The “Intelligence” of Cancer Cells – Sayer Ji

Ty Bollinger: So Sayer, let’s take a step
back here real quickly and just get in to the basics. What exactly is cancer? Sayer Ji: It’s a great question because
until we, obviously, answer that correctly we can treat it. And so
understanding cancer is has been an on-going pursuit. For at least 50 years, the dominant view is
called the mutational theory which is through happenstance, something goes wrong in the
nucleus of the cell that causes it to get deranged, go
rogue, and just want to replicate clonally into this tissue that
invades everything. But that view has been completely disproven
because they identified that cancer is actually rather
intelligent. It’s capable of invading the immune system
by changing the structures on its surface like
something out of the Matrix. It can go and produce its own enzyme supply
that dissolve through tissues, produce its own blood supply. It has a hierarchical arrangement of cells
which have their own little duties and little village, so to speak. There’s a root cell, a cancer cell called
the cancer stem cell, which we talked about—the mother behind
it all. And so the view that cancer is just rogue
terrorists in our body has justified using literally
“weapons of mass destruction.” Things like chemotherapy which came from the
war theater, actual chemical weapons-grade material being administered
to patients as well as radiation which is called
from nuclear reactors might as well be culled from nuclear munitions to try to just destroy
the terrorist within the body and not think about what it
does to all the civilian population. It’s the same basic
models, pretty much insane. So what we now know is that view is not correct
and that cancer is a survival mechanism that’s unmasked. In fact, it’s quite amazing if you think
about it that these cells can survive things that even in
a chemical weapons war or atomic blast a normal human shouldn’t survive but these cells
were able to. So it speaks to how cancer truly is. It’s an amazing life-force, a regenerative
energy that is able to survive the modern apocalypse of chemicals
and inappropriate nutrients and pseudo foods and
electromagnetic energy and viruses—vaccines for example—and be able to still live. So when we look at cancer through that lens,
we start understanding that the real answer is to adjust
back to what is a more natural, healthy state of living, get the cells again to be healed,
detoxification, proper nutrition. Things like that and not, obviously, blasting
it with poisons and radiation. Ty Bollinger: Two things you just said I want
to expound on. You were talking about chemotherapy coming
from the war theater. What do you mean? Sayer Ji: Well, what they did was that they
did a number of studies on mustard gas and how that is able to
destroy fast-replicating blood cells, the white blood cells in sort of what they called
hemotological malignancies. And because it was able to kill those fast
replicating cells they, of course, used it to try to
treat that cancer because they saw some effect that seemed to put it into remission. Of course, we know now that that type of chemical
is able to cause damage to all the cells in our body
and then ultimately, once you’ve taken that route and ultimately seen it fail because
you don’t get a very long survival advantage, you blame the victim. You say the cancer is resistant to the chemotherapy. Wen in fact we know you shouldn’t use that
approach. You should have used the natural approach. Ty Bollinger: I see. And so some of the roots of chemotherapy go
back to the mustard gases from previous war. Sayer Ji: Absolutely, yeah. The origin of that category which is still
being used today. In fact, in pediatric cancers,
they use it sometimes, is really from the war. Ty Bollinger: Wow. I bet many people don’t know that. Sayer Ji: No, in fact, if they did know it, I’m sure they would think about alternatives with much more interest.

8 thoughts on “The “Intelligence” of Cancer Cells – Sayer Ji

  • Its almost like cancer is some sort of parasite. A parasite that's figured out over millions of years how to take over sickly human cells by mixing it's DNA with ours to create a mutated cell. A parasite that requires copious amounts of sugar and Iron in order to thrive.

  • Why not view it as a possible Vitamin Deficiency?

    I mean, Scurvy- even though the smartest people in the room took 40 lollygagging years to realize- a source of vitamin C would clear that up quick, fast & in a hurry!

    So… Why not explore the possibility?

  • A study funded by Beth Israel Medical Hospital [Boston MA] and Harvard Medical School published this in 2012

    As of 2019, Beth Israel STILL promotes chemo and ionizing radiation to breast care patients. Instead they need to focus on this: phytochemicals target cancer stem cells

    And this

    It is very sad to know that the Oncologists do not care about new vital research – what happened to "Do no harm?"

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