The Freedom to Roam episode 16 Northern part of Arizona

We went west from the Organ Pipes Park and the scenery was changing dramatically as irrigated fields came into view We stopped at the Yuma County, which is the world capital of lattice Producing 95% of lettuce heads in the US they grow all kinds of produce in wintertime We absolutely loved the prices of the vegetables. I remember the times in Canada when we had to take a mortgage to buy a cauliflower The most expanding crop in the Yuma County is Medjool dates. They need a constant water supply It’s a long way till the harvest in October and right now people are working on the shoots in one motion you pull it up so it cuts There are needles, you have to be very carefull. this is a female , they produce shoots. You just ull them off and plant them and they grow and they produce , they produce fruit, they’ll have shoots go off of them. You’ll pull them off plant them. It’s a circle of life! A little over of thousand we are going for, or so… We had a chance to feel like a member of close-knit Community At the annual pioneer spirit parade in Welton where we stayed at the Coach Stop RV Park the shower of candies That is how it filled like and not for the kids only! I think as the kid you would never develop the fear of police, which throwing the candy at you Let me see if I hit the camera … Anyone could participate in this parade and people and animals had real fun Showing their true accomplishments, their own skills And all kinds of talents The antique cars looked incredible. It’s always pleasure to watch those elegant lines Not a single one looks like the other But the best of the best, was our own Coach Stop RV Park Truly reenacting, having lots of fun and shown the true joy of life. The prisoner escaped at every stop and robbed the duffle bag of money, which also turned out as candies. he was apprehended and put back till the next stop. Give me that bag back!What are you doing taking my money? It never pays the stop of this break You’re my sunshine, sing:’you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey You’ll never know there , how much I love you , so please don’t take my sunshine away… Going up the Colorado river to the northern part of Arizona the river serves at the border with California and father with, Nevada Suddenly there is lots of water We have reached the Lake Havasu City this plaque is original the old bridge was actually purchased from City of London UK and shipped here piece by piece Apparently to attract the tourists it seems to be working the boat ride was $2.00 only the round trip Just because there is a casino on the other side One bet! Well we got in and out, turned a dollar into ten I don’t push my luck too far normally. You can find saguaro cactus only in the candle shop at this part of the state Dip in the green and then into a cold wax to give them a shine It takes about 24 hours to dry and it will be ready to sell! Another discovery: Joshua Tree some chollas grow here too, but they look quite different Ashy loves this sand,of course ! And finally we made it to the Grand Canyon We wanted to try a sky walk: just a small glass walk above the canyon with 4000 feet drop to the bottom the glass floor was quite impressive Maybe not as impressive as to some people who are afraid of heights Smart looking the Ravens are flying around Alex was watching the helicopters the Colorado River which flows through the canyon drains water from 7 States Yet the Grand Canyon is entirely in Arizona at some point it was considered to be one of the seven wonders in the world Even though it’s not the biggest neither deepest Canyon. It’s just unbelievably magnificent that was such a woow type surroundings that didn’t have time to look under my feet so I fell and I smashed my precious smartphone But can you blame me?! just look at this !… I never tried to make my videos that positive Seriously, I never did We just couldn’t show you the troubled America and all those brain-dead men speaking consequences because we hand picked the most beautiful places and We met most wonderful people and of course they are wonderful because they are like-minded so we’re living in this bubble and on this note. I would really love to tell you that happiness can curl cancer, but it isn’t It’s growing and I can feel it now. I just I’m used to drink everything till the last drop, so see you in, Nevada. Bye

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