The Grand Challenges for Social Work

how do we build a better world for more than a century the Social Work profession has focused on this question creating and implementing large-scale social innovations that have transformed lives and strengthen communities by helping people grow up and grow old in homes not institutions creating innovative mental health services leading the way toward healthy productive aging and fighting for racial justice and civil rights we celebrate social works proud history but there is more to do to achieve adjust and cohesive society we must create social change that can be measured scaled and sustained social progress powered by science science is the foundation for positive social change we must employ tested methods built on robust data to achieve lasting impact on a scale that makes a profound difference in people's lives this is the bold agenda of the Grand Challenges for Social Work identified by the American Academy of Social Work and social welfare the grand challenge is to find a movement to focus great minds build and share new knowledge and foster wider collaborations with its deep scientific knowledge base Social Work is highly qualified to analyze and intervene to help our society to make substantial measurable progress in the next decade on conquering these grand challenges there are 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work in all ensure healthy development for all youth close the health gap stop family violence advance long and productive lives eradicate social isolation and homelessness create social responses to a changing environment harness technology for social good promote smart D car serration build financial capability for all reduce extreme economic inequality achieve equal opportunity and justice we have to make sure that people get the same opportunities and when I see the challenges that is what I see finally I have a recipe that I can look up to and I say this is what we are going to strive for that is what I see the Grand Challenges for Social Work will employ tools and evidence we already have that are ready to scale and inspire new research innovation and partnerships I say the Grand Challenges as being a structure to actually create some innovative approaches to work not only multidisciplinary but potentially also across sectors to really connect the science with policies and programs by connecting social work research directly to practice and by attracting key partners to our common cause we can and will drive transformative social change together the Grand Challenges for social work define our highest goals individual and family well-being a stronger social fabric and a just society it could be our way of communicating about the profession to a new generation to really to be able to draw new students who are passionate about big issues social justice kinds of issues to let them see that social work is a profession that they could make that kind of an impact the Grand Challenges are for you about you and need you to succeed please visit Grand Challenges for social work org to learn more and find your Grand Challenge together we can meet these grand challenges and together we will build a better world you

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  • When asked why I wanted to pursue my Doctoral Degree in Social Work, my response was and is, to help change the world. I thought that I was all alone in my quest. I am delighted to know that I am not alone.

  • The grand challenges of social work is the recipe for giving everyone that necessary resources and protection to live full out. Thank you social workers for all that you do. Together as a scientific and social community we can work together to conquer the 12 grand challenges.

  • What is the percentage of people fighting for social justice? What are some examples?

    What can you do as a social worker until you die?

  • I like alot of it, but the emphasis on science seems to be a succumbing to the pressure from the physical sciences to 'prove yourself'! Do we have to succumb to this pressure? Acquiesce to logical positivism? How from this standpoint will we stand up against the medical-industrial complex and they're vested interests as they continue to reek havoc on the oppressed and marginalised?

  • This is a good starting point, showing a clearer path of where we as Social Workers need and can go to make positive changes. Thank you for the video.

  • Be honest guys, this really should be title "for Socialism Work". Social workers are now in charge of 'eliminating' "income gaps"? Are you guys going to promote the perfect education so EVERY child works hard and makes lots of money? Look grand challenge sounds so wonderful and utopian, like nirvana-feel-good. But goals 101 clearly states goals 'must be realistic and achievable'. You will never, ever "end" homelessness as long as people are people. People make choices, all day long, and many homeless get there because of foolish mistakes, in many cases drugs and alcohol. You "great challenge' should be prevention, etc., but silly statements are just silly. And the intelligent person understands "social change" is activism, not social work, and is made up mostly of leftist, socialist, anti-religious, anti-free speech people. That's why we have "white privilege' labels, "cultural appropriation" BS, and 'safe everywhere' jive for the 'oppressed individual', that is if he can't handle looking at the American flag. Science will never, ever change or save mankind from being fallen, imperfect, and with a bent toward lying, crime, murder, etc. You can hide communism and socialism in "science" as the label, but control is the goal and sadly you people don't even get it (but some do).

  • Wow, a great start and then… Black Lives Matter? Putting a radical reverse-racist group that has advocated for violence and hate in the same category of 'social welfare' is not even close. These are the same groups that promote cop killing and present a consistently angry, disrespectful, divisive tone, nowhere near 'civil'. However it makes sense given those who are in charge of these universities now, were 'social work' is really nothing more than social change activism to suit their own vision of 'freedom' in America, meaning shutting down anyone else who dares to disagree.

  • Thank you to the visionary, articulate, and inspiring leaders who have put this video–and the work that it represents–together! It is very helpful for many reasons, both immediately and for the future.

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