The Greening of Detroit | Quicken Loans in the Community

Everybody good morning! Morning! You guys excited to start digging some holes
and planting some trees?!
Yeah! Alright! It’s Saturday morning, we started about
8-8:30 in the morning to get out here to the Northwest side of Detroit. And we are planting
trees. I think about 150 trees. We got close to 160 Quicken Loans team members
down volunteering. We are going to be here 4 to 5 hours and the
idea is to take a great community inside the city of Detroit, a great neighborhood, and
help bring more beauty. And who doesn’t love a great tree? Everyone wants a tree, right? It plays a very important role as well. Obviously
it provides shade but it also helps the runoff. So just down the street is the Lodge Freeway
and when it rains water can run there here. The trees, the root systems, keeps the water
here and purifies the water. So it does a ton of great things. Hundreds of thousands
of trees have been lost in the city of Detroit over the years. So it feels good to get people
out here with the shovel a little bit, dig some holes, and put some trees back into the
ground for people in Detroit.

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