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HALO was founded in 1988. Our purpose, our mission, is to save lives and protect people who are threatened by the deadly debris of war We have around 100 international staff working with 6,000 local men and women in programs around the world We work in Colombia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic, Somalia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Georgia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos, Cambodia We’re also in four territories: West Bank, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Somaliland Well we couldn’t do our work without the many people and organizations and countries that support us, so I’d like to thank our donors, whether they be national, whether they be supranational, or whether they be private Between 1988 and the end of 2015 we destroyed 708 bombs, 26,539 missiles 174,591 guns, over 210,000 cluster munitions 1,577,284 mines Nearly 11.5 million pieces of ordnance and 54,901,00 bullets We’ve cleared 12,622 minefields and over 425 million square meters That’s the equivalent of 39,184 football pitches Or a 100 meter wide strip 106 times around the Earth Well, statistics only tell part of the story. We’ve benefited tens of millions of people, and in 2015 alone, over a million It’s prevented countless injuries and fatalities, enabled those displaced by conflict to return to their homes, and farmers to grow crops or graze animals in safety And it’s laid the foundations for vital development and reconstruction in fragile war-torn countries But despite everything that HALO’s achieved, there’s still a lot to do The world is changing, and HALO needs
to change with it Mine clearance will remain central to our work and we are as committed as ever to getting mines out of the ground for good However, we are increasingly also tackling the other deadly aspects of war Small arms, explosives, ammunition, and the ubiquitous improvised explosive device, the IED We need to play our part in dealing with this
debris of war New challenges face us in the Sahel, the Maghreb, in the Middle East, in the Caucasus, Southeast Asia, and wherever war next emerges HALO has the capacity and the skills to play a key role in getting vulnerable communities back on their feet after conflict With the right partnerships and sustained funding, we can make this happen

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