The History of The Statue of Liberty

She’s a symbol for freedom, and one of the most recognized figures in the United States. Welcome to, And today, we’ll be learning more about the Satue of Liberty. We are the keepers of the flame of liberty. We hold it high tonight for the world to see. A beacon of hope. A light under the nations. Located in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty is a depiction of the Roman goddess of freedom. Dedicated in a large ceremony on October 28th, 1886, the statue’s official name is ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’. Originally a gift from the citizens of France, she was designed by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi. Law professor Edouard Rene de Laboulaye is credited with the idea of a shared statue between the French and the Americans. The statue was meant to commemorate the U.S. Centennial, and the ideals that both France and the United States shared of freedom and democracy. However only her right hand and torch were finished by 1876, and both were displayed at the American Centennial Exhibition. Lady Liberty, as she is often called, is represented wrapped in robes. In her right hand, she carries a torch meant to symbolize the light of reason. Her left hand is carrying a book of laws that is marked with the date the Declaration of Independence was signed. From the base of the statue to the top of the torch, she measures 151 feet in height. That height is doubled by the pedestal on which she stands. Built on an iron support structure, the Statue of Liberty’s skin is made of copper. Originally the color of copper, by 1900 the statue’s exterior had begun to change color. Eventually, the decision was made to leave this patina on the statue, and today she is the pale green color we know and love. The statue’s armature was designed by the same man who designed France’s Eiffel Tower, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. A joint effort of the French, Americans and countless hard workers, the statue was to be built in France and shipped by boat to America. In the years before the statue was built, criticism was raised that she should be designed by an American artist. That, and the fact that it took many years to raise sufficient American funds to build Lady Liberty’s pedestal, stalled the project’s progress for many years. However, she was presented to the Americans on Independence Day in 1884, was finally shipped early the next year, and was ultimately opened in New York Harbor in 1886. Many new Americans, immigrating to the country by boat, were welcomed by the Statue of Liberty upon their arrival. This helped lead to her status as a symbol for the country. A poem inscribed on her base bears the famous lines: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free’, and welcomes settlers to the New World. Tourists were originally open to travel up to Lady Liberty’s crown to view the harbor below,. as well as making a narrow climb up to the torch. However, the torch has been closed to visitors since the First World War. In preparation for the Statue’s centennial in 1986, a series of restorations took place. Lady Liberty’s armature was completely replaced, making her more sturdy, and several pieces of her skin were also changed. After 2001’s terrorist attacks in New York City, the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island were closed to tourists because of safety concerns. Gradually, the island, the pedestal, and finally in 2009 the Statue herself were reopened to the public. Because of Lady Liberty’s status as an American icon, she is often featured in pop culture, and on tourist souvenirs. She is not threatening and not a symbol of power, and considered a beacon of hope. Lady Liberty has witnessed well over a century’s worth of history, and has come to embody the American ideal of freedom. With join and celebration, and with the prayer that this lamp shall never be estinguished, I ask that you all join me in this symbolic act of faith, this lighting of Ms. Liberty’s torch. Subtitles by the community

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  • As I understand it, France intended this statue to be given to Egypt and it would've been called the statue of ISIS (the goddess of fertility) and the statue would've represented the New birth of friendship between France and Egypt after Napoleon ravaged the country and its historical landmarks like the Sphinx, but Egypt wanted nothing to do with France after the Napoleonic Wars and refused the statue. The French later changed a few details of the statue making it look like the Roman goddess "libertas" and gave it to us in honor of our sentential. So we're just sloppy seconds 😂

  • What… The…
    What are you about? You know there weren't a Egypt by then right? okay, here is how it is in short.
    Ottoman Emperor and British sign a treaty which makes the red sea accesable to them and there is that one part that says "The freedom and peace should be represented with a statue by a high cliff on the coast of Egyiptian lands" and by that time (19th century) Ottomans ruled all over Northern Africa… So Emperor orders it by France, France does it, sends it, and Pasha that is in charge of the city (sort of a city president) does not like it and says "It is not a good icon for an Islamic State" and blames the statue for being "nude" and sends it back to France… the statue sits in a depot for a few years… Then France decides to send it to America as America becomes a nation that fully represents every politic belief of France and as it is the Roman Empire 4th so they add the arm with book and write the date of America's foundation in Romanic numbers… (Empires to declare themselves as contuniuty of Roman empire are: Byzantium, Germany, Russian Charmen Empire, and now USA). SO in conclusion… stop the bullshit going around, we all know it's a sybolic figure for America but also we all know that America tells many things in world history wrong, too… So do some research before you come here and comment with your patriotic BELIEFS… PERIOD, OVER…

  • The       Goddess of Liberty is spokesperson for the Karmic Board and representative       of the Second Ray on that Board. She is the hierarch of the Temple of the       Sun, her etheric retreat is over the island of Manhattan, New York. The         Goddess of Liberty was embodied on Atlantis. She was also embodied as         a member of the Amazonian Race, a people of great stature whose women         ruled an ancient civilization where the Amazon Basin now is. So         great was her momentum of dedication to the Spirit of Liberty embodied         in the threefold flame of the heart, that after her ascension, this lady         master was called upon to bear the title of Goddess of Liberty, denoting         her office in hierarchy as the authority for the cosmic consciousness         of liberty to the Earth.

  • Man, back when WatchMojo didn't exploit basically anything that could ever happen or have happened for money…

  • Roman goddess of freedom…!? There's no such goddess in Roman mythology. It's not even a pagan goddess from any culture, it's a made-up figure.

  • I know the real story about the Statue of Liberty because I am Egyptian… This was a statue made by the French people as a gift to the Egyptian ruler… It was going to be put in the entrance of the canal but we regretted it so we lift it in the sea at a flat wooden floor board…. Then it was found in New York City… we took it in history lesson…

  • Used to visit one of the original models in Paris in the Luxembourg Gardens. That was moved to the Orsay Museum and replaced with a replica. The other is on her own little island in the middle of the Seine up from the Eiffel Tower. Two must-sees along with all the other fantastic Parisian sites.

  • "Lady Liberty" is another Freemason trans-gendered false Idol for us to worship! .. The Bible forbids the worship of "Idols" for this very reason .. We have got to get back to the Bible .. before They "ban" the Holy Bible as "hate speech" .. The devil hates the truth so the Bible is the Enemy of Satan!! .. Satan's enemy is our SAVIOR!!

  • Statue of Liberty is a demonic figure. Holding a flame up to the sky calls the devil himself. I've seen it happen. Fucking joke

  • 2:08
    32 thousand troops in New York haaaarboooor…. they surround our troops they surround our troops I imagine death feels more like a memory when’s it gonna get me and do I run or do I lead? HAMILTON!!! I love that musical

  • Sweet Lady Liberty, a new music video everyone should watch.
    No division, no politics, no agenda.

  • Pssstt….! I tell you a secret…..! The Statue of Liberty is the 100 % correct image of Archangel Lucifer…..!

  • So why isn’t the black Toms explosion mentioned from the German terrorist attack in 1916 where she had to be repaired causing hundreds of thousands in damages to her

  • Dear american people, never forget the Statue of Liberty was funded and created by the people of france, not the french government, that make all the difference, it is a present made with heart not by interest like every wars… The Statue of Liberty is probably the best present in humanity history !

  • They lieying the statue was originally a slave and America didnt want a slave statue so France took it bacc and mad it diffrent why u think it was originally bronze to depict a blacc women – #Staywoke

  • Wonderful 😊!!!!In the end-time prophecy (end
    of evil kingdom prevalent in our present earth-fear, stress, sufferings, rage,
    etc.—and our creator's promise of coming of Heavenly Kingdom-peace,
    happiness, fear-free earth, etc.), we see, daughter of Zion/beloved daughter of
    the most High God/Ms Heavenly Kingdom (a woman figure)😊😊😊!!!! ……..and children of God/saints/elected ones in Heavenly Grace…..Lord Jesus Christ replied, “Anyone
    who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come
    to them and make our home with them (Gospel John 14: 23)……….Daughter of Zion
    prophecy (Isaiah 62: 11; 49: 14; 52: 1; 66: 12; Zephaniah 3: 14; Zechariah 2:
    10;  Psalms 87: 1; 102: 13; 132: 13; Romans 9: 25; Hebrews 12:22; etc.)………..I see daughter of Zion as the most obedient/submissive child of God in Heavenly Grace-stayed tuned to do the will of God/with a desire to model Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings and life (desire
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    torch as Light of the world (Gospel Matthew 5: 14)……For this is what the Lord
    says: “I will extend peace to her (Daughter of Zion) like a river, and the
    wealth of nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried on her
    arm and dandled on her knees. As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort
    you; (Isaiah 66: 12)….But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our
    mother. (Galatians 4: 26)….“The deliverer will come from Zion; he will turn
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    dead/detached from heavenly/creator glory/knowledge/truth in sin…. Sin is
    forgiven and spirit become alive in heavenly grace and truth….Lord Jesus Christ
    brought Grace and Truth (Gospel John 1: 17)…So, this evil-filled (fights, wars,
    sufferings, death, fear, stress, robbers, abuses, persecutions, divorces,
    accidents, natural disasters, etc.) earth will go away and our creator promised
    a peace, righteousness, etc. filled new earth for those who do His will (Isaiah
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    Zion, see, your king is coming (Gospel John 12: 15)…..My Heavenly Father, your
    kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Gospel Matthew 6:
    10)….Amen. Lord Jesus Christ, come soon (Revelation 22: 20)!!!!

  • Those impoverished men, women, and children escaping from violence, rape, gangs, and corruption to come and work here are such a threat to Trump's white nationalism. Sad, crazy times for Lady Liberty and all good people of conscience.

    "A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  • Here is the actual essence of the origin and meaning of the Statue of Liberty that inspired Bartholdi as told by him. "…Laboulaye observed that in the case of Italy there had never been a popular tradition of friendship that in 1859 a service had been done her but she had been made to feel that France had repaid herself for it and that fact was sufficient to make the remembrance unpleasant to the Italians. It was a wholly different thing in the case of other nations or peoples with whom there was a genuine flow of sympathy caused it might be by experiences common to the two nations it might be by affinity of aspiration or by the influence of certain feelings which served as a bond of union. Coming to the American Nation he said that it had more sympathy for France than for any other European nation that this sentiment did not bear the stamp of gratitude but was based upon the remembrance of the community of thoughts and of struggles sustained with common aspirations. The Frenchmen who fought in the United States spilled their blood for the principles that they hoped to see prevail in France and in the world. The first volunteers went away in spite of the Government and all the world recalls the difficulties encountered by Lafayette at his departure. There is then he said in that struggle for independence not a simple service rendered to a friendly nation but a fraternity of feelings a community of efforts and of emotions and when hearts have beaten together something always remains among nations as among individuals."

  • She is he and castrated. It’s Egyptian evilness . Paysuari bloodline has enslaved us all is the ultimate ruler of the United States.

  • Vision of September 11,2001
    Revelation 17:18, Revelation 18:7/ Revelation 18:2-3/ Revelation 18:8-11/ Revelation 18:15-19,21

  • I think to be fair she should put up the no vacancies sign to discourage potential illegal immigrants. Seriously cast one in bronze and put it near lady liberty. When the USA has no more deficit and is in surplus you can take down the no vacancies sign. Hotel America closed for business.

  • That's just another lie told by US to their people. As this was the original and only true story about Statue, as Frédéric Auguste decision came as a disappointment to Lady Liberty's creator who'd envisioned the Suez Canal as the ideal venue for his mammoth harbor structure. Statue of Liberty creator Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi's original design for the mouth of the Suez Canal in Egypt. After his failure in Egypt, the artist shifted his attention to America, which was prospering after the end of the Civil War.

    Here is the link to true story

  • The statute of liberty to symbolise liberty and all its nonsensical stuff – the bloody wars and conflicts US and its allies had committed in most regions of the world killing million and million of young and old and helpless, destroying homes, properties, etc with IMMUNITY for two to three decades – all for AMERICA glory!!!
    Who are the FOOLS to believe that this STATUTE symbolizes LIBERTY with knowledge what had happened and worse this land of America had been STOLEN from its native Americans through butchery and tortures.
    What is so proud living in this land of the free where its national leaders were/are bloody liars!!!

  • this statute was not intended for immigrants. it was intended to honor the end of slavery in amereica. mofos hijacked it and made it about immigrants.

  • this statue is most beautifull in the world this is symbol liberty and freedoom respect georgia country america

  • Just an FYI, the original design for the statue of liberty was an arab woman, originally pitched in Egypt. But they said no, so the statue was redesigned for France.

  • I'm not american but i'm filipino and thank you for this video i only studying is about andres bonifacio

    andres bonifacio is bravest man even he didn't finished studying he will fight for philippines…andres bonifacio is first president of philippines not emilio aguinaldo…i cried while i watching the story of andres bonifacio…he is died because emilio aguinaldo is president now btw im high school student 14 years old

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