The Great High School Nerf War – Part 2

the great highschool nerf war part 2 if you haven't seen part 1 I highly recommend you watch it before watching this link in the description so just as a quick recap we had made it past the first week of the nerf war now we were pitted against the flock of pretty ducklings this was a group of 5 boys who were just as dedicated to the nerf war as we were things were going to be interesting we weren't sure the best plan of attack on our opponents until one day at school I received some Intel from one of my teammates through a series of information networking they'd found out where one of the guys on the enemy team lived we'll call this person target one they also knew that they had to park on the street this meant that target one would be vulnerable to an attack while walking from his car to his house after school which gave us a chance to take him out it was up to me to make it to his house before he did because I was the first one out of classes so one day after school I took off to his house I parked a couple of blocks away in case he knew what my car looked like didn't want to arouse any suspicion I then adopted a tactical position behind one of the other houses to reduce my chance of being spotted and waited I had no idea when target 1 was supposed to get home from school for all I knew he was going to his job right after school and I'd be waiting for hours it was totally worth it I waited for over 45 minutes things were starting to look bleak until finally a car drove up peering around the corner of the house I could see his stupid naive face through the car window he didn't suspect a thing The Fool but he wasn't as unprepared as I originally thought when I noticed a nerf n-strike maverick revolver 6 trademark in his hand he started to walk across the lawn to his door this was my chance I had one shot one opportunity to seize everything I ever wanted in one moment did I capture it or did I just let it slip my palms were sweaty knees weak my arms were heavy mom's sphaghetti wait that doesn't make any sense I'm sorry oh I waited till he was facing away from me to make my move I was nervous but on the surface I looked calm and ready ok I'm seriously stopping now I sprinted up to him with my trusty single shooter at about 10 yards away I aimed and took my shot nailing him right in the torso target 1 had been eliminated he looked extremely startled and said I scared him to death but admitted defeat things were off to a really good start for us now here's the part where I get overly ambitious and screw up my team could have just laid low and waited them out to the end of the week it honestly was really easy to not get shot if you didn't do things like walked your dog or mowed the lawn or just didn't go outside in general that was easy for me because I hardly went outside in the first place but I wanted more blood so apparently the other team had contacted my brother they asked him if he would grant them access into my house in order to do a surprise attack on me how stupid I thought at the time my brother is obviously on my side when my brother told me about this I agreed to have him let them in but what they didn't know is that I was expecting them and I would reverse surprise attack of their surprise attack I thought it was pretty foolproof my team didn't want me to do it though they thought it was too risky especially because we were already ahead but I didn't listen my insatiable lust for blood could not be quenched with one measly kill I craved more so my brother arranged to let them in the next day then things went downhill literally minutes before they were set to arrive my brother decided he didn't feel like the situation was fair he had decided to let them know that I was expecting them and to tell them where I was hiding this way we were both expecting each other and it would be a fair shootout I couldn't change his mind not to at the last minute I had been semi double-crossed by my own brother so it was like 2.5 crossed not quite triple crossed but almost when I heard the doorbell I quickly took up a position at the top of the stairs having the high ground would certainly give me an advantage my brother led in target the guy who I had eliminated previously so they were playing this smart by having the person who has already eliminated scope out the premises for them a good move on their part target one confirmed my position and told his teammates who quickly came inside making sure to stay out of my line of sight then the shootout began it was three against one all I could really do was quickly peek around the corner and an attempt to hit one of the guys at the end of the stairs unfortunately none of my shots were landing but their's weren't landing either this continued for another five minutes then as I peeked around the corner to take another shot I felt a dart glanced off the barrel of my gun if you remember the rules from the last video if your gun is hit with a dart then you were out dread filled me to the very core of my soul I had been eliminated the ceiling started spinning was this real life is it just fantasy caught in a landslide no escape from reality God why does this keep happening mm-hmm the thrill of battle and I had just learned the taste of was being taken away from me so quickly the other team left in triumph my teammates received this news with a hellfire of told you so betrayed by my own brother shot down in my prime and ridiculed by my teammates I was a broken man my insatiable lust for the blood of my enemies had been my downfall but I couldn't just give up we were still in this I may have wasted the lead that we had but we were just on equal grounds now Justine Janna Gerald Gert and I planned an ambush at one of the other opponent's houses the next morning he will be known as target 2 so we got up at about 5:00 in the morning to try and intercept him on his way to school we didn't know if he parked his car on the road or if he'd leave his house at all but this was the best plan that we had I went with them as an extra set of eyes even if I couldn't shoot anyone I could still help keep watch I took up a position in the backyard actually it was the backyard of his neighbor's house there wasn't any sort of cover in his backyard but his neighbors had one of those mini playground things so I made myself comfortable in there yeah I know this is technically trespassing but you know what they say it's not illegal if you don't get caught thanks Gandhi as I watched target two's house I saw the neighbor whose backyard I was in open their backdoor so I quickly ducked under I heard the dreaded sound of collar tags clinking as they let their dog out into the yard this could be a big problem if the dog discovered me which it most certainly would it might start barking and alert the household it would be even worse if the neighbors suddenly saw a high-school boy booking it from the playground in their backyard that's a good way to get the cops caught on you so I just stayed where I was maybe if they found me I could just say that was an abandoned orphan or something and I needed a place to spend the night peeking over the side railing I saw the dog sniff around the yard then use the bathroom then it started walking towards me it knew it walked around the side and – right at me it just kind of sniffed around a bit and stared at me I whispered which just made it wag its tail so at least it didn't see me as a threat I guess it eventually decided I wasn't anything interesting and I wasn't a source for pets because it went back to inspecting the yard a few more minutes passed and the neighbors called the dog back into the house eventually there was movement from within target to his house I'm not sure what exactly happened that morning from my point in the backyard I couldn't see the events that transpired out front all I know is that I suddenly heard some shots from one of those electronic rapid-fire nerf Gatling guns then someone shouted back to the car which I quickly interpreted as my cue to get back to the car we all ran to where it was parked on the side of the road and got in what happened I asked did you get anyone it turns out my teammates weren't able to eliminate anybody on the other team one of them had been discovered while hiding around target twos house and target two tried to counter-attack them from his door that's when he was decided to retreat back to the car dirt then told us the devastating news that he had been shot while running back things weren't looking good for us we were now two teammates down and the other team was in the lead well our heroes be able to come back after this devastating blow will jerked make a full recovery after being severely wounded in battle was this part added to the script just to make the video 10 minutes long you bet it was I mean find out next time when do we continue with the great highschool nerf war okay just so you guys know next video will be the last one in this series I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing I guess it depends on your perspective if you're enjoying the story then I guess it's a bad thing because then it'll be over but if you just want to know what happens then it's a good thing or if you aren't enjoying the story then it's also a good thing because then you don't have to hear it anymore so yeah anyways thank you and goodbye

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