The Honorable Jeff Sessions | 2016 Republican National Convention Live

Alabama, Jeb.
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>>Jeb: Thank you. Thank you. so much.
Thank you, Alabama. [ cheering ]
>>Jeb: Taking this podium today is a long way from the
rafters my wife and I had as college students in 1962, I’ve
got to tell you. This year, our voters spoke
clearly on two critical issues in our primaries — trade and
immigration. They affirmed Donald Trump and
his issues. They opposed Obama trade.
And they demand a lawful system of immigration that protects the
safety and financial well-being. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Jeb: Average Americans have been the first to know something
is wrong with this economy. Our middle class is steady
declineing, with our African-American and Hispanic
communities being hurt the most.
ButBut Washington — big corporations.
Fellow Republicans, we must understand that the incomes of
middle class Americans today are — less per year than in
1999. This is an economic disaster.
We’re on the wrong track, and the American people know it.
Yet, — [ applause ]
>>Jeb: Yet Hillary Clinton’s plan is more of the same — more
government, more taxes, more regulation, more illegal
immigration, and more debt. She has been the champion of
trade agreements, but the facts are in.
They have not worked for the American people.
When those agreements were signed, President Clinton and
Obama promised our debts with China and Korea would be reduced
reduced, that the deficit with China was increased five-fold.
The deficit with career is more than doubled in four years.
These are job-killing numbers. Worst of all, they are pushing
the disastrous 5,000 page Obamatrade, the Transpacific
Partnership Agreement. This must not happen.
This election has all also been about immigration.
For 30 years, our good and decent people have rightfully
pleaded with their leaders for an end to the lawlessness and
for sound immigration policies that are fair, advanced, and in
the national interest. To this legitimate plea, our
leaders have responded with disdain, dismissal, and scorn.
But is there anyone in America that does not understand that
when we bring in more workers than we have jobs for, that job
prospects and the wage fall?>>AUDIENCE: Yeah!
[ cheering and applause ]>>Jeb: Top economists and the
Congressional budget office have told us just that.
Is it too much to ask that we slow down and protect our
national security and jobs? We lawfully admit, friends,
1 million more permanent residents annually to this
country than any other country in the world, and are — the
most — to our country. [ cheering and applause ]
>>On top of that, 700,000 workers here that take jobs, and
the majority of these are not seasonal or agriculture
workers. There are about 350,000 people
who succeed in crossing our borders illegally each year.
Almost 500,000 more unlawfully overstay their visas.
These are extreme numbers. But the only solution from Obama
and Hillary Clinton is to
capitulate to the lawlessness and give amnesty and citizenship
to all. It will not work.
[ cheering and applause ]>>Understand this.
From 2000 to 2014, while our existing population increased by
millions, the number of jobs held by Americans actually
declined. Amazingly, all the net job
growth during that period went to immigrants.
Combine that with the reality of efficient businesses, increased
automation, and slow growth, the fact is, we just don’t have
enough jobs being created now for the people who are here.
Does this help to explain why our rates have fallen, and why
we have the lowest percentage of Americans actually holding a job
in 40 years? Our duty as elected officials is
to get our people jobs first. It cannot be our policy to take
jobs from abroad — support payments — used for those
unemployed Americans. Bad trade deals, excess
immigration floods the labor market, reducing job prospects
and wages. Improper vetting places our
nation at risk of terrorism. Remember, the President has the
clear power to suspend immigration to protect America.
So Americans want help now. [ cheering and applause ]>>Jeb: This election will
make it happen. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Jeb: That is why we need Donald Trump.
[ cheering and applause ]>>Jeb: Donald Trump is the
leader who will bring change. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Jeb: He has the strength, the courage, and the will to get
it done. HeHe is attracting more and more
Independents and Democrats to our movement.
Donald Trump will kill Obamatrade.
[ cheering and applause ]>>Donald Trump will build the
wall. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Jeb: And — and, Donald Trump will make America great
again! [ cheering and applause ]
>>Jeb: Thank you. God bless.
[ cheering and applause ]>>ANNOUNCER: Please welcome the
former Mayor of New York City,

20 thoughts on “The Honorable Jeff Sessions | 2016 Republican National Convention Live

  • He's a lot of things but he's not "the honorable". "The spineless disloyal rat" sounds more like it.

  • jeff session is correct about immigrant and bad trades deals from bill hillary clinton nafta and bama tpp this is a outrage to american people to obtain a job clintons wal mart with all products made in china and mexico this has gone on way too long donald trump is the only one talking jobs for america and reverse bad trade deals by clintons and protect american jobs from illegal immigrants elect donald trump nov 2016

  • The disgusting freak that was violating the space of the legal protestor and rolling her banner w his arms around her. Disgusting

  • Honorable? Where the hell did that come from? Dude has smug brown alabama shit leaking from his right eye like he just got off the Wallace bandwagon. It would be different if he made any sense, but noooooo. He acts like he has a CSPAN suppository up his ass.

  • Jeff Sessions is more than honorable. He's one of the VERY few in Washington making a good faith effort to serve the American people rather than foreigners, corporations, and crooked billionaires. Every dirty piece of communist scum making snide comments about him here deserves an eternity in hell.

  • It's sort of amazing that 'globalist trade' and 'big corporations' are being criticized at the GOP convention. Trump's impact has been huge.

  • WE THE PEOPLE direct president Trump to arrest Hillary, Lynch and Comey. NEXT investigate Obama and his henchmen including McCain and Ryan for sedition. NEXT investigate Buba and Web Hubble's daughter for corruptions. NEXT deport the entire Bush crime family, NECONs and DC DemoRATs to the city of Kafka.

  • They take the jobs that Americans would never want to do. Slave labor. This guy doesn't make any sense. We shouldn't have basically slave labor in this country.

  • Its bullshit the witch hunt D.C has declared on Sessions, just for doing his job as a sitting senator

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