she was off to Germany to start a new job and we were on our way back to Corpus Christi we stopped at San Antonio and finally learned some Texas history all about the fighting about their independance Signed toilet seats as German and Austrian. Lost and found Ashy And finally came back to our trailer We had to check out what was declared a Texas treasure. Much improved weather met us at the base camp. Niklas came up with a fun project, which took over all the mind and space We were back to South Padre Island Just in time to watch the sea turtles release that was an enormous Rescue effort and people saved about two thousand see Turtles who suffered from hypothermia During the unusual for this place cold front. We were among the crowd of nearly 2,500 spectators who came to see that back to home release The day they released about 400 Turtles and lucky for us that was that was the only public view day Which made to national news! Just checking out on the turtles, make sure they are safe new gastronomic delight Ceviche! you can be easily so addicted to this! Exactly what happened to us ! One of the best experiences we had together was the boat ride with dolphins By the way Julia found this Eco tour for us from Austria . We saw many fluid groups of dolphins Which are called pods. Some of them minding own business. But some really wanted to play Talong with humans and apes the dopants are only creatures to show truly altruistic behavior we saw mama and a baby twice. Was it papa? who knows,really? Dolphins love to ride on the wake. And apparently the bigger the boat,the more fun they have. I can’t. I can’t any more… What else can you do on the beautiful sunny day Go and kayaking in the lagoona of course. The water was very shallow and made it even more interesting We were studying the bottom trying to find some treasures Was it real flip? I don’t know! Olga did it! as someone mentioned to us before that could be American snowbirds housing Quite a few were for sale. We were very curious to see it from the backyard ,aka water Looks like a paradise for people who love ocean and fishing The huge drive in garages for boats That’s how Venice looks like in America Wow,that wonderful day too came to an end. On the way back we noticed the family of tiny Javelinas running away in Corpus Christi we arranged to go shrimp fishing on the reel,not touristic boat I thought the dressing for success means not missing opportunity We were dressed properly, but fishermen didn’t care:too windy for fishing the second time we made it. had to get up at unholy hour, and we were ready to go around 6:00 a.m. Leaving downtown Pier in total dark ness ,the water was very calm and there were watching spectacular sunrise and the following us dolphins. we had some time to take it in before the real job started Can you believe this fisherman is normally working all alone? No other boats go fishing single-handed. only his quiet dog Marina goes with him every day and seems like they’re doing just fine This day however we were ready to give him a hand the dragnet is going out He has to pay attention to every single detail The boat is still moving and there is quite the traffic around the net has to be opened for release All the catch is going to the tank with the running sea water The net can contain anything including garbage Unwanted fish is going over the board to the water pleasure to see the fisherman is smart about the garbage First our guys needed some directions about placing different species such as Cutlass fish a regular and mantis shrimp the rayfish the squid, the rockfish Crabs the flounder and many more This is jumbo shrimp- the main target This passenger Pelican left us wondering:is he a real loser or picky gourmand? Go figure The dragnet was cast twice this day That was a real hard work an unforgettable experience. Guess what we had for dinner that day? By the way remember that project we had started This is how it turned out so far . on the way to the Houston Airport,we stop to enjoy some butterflies in the Butterfly Conservatory it appeared they liked us as well Who am I kidding they like the green color! and sometimes blue and sometimes some other species Soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears say Native Americans I had some tears in my eyes because it was the end of the most amazing month. Thank you for everything I love you all so much

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