The Human Freedom Index 2017

The Human Freedom Index presents the
state of human freedom in the world based on a broad measure that includes
personal, civil and economic freedom. The most free countries found in the study
were Switzerland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.
Whereas the least free countries were Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Venezuela and Syria. Here are some insights on three countries in the report. United States. Since 2008, the country ranked dropped from 11th place to 17th. Weak areas
include: rule of law, size of government, the legal system and property rights. Russia. Russia has experienced a big decline in the ranking from 99th in 2008
to 126th in this year’s edition, due to significant falls
in most of the categories related to personal freedom, with the exception of
safety and security. Venezuela. Ranks 158th out of 159 countries. Under the socialist
regime began by Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has had a long-term decline in both
economic and personal freedom. Freedom plays an important role in human
well-being. Countries in the top freedom rankings enjoy a significantly higher
average per capita income than those in lower rankings. People in the freest
countries are almost four times richer than those in the least free. The Human
Freedom Index finds a positive relationship between economic freedom
and personal freedom. if you value a high level of personal freedom, you should
want to live in a country with relatively high levels of economic
freedom. Find out where your country ranks in this year’s Human Freedom Index

6 thoughts on “The Human Freedom Index 2017

  • You are wrong, as per usual the information is controlled by those who think freedom is a situation where they feel safe instead of being free to live as you choose. You name top countries that have some of the highest taxes and regulations that border on complete control. If you think that is freedom you need to pull your head out of the sand and wake up!

  • The human freedom index is complete bull.  The countries where people are happiest are down low on the freedom index.  It's just a smoke screen to fool the masses into thinking that low taxes and low regulations which help Cato's wealthy donors, will also benefit them.  It won't.  That's why the donors donate to Cato.

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