The fundamental freedom of speech | Andrew Scheer

I believe freedom of speech is coming under attack because sometimes it is inconvenient to certain people. You know, certain people who have a political agenda don’t even want there to be a debate about certain things. Sometimes things are said that others disagree with and sometimes it is maybe offensive or hurts other peoples’ feelings. But that doesn’t mean that we can justify that to curtail or limit or infringe upon such a fundamental freedom. Freedom of speech to me is one of the backbone freedoms, you know. Many other freedoms are in danger if freedom of speech doesn’t exist. If we don’t have the freedom of speech do we really have freedom of expression? If we don’t have freedom of speech do we really have freedom of religion? If we’re not able to speak about the things we believe in? So we have to guard that one. Do we have freedom of the press if we don’t have freedom of speech? So the government can play a role in protecting that in promoting it. The federal government does fund universities when it comes to research grants and as the Liberals have done, they’ve said that they would prioritize funding to universities that achieve certain targets for gender balance. I’ve said I would use the same principle and prioritize funding for universities that promote and protect free speech that don’t use the excuse of a group of radical protestors to shut down events, who don’t threaten and harass teaching assistants who may have had the audacity to play a video with both sides of a debate currently under discussion in our society.

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  • Please repeal M103 and C16 as these go completely counter to freedom of speech. Enshrining freedom of speech in our charter would be amazing.

  • Keep being the leader we need, and speak to this fundamental principle of democracy. Please. Tap into the backlash against political correctness, sjw/pc.

    Messages like this will, although understated, will show you as being more in touch with Canadians. We don't need more virtue signalling justins!

    Brexit. Trump. Ford. Soon we'll add Kenney and Scheer to that list of successful pushbacks against sjw identity politics liberal elitism!

  • Conservative Party of Canada: Be reminded, and remind Canadians, that an individual's freedom to think, and speak, is inalienable. It is not granted by any state or sovereign. The role of government in western nations is to protect that inalienable freedom. This segment by Andrew Scheer is good, but is not quite strong enough in asserting that core value of western secular democratic countries. For example, at 0:40, the statement "if we don't have freedom of speech do we really have freedom of expression, if we don't have freedom of speech do we really have freedom of religion". This is too weak. We have freedom of speech because it is inalienable. There is no "if". The only question is whether the government is going to participate in protecting that or not. So a stronger statement is "if the state does not protect freedom of speech do its citizens really have freedom of ….".

  • Thanks Mr. Scheer together we are stronger. Sit down and discuss medium ground with all elected conservative in Canada's. I would like to see a huge reduction on immigration. Not because I'm radical but for the simple reason it is driving down wages. It's ballooning the cost of services. Taking people in is not mandatory and it's not written in any constitutions either federal or provincial. We will help others when fiscally we are able to do so. I have been making $1200 bi weekly my whole working life. Zero increase in take home pay. I only see the cost of rent double in that time. the cost of something like ground beef from $3.50 lbs to $9.00lbs at Wal-Mart a few days ago. In 6 years. It's not even a pound anymore 350 450. Canadians are done being the check book for the worlds. We are not a drop in centre. It's our farms it's our resources it's our sweat and labour all With nothing to show for it. It's our universities that have gone from 6000 a year in to the 10 of thousands a year. We even have the most expensive cell phones in the world. Corporate fascism has taking over ever aspect of our lives. It has to be stop. Great job I think your really starting to get "tough" by reconfirming our legal rights. please realize this is not a normal election. We are looking for a Churchill. I think you can do it i believe in you. Do not care about the media. They are bought and payed for. You will not be fighting alone.

  • Scheer your behind on this there is no free speech anyone caught saying anything bad about the RCMP or any other of our very corrupt agencies is then put into the gangstalking program and relentlessly harassed and intentionally has there mental health destroy. Activists of all kinds get put in this program for speaking out, and it’s the people we are supposed to trust like the RCMP and other agencies in control of this very illegal and corrupt program.
    But what dose our government ever do about these programs? 🤔 nothing why because it’s not our government that controls what happens in Canada it’s the globalists elites.
    I voted for you Scheer and became a conservative member for the first time ever but I have realized that no matter who is in office nobody ever says anything about these illegal programs or dose anything about it to protect the innocent victims of these illegal programs for using there so called free speech.
    I hope you beat Trudeau but until someone in our government can prove they are for the true rule of law and not controlled by the elites and that will tackle this corrupt program I will not vote again.

  • I still give you thumbs up on this because last part sounded like it defended Peterson's issue, but you need to PUNISH not just universities, but ANY entity that directly or obliquely is attacking those of us on the political right, and you have to stop being AFRAID of the 4th estate.

  • Please come to Whistler to my new business TNT Tattoo & Barber and I will cut your hair and give you short fade and hard part and we will discuss further.

  • You need to get tougher on the left wing and stand against their Islamization and globalist agendas.
    Freedom of speech and freedom of religion should not apply to supremacist, racist, terrorist, political ideologies that advocate and counsel adherents to overthrow our democracy and disrupt the peace at the cost of innocent lives and loss of our Christian Culture and Heritage.

  • If conservative can get the federal in 2019 the only way this will happen is if you all stick together. A split conservative party can not win Canada. We need you all to stick together for this to happen.

  • Put your money where your mouth is. Amend the constitution so Freedom of Speech is enshrined as a right with no limits. I would support adopting the USA 1st Amendment verbatim.

  • You are lying !
    Why ban Rebel Media from Conservative convention then ?
    I don't trust you anymore.
    First you scr3w over Maxime Bernier by protecting the dairy cartel.
    And now, you don't support free speech from Rebel Media.
    Because CBC try to shame you for speaking whit them!
    You are a c0ward , [email protected] on you !

  • Yeah, you went back on your word on this one too. Shame on you Mr. Scheer. You are showing you globalist leanings. Perhaps your party thinks they are liberal? You are very confusing!

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