The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – What’s In My Bag?

What’d you get? I love Stockhausen. This is synthesizer stuff of Stockhausen’s so it’s just gonna be a lot of crazy (sounds) I mean I like his more traditional, more known stuff too. This is a less known work. Is he playing the synthesizers himself? Oh look on the back, it’s in a kind of pastoral garden setting so this is gonna be a good record. What about you? Alright, top of the pile is the… this I think is Einstürzende Neubauten’s latest album ‘Lament’ which I think is a concept album about the first world war. Easy listening. Here’s Pierre Henry, classic electronic music. We play this stuff sometimes in the van. Much to the chagrin of certain people in the van. The driver. I like kind of original… y’know it doesn’t have the original inner sleeve, unfortunately. Actually it does because it’s a European inner sleeve. How do you tell a European inner sleeve? Because it says ‘Made in Great Britain’ or ‘Made in Europe.’ The feel of this is like a Great Britain inner sleeve, it’s not American, and it’s Philips. Very close to the original pressing of this stuff. I got ‘Ho-Dad Hootenanny Too!’ Crypt, there it is right there, one of my all-time favorite labels run by the great Tim Warren. The cover art is like the original ‘Ho-Dad Hootenanny’ by the great Cliff Mott who is a local New York City artist and illustrator. This is the original drummer for The Velvet Underground. He could be talking about why he left The Velvet Underground and I want this record. and this is, as it says, New York electronic 1965 Noise that I love and I haven’t… I actually have that record. He has that record, yeah. It’s good. I don’t know if I can afford this but I grabbed it because it looks pretty great. This is a 13th Floor Elevators box set, live concert from ’67. So this looks gorgeous and the Elevators are a real favorite band and I’ll put this over here in the wish pile The $3.00 pile. Records that are three dollars. That’s kind of high for him. I’m not sure if I’m gonna get this, but I’ve seen this record and Harry Partch is pretty crazy. This was a record that he made that was kind of a humorous record satire on dance, it was taken very seriously Harry Partch is an inventor of instruments. He’s just an avant-gardist, very cool dude. It’s time for Bo Diddley “The Black Gladiator” That’s got a track called ‘Elephant Man’ on it, which is an incredible track. Ya gotta wonder if the get up was Bo’s idea or was it… I don’t know, I read about that a little bit. the younger Chess boy, ’cause he was the guy who got them all to do the kind of psychedelic electric records. That’s a great record. This is an Isaac Hayes record. Actually this is the first, when Isaac Hayes decided to make his own records. Look at this original Enterprise label. Wow. Enterprise was what, a subsidiary? A subsidiary of Stax, Isaac Hayes’s subsidiary of Stax. For me on this record, there’s a great instrumental medley that goes on forever and Al Jackson was just kind of soloing on it, which he never really did, Al Jackson the great drummer. Is this the record where Isaac Hayes is sort of at the piano sorta mumbling? Yeah, Isaac Hayes is just sitting there, just kind of like free-associating spontaneous talking through air, got my guys here, we’re going to jam he just kind of plays some cool stuff. It’s basically a jam session of Isaac Hayes and four of the greatest musicians who ever lived I’m gonna jump in here with White Noise, ‘An Electric Storm’ This is a group that included, I don’t know if it was led by, but definitely included Delia Derbyshire who was one of the great innovators of electronic music. She, for a period of time, worked for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and she’s the one that put together the original Doctor Who theme. A lot of people think that she kind of wrote it but she’s not credited. Last but not least, this collection ‘Cosimo Matassa’ He’s Greek, I guess. He owned just like a laundromat/store and in the back of it they had a little studio. They brought all the musicians in there and they made all these amazing records. Most importantly, there’s a lot of Earl Palmer on this record all over this record, the great Earl Palmer. Most recorded drummer probably in history and you hear him pounding away on the kick drum, which is what he was kind of known for. He played the drums very hard at a time when it wasn’t really about drums. Cool collection. That’s it. There we go. I think that might be the best episode.

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