30 thoughts on “The History Of Socialism In Germany – A Warning To The World

  • Fascinating & thorough video. Yours isn't a point of view I hear a lot in my day-to-day, and its refreshing. Thanks for all the work you put into your content.

  • Marxism was always a paradoxically flawed Idealogy. Its policies like collectives, redistributing wealth, etc. can only be done with authoritarianism. the idealogy claims to be for the people, but it policies can't be done without taking away human rights.

    The us is in a precariously different position though, bc corporations like amazon are working with our government behind the scenes and controls media outlets, which is fascism (whereas under communism/socialism they are taken control of by the government..or "the people"). I hope people can see the difference between getting rid of corruption and socialism, bc the justice democrats do not.

  • Thank you for distinguishing between true socialism and some of the socialist practices (healthcare & education) in Scandinavia. This is always the socialist argument in America. Glad you dispelled this falsehood. 👍🏻

  • I was a kid when the Berlin wall came down. Everyone was happy about it. But I never really understood until now. American schools aren't good about teaching us about the real history of other countries. And some of the Libs in America now that are calling for Socialism and have no idea what they are asking for. As Americans we have always had freedom of speech and freedom of choice. We can be anything and everything we want. But there is always going to be ungreatfull people. How would those Libs feel if all their freedoms were taken away? They would be screaming for capitalism. Ironic isn't it?

  • This is the best video i've seen you put out, and i'll tell you why:

    -its informative, you explain things thoroughly, articulately, and get your points across in a simple, expedient manner. You keep your opinions to a minimum, and the opinions you do express are backed up by the historical facts you present.
    -its engaging, you mix old footage and animations relevent to what youre saying, instead of just watching your face talk for 10 minutes. Visual stimulus is just as important as auditory.
    -its topical, the occasional video about a reality show or random interviews on the street can be interesting, but in my observation people want information that directly relates to them and puts into context the things they hear about in the news or from other content creators. As you said, as someone that lives in germany, you have a unique perspective on certain trends that are effecting the rest of the world.

    I have no doubt your viewership will increase if you put out more videos of this quality. Well done.

  • I was in kindergarten when the Berlin wall came down. We watched footage in class and so many adults celebrated, but I didn't understand why. When I asked, all the adults would say was that the wall separated families and now they could be reunited. I didn't understand why they couldn't just go around the wall. 🤔 If adults would get over the idea that kids are too dumb to understand, and just explain things the way Cassian did, kids really would understand the basic ideas. Trust me, I've worked with lots of kids.

  • I'm surprised this video showed up in my recommended section after a Styx video.

    I've seen so many videos about how bad socialism is. This one is in the best top 3.

  • Good vid bro,i wish every moronic liberal commie would watch this but…. wish in one hand and shit in the other,see which one fills up quicker. USA civil war 2 is the only option here soon,especially WHEN Trump is re-elected,the commies will explode like a 500 pounder.

  • Wow thank you for the great history lesson. This video will be a great tool to explain to certain idiots why socialism doesn't work.

  • At the end you could have mentioned that Germany has still – 30 years after the Reunion – a special tax called Solidaritätszuschlag (solidarity tax) to pay for this failed experiment. Wages are still lower in East-Germany and especially young people still migrating en masse to the West and so on and on.

  • I understand the end results of communist socialism but what about the Nationalist socialism of the 30s? wasn't Germany paying reparations for ww1 and 2 and had hyper inflation. The German economy was run by bankers in France and England? Common everyday Germans who had nothing to do with anything where caught up in never ending recessions and forced into poverty?

  • In fact the nordic countries have a mixed economy where there is a free market economy but with some government intervention. Cassian keep up the good work !!!!!

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