The Gaza Flotilla Part 226 B (A & B)

Were the Gaza-bound ships on a mission of humanitarian relief? The answer is obviously No. Otherwise, they would have accepted Israel’s offer to bring their supplies to an Israeli port, be inspected for military materiel, and have the rest trucked by Israel into Gaza Why was the offer refused? Because as the organizer Greta Berlin admitted publicly, the flotilla was not about humanitarian relief but about breaking the blockade, that is ending Israel’s inspection regime, which would mean unlimited shipping into Gaza and thus the unlimited arming of Hamas. Who were among those activists: Al-Awda, the Socialist Workers Party, the International Action Center, the League of Revolutionary Party, and an assortment of other anti democratic & anti Israel factions. As one of the female activists said on TV: “We shall win either way. If we get killed the media will portray us as Martyrs & the Israelis as aggressors. If we succeed, then Hamas will win” Tragically, this is exactly what has happened. The terrorists on the Marmara have been portrayed by the Western media as the victims of Israeli aggression. Let me read you the following from the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: Headline: “Three of the four Turkish victims of the Israeli attack wished to die as “Shahids” (Martyrs)” And it reveals~ “Three of the four Turks killed in the Israeli attack on the “Freedom Flotilla” bound for the Gaza Strip wanted to die as Martyrs, said their relatives and friends. The wife of one of them, Ali Haydar Bengi, told the Vatan daily: “He used to help the poor and the oppressed. For years, he wanted to go to Palestine. And he constantly prayed to Allah to grant him Shahada (Martyrdom). The facts and reality are all there to read and see but the Western media chose to close their eyes to all of them. I would like now to put in perspective and in sequence what had actually transpired from the initiation of the Flotilla till now: 1 The idea of the so called ‘humanitarian’ mission was sanctioned, organized and lead by the Islamist Turkish government of Erdogan. The Israeli government informed each country that was sending a ship that these ships will not be allowed to go into Gaza without inspection of their contents. That Israel will transport the alleged aid to Gaza after inspection. Erdogan’s Islamist government was fairly elected by the Turkish people. Hitler’s government was also fairly elected by the German people. Unfortunately for the Turks, any Islamist government that takes over the reign of any state, terminates its democracy just like what happened under Hitler & the Nazis or under Khomeini in Iran or Hamas in Gaza. Turkey is reverting back to its Muslim roots that Kamal Ataturk wisely prohibited almost 90 years ago. Turkey is regressing into Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam. Hence the flotilla was a means to break the sea blockade of Hamas so as to allow them unrestricted and unsupervised access to weapons to destroy Israel. They had already showered Israel with 10,000 rockets which the Western media totally ignored over the last five years. Erdogan told Israel that she is losing a friend in Turkey. If I were the Israeli prime minister, I would have replied that with Friends like you I do not need Enemies. 2 The total aid carried by the six ships was 10,000 tons. Israel allows 15,000 tons of aid a week to go into Gaza although Hamas & their Palestinians are in a state of war with Israel. 3 Watching TV programs from Gaza on the Arabic channels one will see markets that are brimming with food and merchandise and not a single starving Palestinian in site. 4 In fact one will see the best dressed would be suicide bombers with thousands of flags, thousands of brand new weapons, all purchased with money given to Hamas by the UN & the European Union. 5 Let me now reveal to our audience the facts about the Arabs, Muslims, Jews & Israel that the news media never address: Israel is made up of 5 million Jews & 1.5 million Palestinian Arabs who would not for a second leave the alleged racism & discrimination under the Jews to go to any of their wonderful Arab states. Israelis are surrounded by about 330 million hatemongering Arabs and Arabised peoples. Israel is 8000 square miles while the Arab states occupy a incredible 5 million square miles. The Muslims of Ummat Muhammad are 1500 millions while the Jews are a mere 14 millions world wide. A ratio of over 100:1. The Muslims occupy a staggering landmass of almost 11 million square miles. Taken in proportion, if we use a football field to represent the lands of Islam, Israel will be the size of a box of matches. I usually use the Jews vis a vis the Muslims because if 1500 million Muhammadans fail miserably with the smallest monotheistic entity, comparing them to the Christians would be even more laughable. 1500 million Muslims represent 20% of humanity BUT they contributed only 0.2% of Nobel prize winners. The Jews on the other hand, representing 0.2% of humanity have contributed 20% of all Nobel prize winners! With such astounding disproportions between the Jews & Muslims, it is not a wonder that the Muhammadans want to exterminate them for proving to the whole world that beyond a shadow of a doubt, how utterly useless are the CULT followers of Muhammad. They are in a nutshell the LEAST Productive, least Inventive and least Creative Umma in human history and no one as far as I know has asked the question: why is this the case? Well the answer is as usual simple: It is Muhammad’s Quran! Muhammad’s Quran! Muhammad’s Quran! Nothing else can explain the above Facts & Reality.

11 thoughts on “The Gaza Flotilla Part 226 B (A & B)

  • Nice one I.Q. I've watched a youtube video showing the news report on Reuters curious 'editing' of photos that oddly cropped out the 'peace' worker holding a knife around a bleeding Israeli soldier.

    Thumbs up for your honesty once again!

  • @DaKo3459
    Thank you for commenting
    For some UNFATHOMABLE reason, the ordinary decent men & women in the street -the common people- have understood exactly what you said BUT the media & politicians have somehow missed the obvious!
    They are COLLUDING with our ENEMIES to destroy our liberty & freedom!
    Any IDEAS?
    Kafir & Proud!

  • @AhmadsQuran5 It is nice to here some honest reporting on the issue. It is interesting to me I hear all over YouTube that the Zionist control the media, yet 90% of the media portrayed Israel as the bad guy? hmm…

  • @hawkermustang
    Thank you for joining our struggle
    You are perfectly correct in mentioning how actually the Media are AGAINST Israel and Pro Muhammadan Islam!
    The same Media that would under Sharia laws CEASE to EXIST!
    Where is their Logic or their Morality?
    Kafir & Proud!

  • @EpicPremonition
    I take it you are just another PATHETIC Muhammadan Muslim who is in DENIAL of all FACTS & REALITY!
    All I have ever asked from Muhammadans such as yourself is to DISPROVE anything I reveal about the depravities of Muhammad, his Quran & his Sunna!
    PLease try your luck!
    Kafir & Proud!

  • @EpicPremonition
    Spoken like a TRUE Muhammadan Muslim! Full of Hate, Anger, Racism & Stupidity!
    Neither you nor any follower of Muhammad among 1500,000,000 can ever REFUTE anything I reveal based entirely upon the Arabic language -mine- and YOUR scripture!
    Kafir & Proud!

  • @EpicPremonition
    MartellusIslamicus is eternal and he will never die. God wants people to rise while your Allah demands that they grovel. Keep grovelling like a good little slave. You'll wake up eventually.

  • @JamLD
    Creatures like him are too brainwashed to save themselvesThat is why they have to enclose themselves in the shell of DENIAL of all FACTS&REALITY!
    To face the TRUTH is tantamount to committing theological psychological& physical suicide!
    All they have so far done is Insult &attack me without ONCE disproving me
    These Christians & Jews are the ones who have invented, created, discovered, produced & distributed EVERY SINGLE item that allows the INGRATE followers of Muhammad to survive!

  • @bhigr
    Slowly but most definitely more &more people are WAKING up to the FACTS regarding the Left Wing Media bias & the torrent of Hate & Mendacities emanating from the 'muslims'
    Even recently -CONTRARY to norm- the BBC Panorama showed an incredibly well balanced no holds barred report PROVING how Pre Meditated the violence was by the Jihadists and how restrained was the Israeli reaction under these circumstances!
    Obama's support for the mosque will cost the Democrats dearly in November!

  • And if "epic premonition" is any example – and he is – we see why Islam contributes nothing to make the planet better. All the more astounding when Muslims feel a sense of entitlement to govern all of us. Under Muslim leadership, the M.E. Islamic pigsties look like the planet of the apes but without the intellectual potential of Cornelius or Dr. Zira. Talk about a herd of morons, if there were Nobel prize for wanton ignorance, Muslims would have no competition at all.

  • @SecretGarden1963
    You are CORRECT!
    Ummat Muhammad of 1500,000,000 is the LEAST Productive Inventive or Creative in Human History!
    Tragically, they DELUDE themselves into believing otherwise despite ALL the Facts & Realities that PROVE otherwise!
    Can any human being Name FIVE Muhammadans who have CONTRIBUTED anything to the betterment and or adavncement of humanity in the LAST 600 years from among 2000,000,000?
    They are BEST at COWARDLY Mass Murder of unarmed civilians all over the globe!

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