The Josh Monigold Chase – Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Marc J. Victor

A ripple effect of dangerous drivers and
criminals in the valley and to the west of us you’re looking at three chaotic
scenes two of them just playing out right now and a man accused of leading
police on a wild chase said now his wife as well they are both under arrest April
mana gold is accused of trying to block police from finding her husband josh
Josh now facing the possibility of a return trip to prison for this
endangering thousands during that Chase last night on top of a prior hit-and-run
and aggravated assault abc15 s Melissa blasius has been looking into the
history of this crime and the police effort to try to get him back behind
bars Melissa that’s right Katie and we just learned a new tidbit here that dps
was actually trying to catch this same guy last saturday night saying that he
was going more than a hundred miles an hour driving erratically but then the
trooper had to give up the chase saying it was just too dangerous than about
half an hour later there was a hit-and-run crash in marana they believe
this same guy was involved in that they were trying to arrest him on that charge
when he gave chase again last night the chase ended with a rollover wreck that
shut down i-10 but officers were trying to avoid this white Dodge ABC 15 has
learned before we are with a Mesa officers were acting on a tip
police radio transmissions show they were trying to sneak up on the wanted
felon but he got spooked string head off post office been attempted earlier
yesterday police arrested Josh Monta Gold’s wife April at work she’s now
accused of Heidi’s location from officers they were looking for him after
a nasty hit-and-run wreck in murano week ago abc15 has learned mono gold also
serves several stints in prison after being convicted of five felonies in the
last 12 years it’s not uncommon for people who have warrants out for them to
flee when they’re about to have an interaction with the police that doesn’t
surprise me a bit criminal defense expert Marc victor says he’s also not
surprised that someone with mono gold rap sheet was back out on the street
it’s too simplistic to say let’s look at the number of felonies and once you hit
this number of felonies then you want to be locked up forever and let’s throw
away the key but with habitual sentencing laws and the high-profile
nature of this chase things could go a lot different this time it’s just been
my experience that you can get a harsher treatment because everybody’s watching
Josh mono gold still in the hospital tonight he was injured when his truck
rolled over at the end of that chase yesterday we expect that we should hear
about some charges against him and exactly what they are sometimes week
it’s incredible even survived the end of that chase Melissa thank you

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