The Great High School Nerf War – Part 3

part three of the great highschool nerf war the odds were against us the other team was ahead we had only eliminated one of their members they had eliminated two of ours things were looking grim just as a quick recap I had eliminated one of the enemy team only to then be eliminated myself which was then followed with dirt being eliminated as well may he rest in peace but we couldn't just give up we had to keep trying the next day we staged camp outs at a couple of the enemy teams houses both in the morning and the afternoon but we couldn't secure a kill we were getting aggressive but they were playing it as safe as they could on Thursday we decided to switch our tactics up a bit and track one of the other members he will be known as target 3 I was given the assignment to keep reconnaissance on him we knew where he lived so I set up a lookout spot at a Denny's near the entrance to his neighborhood I was keeping watch to see if he left the house and if he did he'd have to drive past me then I would inform my teammates who were on standby and they would all drive to his house and set up an ambush for his return we suspected he had to go to some sort of school event which I can't remember what it was meaning he would have to leave his house as I predicted I saw his car drive past I gave my team to go ahead and they took up positions up the road near his house I kept watch for when he would return after about 45 minutes I saw his car drive past again and I warned my team of his arrival I'm not sure what happened after that I wasn't part of it because I couldn't shoot anyone all I know is about five minutes later I received a text saying that target 3 had been eliminated we were back in the score was tied up but we had to make some power moves to finish this thing there was only one day left on Friday we got our chance we got wind of some information on one of the enemy team members he will be known as Belvin apparently he was going to a prom at one of the other schools in the area that day had it been our own school we wouldn't have been allowed to shoot him but since it was another high school he was fair game through some rigorous Facebook stalking we learned that the prom was being held at some sort of fancy event center by a lake almost half an hour away from our town we had to go shoot him with a nerf gun at prom it was our only chance this had officially turned into a covert undercover James Bond type mission I decided to go a bit ahead of my teammates in order to scout the area for Belvin but I had to blend in in order to deter any suspicion from the actual prom goers I wore my suit and tie it almost made me feel like an undercover agent so that was pretty cool I drove there while playing the Mission Impossible theme in the car and I would also play it in the video but I can't for copyright reasons so I'll just have to make my best imitation when I arrived I parked in a spot where I could see the entrance and waited then like any good undercover agent I lowered my seat all the way so that my presence was completely undetectable except for the few people that walked by my car and saw some random dude in a suit with the seat fully reclined nobody said being an undercover agent was easy a few minutes later the rest of my team arrived to commence the operation still no sign of Belvin at this point people were entering the building pretty heavily we had to keep a sharp eye out or else we'd miss him it was for only an instant but I saw him walk by before disappearing behind a car this was it I didn't even need to alert my teammates because Jana suddenly walked by in pursuit 15 seconds later she was walking back towards me the deed was done Belvin had been taken out we ended up winning that round beating out the flock of pretty ducklings I had never been so relieved we made it past a week two which meant there were eight teams remaining the weekend passed by and we were assigned to face off against the group who darted for week three who darted was basically the ROTC dweeb team no offense to anyone in ROTC he didn't take much time for them to go on the offensive and I was their first target one day I got a ring at the door bell it was someone from my high school and for some reason his car was parked in the middle of the street I didn't know this guy personally but we were acquaintances he will be known as the Branagh 'then this was already sketchy Branagh 'then said that his car had run out of gas and he was wondering if i had any to lend him we actually didn't have any gas to lend him but this was an obvious ploy to get me to leave the safety of my home so I said I'd go check if we had any see he didn't know that I had an ID at was at least in the double digits so I knew that Branagh –then was a part of the ROTC program he wasn't a member of who darted but he was definitely trying to help them I wasn't about to fall for something so obvious I quickly started thinking about how to launch a counter-attack there was definitely an enemy in the area who will call ROTC boy I just didn't know where I grabbed my trusty single shooter because it was the lightest to carry and went out the back door to scan the perimeter sure enough one of the other team was starting to go around the side of my house so I circled around the other way in hopes of catching him off guard as I made my way across the front yard Branagh 'then had apparently been watching from farther back and started screaming about where I was ROTC boy then turned around and the faceoff started I had one shot so I had to make it count his gun could carry a lot more darts than mine did but he was being careful too I slowed my breathing to steady my hand and raised my arm to take aim there was a bit of a breeze to the east which meant I had to aim slightly more to the right and the air humidity was at least 70 percent which meant my dart would travel a bit less distance in that moment ROTC boy was shifting his weight to the right meeting I would have to aim a little bit to his right but the ground was uneven and he was about to step on an area which was a bit less elevated which would both accelerate his movement slightly as well as lower his height which meant I had to make sure to not fire too high at that moment everything seemed to stop I knew exactly where to aim I had taken everything into consideration in order to land the perfect shot I fired my gun and watched as my dart sailed gracefully over his shoulder rats this put me in a very vulnerable position I immediately turned around and sprinted in the opposite direction as fast as I could I didn't have a moment to try and reload or else he'd catch up luckily I was faster so I managed to put some ground between us before doing the smartest thing I could think of in this situation strip remember when we talked about the nerf rules in the first video you can acquire invincibility but still not shoot back if you stripped down to your underwear and that's exactly what I did I ducked behind a tree and immediately started to tear my clothes off by the time he caught up he just found a mostly naked boy and his recently acquired pair of tighty whities the underwear rule had come in clutch to save me from certain defeat upon seeing me ROTC boy realized the situation and decided to retreat because I was scantily clad but also invulnerable he was powerless so he walked back to their car which had plenty of gas in it by the way to go home this did put me in an awkward position however I lived in a suburban neighborhood which was largely populated by families with young children I didn't want to walk back to my house at the risk of being seen by a neighbor or even worse a neighbor's eight-year-old daughter I waited til ROTC boy was out of sight before I put my clothes on again but here's the thing ROTC boy and Branagh –then hadn't given up so easily they probably suspected I wouldn't be so keen to expose myself to the public so they had simply driven around the corner to watch what I did when they saw me walking back fully clothed ROTC boy immediately sprinted directly at me I immediately noticed him running towards me and I sprinted to my house the front door wasn't an option because it had a storm door which would make it longer to get inside so I continued my dash to the back yard I jumped the fence and for some reason that moment of panic and confusion thought I was safe I turned around and smugly regarded my opponent ha I said you can't shoot me on my own property he then fired a dart which landed squarely on my chest apparently he could for some reason I thought that being in the bounds of your own property whether you were in your house or not made you invincible the fence encompassing our backyard was a clear indicator of our property so I thought that I was safe the nerf war moderators later informed me that I was very wrong and had been eliminated I felt like an idiot I could have easily kept going and made it into my house but my misunderstanding of the rules led me to turn around and mock my opponent instead I felt like I deserved to be eliminated for my stupidity I don't have a very clear memory of what happened in the nerf war after that all I know is Gerald also got eliminated somehow and we weren't able to get anyone else that week so after eliminating two teams we were defeated I was honestly pretty relieved to be done with the game at that point yeah we didn't win but my life had turned into a nerve wracking paranoia filled mess I couldn't even walk by a window without looking for a possible enemy hiding in the bushes or watching the street for one of the enemy cars it dictated my life and put me on edge all the time it even took me a few weeks after our team was eliminated to return to a normal mental state but I still had a lot of fun and would highly recommend this kind of thing to all you high schoolers out there and thus concludes the great high school nerf war anyway thanks bye

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