The Key to Freedom Bible Launch

I’m Ted Seres, the National Director of the Canadian Bible Society Today is National Justice Day and just
outside the Toronto Eaton Centre at Holy Trinity Church there are a number of activities taking
place. The Canadian Bible Society is excited to be here today because we are officially launching the
“Key to Freedom Bible” It’s a Bible that we have developed in
partnership with Prison Fellowship Canada and its intended to supply our chaplains – both provincial and federal chaplains across the nation with a Bible specific to those who are incarcerated. If you talk to some of the chaplains
you’ll find that some of the most amazing transformative stories occur in our
prisons across the nation. So as we have developed the Key to Freedom Bible it is our prayer that God will transform
lives and communities as they engage with this Word. We are here today to remember the pain that men and women in prison are experiencing the injustice that is there We’re also aware of the pain that is evident in our community that expresses itself in crime, that expresses itself in families that are torn apart This is a version of the Scripture that is a collaboration between Prison Fellowship and the Bible Society Ted is here from the Bible Society and Judith and Rick and others from Prison Fellowship. And they’re free at the back, so please visit the table there. I’m Rick Arsenault, Director of Inmate Services at Prison Fellowship Canada. My role in the ministry is ministering to those that are incarnerated men, women and children across the country We’ve learned as a ministry that we have to be willing and committed to minister to the whole life of the inmate their emotional, their spiritual, and their physical as well as their family on the outside Or we realized that when the inmate is ministered to in that way that his family is touched and changed so we’re excited to be part of
this project , the Key to Freedom the prisoner’s Bible in partnership with the Canadian Bible Society It’s interesting, Rick, you know what is your tagline is serving life and our tagline for the Canadian Bible Society is God’s Word. For Life. You know we can read that a number of
ways, you know, God’s Word for your entire life, God’s Word for all aspects of your life. God’s Word for eternal life. We really believe in the
power of the Gospel, that it transforms lives. So we are so delighted to be able to partner with you and provide the Bible resources that you need to do the work of the Kingdom to those who are affected by crime in our country, whether they be criminals or offenders offender’s families, victims and their
families communities. We really believe that the Word of God can bring transformation And we’re just delighted that we can give you God’s Word. For Life. I just want to say thanks too as a chaplain to this initiative of the Bible
Society in conjunction with Prison Fellowship making scripture available because I hear frequently from men and women in prison who have had been able to find new life
and have been able to find the strength in a relationship with God
that allows them to enter into personal and difficult process of transformation. The scriptures that are here which are
tailored to men and women in prison will be an invaluable resource and so I want to applaud this initiative.

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