The LARGEST THRIFT HAUL I've EVER Done! 50 cents day @ Goodwill

so this is going to be the largest theft all I've ever done if you've never seen me before hey my name is Alicia I am a reseller on the ebay and recently the Poshmark app so this third tall today is going to be about fifty items give or take I didn't count this is from two different trips and if you're not familiar with the way I purchased my inventory for my eBay and Poshmark my goodwill I know that everyone's goodwill does this but my goodwill where I live has a 50 cent stay for certain color tag so on Sundays I go to Goodwill and I load up on a ton of stuff for just 50 cents each and I resell them so I just wanted to go ahead and I'm gonna go through this stuff really quick I think I'm just gonna kind of tell you why I picked it up and also kind of tell you what I'm gonna sell it for so if you like these type of videos and make sure that you give it a thumbs up and let's go ahead and get into it because there's a ton of stuff to get through so I am filming this in my son room where I live the heat index is 100 in 10 today it is so hot in the normal part of my house where I film I usually film in my bedroom but that part of the house is the hottest so I'm I'm not going in there so if you hear any noises like any dogs barking or wildlife just know it's because I'm in my sunroom so just want to give you a heads up ok so nothing's in any particular order you can see I got like a ton of good wool bags behind me I got some on the floor there's a lot of stuff so let me just get into it the first thing I got was this DKNY skirt it is a red pencil skirt and this day it was the red tags were 50 cents so I got this for 50 cents and this is a good size it is it's a size 12 so um yeah I paid 50 cents for this and I think I can probably list this like under career wear and I think that I can get about a 12 to 13 for this I did want to mention some people commented in my last vid you know and they said that I'm not necessarily picking up like the most expensive brands like a lot of my stuff is not gonna sell for like 50 to $60 most of it's gonna sell between that 10 to $40 range and they wanted to know if I'm actually making money and I wanted to go ahead and answer that super quick yes I do make money from it so usually what I do all like go to Goodwill buy like 24 items so that'll come out to $12 because they're 50 cents apiece and once I sell one item I've already made my money back something really exciting that happened last night is that I got host pick for maternity wear for my peon APOD pants that I actually showed I think it was in my most recent thrift all I'm kind of backed up on these Turtles because I keep shopping but like I just said in my last video I love selling maternity wear this one here is a three seasons extra-large dress it's really really pretty it's a size extra-large so I think that will sell really quick my maternity in sizes large extra-large 2x those sell within usually like a week or two so yeah always going to pick up Maternity especially for $0.50 you cannot beat that and this dress I'm probably gonna put about $15 one Poshmark okay here is the size extra large really pretty Maternity top this is from Motherhood Maternity and I know that maybe like people don't think mother–who maternity is a great brand but I can always sell it 10 to 15 dollars so yeah I'm probably gonna list this for about $10 okay this is a Target brand by Liz Lange it's a really really pretty yellow top um it isn't a size large and I'm probably going to get a 10 for this one as well okay so I've never actually picked this up this is the forever 21 maternity pant and they're just simple white pants they do have a flair to them these aren't a size extra small so I'm not fairly sure how quick they're gonna sell because like I said a lot of my large – like 2x that those sizes so really quick so I'm not sure if I'm gonna sit on this for a while but for 50 Cent's I picked it up and we're gonna find out so this brain I really need to look up this is a TravelSmith blazer if I can get it for y'all and it's just like a long-sleeve gray blazer it is in a size extra large and TravelSmith I'm gonna show y'all the tag this is how the tag looks and I'm pretty sure I've seen this sell for a little bit of money um it feels really nice I'm gonna have to look it up though but it was just 50 Cent's so I think I can get at least a 10 or 15 for this one okay here's another maternity toughest buy three seasons and it's a size extra large it's really really pretty I'm probably gonna put that up about 12 dollars and I think that'll sell really fast um also boogies here I don't know if you can even see him but he's hanging out with us as well okay another Motherhood Maternity this is a size extra large and it's a dress it's a very pretty dress I think you could wear this to work you could wear it to dinner and has the three-quarter length sleeves so yeah I think I can definitely get about a 15 for this one okay I'm not familiar with this brand it's called Norton m'q notching I'm not really sure here's how the tag looks maybe someone knows about it Asus ice 14 it's just a career skirt and I thought it was really pretty so I pick that up I think I can get at least a 10 for that okay these are a size medium motherhood maternity jeans they're in great condition here's how the pockets look it does have a very small band and I know that some people specifically search for that so I think I can get about a 15 for these okay this is a size 14 from woman within I've never heard of this brand it was in the maternity section and I'm not actually sure if it is maternity I'm gonna have to kind of look this up here's how the tag looks woman with end and you see what I'm saying like it's not necessarily like a maternity band like it's stretchy like right here it's stretchy so it probably is um but yeah I'm gonna have to do a little bit of research on that but I should at least be able to get a 10 out of this okay we've made it to another bag okay so oh look something that's not Maternity okay this actually did not have a brand however uh it's a very pretty pretty blue top with these gorgeous bell sleeves I love a good bell sleeve um I'm not really sure what size it is I'm going to guess it's eight it's either a medium or a large I usually wear like an extra small so you can kind of see I'm gonna have to measure it out and we'll see it's in great condition though it has the little button back here where you can button it to close so I think I can get at least a 10 for this if you ever searched when eBay or on posh Mart for the bell-sleeve you will find out very quickly that they do sell for good money and I only know that because that's what I buy so just putting bell-sleeve in the title I think this will go pretty quick okay this is a Nanette Lepore dress really cute it's a size medium I don't necessarily find this very often at my goodwill but for $0.50 I had to pick it up when I saw it so you see it has the collar it's a button I don't know it's really cute here's the tag it's by it says a lotta more I'm not sure how to pronounce that but uh yeah it isn't in that Lepore so yeah I think I should get I don't know I don't know how much her dresses go for I don't really sit there in goodwill and like research everything because again I'm only paying 50 cents for a lot of this stuff so yeah I'm hoping I should get at least a 15 for this probably even more I may end up getting a 25 I just have to I have to Google this I don't know I hear a lot of people in YouTube always talked about picking up nanette lepore so I'll have to his research and find out okay I've had my eye on this I wish it was my size it is so cute I may even just wear it to the beach cuz it's not like it's it's big for me but maybe like for a beach cover-up it would be nice but this has been in the goodwill for probably a month now and every time I come by it I look at it look at how beautiful that Bell sleeve is so gorgeous and as far as the design it's kind of like maybe like a tribal boho kind of print the brand it's by Ken are like not like the best brand don't pay attention to my nails y'all I've been cleaning this morning okay so yeah I'm probably going to actually wear this to the beach and then I'm probably gonna list it maybe around 10 to 15 for that so this is a cute dress this is by peach lab which I mean it's not an expensive brand but it's just like a slinky dress with the tie-dye at the bottom it also has a hole cut out in the back so it's really sexy again I got this for 50 Cent's pretty much just as long as I'm not saying that it costs a certain amount just know that I paid 50 cents for it I think I should get at least a $10 for this one I know this blazer was really cute I don't know this brand miss door B I'll show you all the tag mr. B um I really like the sleeves y'all know I'm like I'm just a sucker for sleeves but this is how it looks and then the sleeve is super cute look at that ruffle so I think I should get at least a $10 for that one um I love picking up formal dresses especially david's bridal dresses just because during my wedding we had like a bride's myth a bridesmaids dress like fiasco the dress shop I bought all my bridesmaids dresses from they ordered them in all the wrong sizes the wrong style and the wrong color like they completely messed up my order and I had to do an emergency bridesmaids dress shopping so I got this David's Bridal little cute dress for $0.50 and I feel like if a bride is in an emergency I can put this up for 15 bucks and someone's going to buy it okay next item I got was this this is made in the USA and it's by fresh produce this is a big size it's a 2x and I guess you would call this I'm not sure what color you would call this it's like I don't know it's like a purple blue but it's just a really comfortable pant I see fresh produce I'll show you all the tag I see this that a lot of the little boutiques around here in the south and they tend to sell like at least $25 so I think if I put these on for like maybe 12 or 13 the salon Poshmark alright this is five the brand accidentally in love I have no idea really about this brand but this is a really pretty dress it does have long sleeves but it's very very thin material so you can definitely wear this during the summer time very cute I think I can get about a 12 for that I got these quick silver shorts just some simple shorts I think I can get at least a 10 for these they are in a size I can't even read it size 34 okay so yeah just a pair of swim shorts this is one of the cutest dresses okay this is by the brand the Webster this is a Target brand and it is a size extra small I have a feeling I'm probably gonna end up keeping this look at how free and cute this pattern is it's a 3/4 length sleeve it ties at the waist so yeah I think I could probably sell this for 15 on Poshmark but I'm gonna pick this over in my keep pile Oh I was really excited to find this this is a Tahari um Arthur Levine I've sold a lot of career stuff by this brand and they tend to go for like 30 to 40 dollars I got this for 50 cents it's a beautiful you see the neck detail this is gonna sell quick it's just a really pretty dress I believe it's yeah it's a size 10 so yeah again got this for $0.50 I have a feeling that'll sell at least a 25 so I'm probably gonna sit on this until fall time which is fine it's just a cute little long-sleeve plaid shirt and I don't know if you can tell maybe on the hanger you'd be able to tell but there's like a ruffle detail whenever you lay it out I don't know just a really simple plaid shirt so I think that'll sell for about ten dollars come fall okay never heard of this brand before bitch it kind of has a nice label maybe it's worth stopping didn't look it up it was just fifty cents and it's just a pair of little short shorts but I think these would be so cute for anyone going on vacation so I'd definitely grab those hoping to get about a 10 or 12 for these okay this is definitely not a great brand this is a Hollister it's a size small but I got it for the style it is actually a pantsuit so it's really cute I haven't tried it on I'm really short though so I don't think yeah like even if I put it all the way up here it's still like hanging off the floor but if you're tall I think this would be so cute maybe to bring on a cruise y'all whenever you're posting on Poshmark if you're ever trying to sell something like like this like a Hollister thing um some tips I would have for you make sure that in your description you write out places that you can wear this because sometimes people just go on like Poshmark and they'll type in like cruise outfit so if you type in this would be a great cruise outfit in your description yours will pop up in the search so just to give you an idea if you have something that's not like a great brand that's necessarily being searched out for put in your description things you can wear with it where you could wear this too that will help you out in your sails okay this is another thing that I don't think is going to sell right away but it will sell its vibrating nap chat I don't think this is like a great brand or anything but I got it because it says I just want to drink wine wrap presents and watch Christmas movies so it's just a simple T but I definitely can get about a $10 for that probably in like October November December okay so this is something that me and Brandon completely disagreed on I thought this was the cutest little girls dress I don't sell a lot of baby outfits unless I think they're really cute and this is a little guest dress look at that it has the cute sleeves with the lace it has the tie it has the buttons in the back I thought this was adorable I feel like I can get a 20 for this and I showed Brandon like you know whenever I picked out everything I just was like giving him my haul like Brandon gets all my hauls first and I was like Brandon like how cute this is and he was like that is the ugliest dress I've ever seen so different strokes for different folks but I think that I can definitely get a 20 for this okay this is my brain called Dylan a size small I'm not really sure this is probably not my best pickup it's just like an ombre blue top again I'm probably just going to put like in the description I'm gonna talk about how you can wear it to the beach on vacation on a cruise and I'll probably just put that up for 10 bucks okay here's another dress that I picked up for myself this is I don't know what brand like I don't know anything about this brand a Kimmy not really sure but it's just a sleeveless black and white dress and it's pretty short which is awesome since I'm like so short but I think that would be so adorable just in the summertime y'all like I said it is 110 degrees out today so I am hot and I'm looking for some summer outfits it's why I didn't really do my hair y'all don't judge my hair or anything it is just hot I'm just happy it's not in a ponytail okay I also got these for me I love a good pair of comfortable black loose pants that is pretty much all I wear to bed so I definitely got those for me this was a great fun this is a Calvin Klein and I think it's a newer tag and it is a new top with the gold detail and I believe this is a size yeah it's a size extra large has a little peep hole in the back I think I can get a 15 for that one okay I'm on my last bag and then I'm gonna show y'all some hard goods that I got I was so excited to find this this is a Harajuku lovers I don't know what you would call this just it's like a top okay let me show you all the back it's so cute so if you don't know anything about Harajuku lovers basically it was Gwen Stefani's line back in the 2000s and I loved it I was a huge huge Harajuku lovers fan y'all know we've been to Japan multiple times so it's like really no surprise there okay I'm back so it started pouring all of a sudden and I have a tin roof if I'm gonna like quarters falling so I had to pause the video but what I was saying was that the Harajuku lovers there's definitely some followers for this and if you ever find it it's definitely something I would recommend picking up I'm probably going to list this around the 30 to 40 dollar range okay next item I picked up it was just this BCG dry fit top and this is actually for Brandon okay this was not a 50-cent piece but it is if you can see pink blush Maternity and if you all know anything pink blush y'all is expensive this dress probably cost 80 maybe even $100 it's a really really pretty purple and it has it's definitely very like boho hippie great for photoshoots if I was pregnant I would totally keep this actually it's not even it's definitely mitten I feel like for more of a petite person because it pretty much comes right down to my legs but I think I paid okay so I paid three dollars and 50 cents for this because it wasn't one the tag $0.50 off sale however I believe I should get at least a 25 30 40 something like that it's gonna depend I just know pink blush sells very very well for me at least so yeah any time I think I see pink blush I do pick it up if it's like under $5 okay this is a brand called a glow and it's a size extra large I've never heard of this brand before um this is just a simple if I can get this going right it's just a simple maternity black pant it has the ties at the bottom I'm trying to show y'all it has like the ties right here that you can tie at the bottom I guess it would be kind of a Capri I'm gonna have to measure this but again there was just $0.50 so I think I can get at least at $10 for that and it's a good size okay this next thing is a brand caught crocker these are size small and I don't know anything about this brand I'm gonna have to look it up I just thought they were kind of cool-looking it had this is the logo it has on the back I just thought the back pockets were super super pretty it feels very stretchy I don't know if is really nice it kind of has I don't know what you would call this maybe like a medium wash on the pants it's a skinny jean so yeah I think I can get maybe just I have to look it up first to make sure that it's not like an expensive brand but I think I can get at least a ten to twelve dollars on these okay this is a made in the US of A diamante I have no idea here's the tag maybe y'all can tell me it's not something I'll look it up but it is just a pair of skinny jeans as well and again I just really like the pockets um a lot of times y'all I'm not necessarily buying for brands because again I'm paying 50 cents for this I a lot of times just buy for style so that seems to sell well for me oh yeah I remember this dress okay this is a super cute motherhood maternity dress it's a size extra large yeah extra large it would be so cute in the summer look it's a pretty pretty yellow striped dress of course it has your tie I think I can probably get a 20 maybe even a 25 out of this one so you can't beat that oh I've had my eye on this okay guys remember this this one if the brands not great it's just like almost famous this is for me um this is it's so soft it is a grey I'm not gonna be able to wear this to like October November but it's just like a gray top and it has super cute big sleeves like I love and I love the neck detail as well so it'll be kind of like a choker choker on your neck here and then it shows your decollete Dec lit a how do you say that I don't know but I just thought that was super cute and I again have been eyeing it a lot of stuff in my store I believe how good will does it is like one week they'll do everything red tags and I think maybe like after a month they'll do all the red tags 2% off so they're 50 cents so yeah sometimes I see stuff in the store and I have my eye on it and I just kind of like wait for it to go one the 50 cents off sales okay so um I never play baseball and I don't have kids but I thought this was kind of a cute buy it says pitch don't kill my vibe and I feel like this would be so cute if you're a mom to wear out to the baseball field so yeah love that love that this I believe is a size yet this is a size extra-large it's made by something called American high never heard of that brand but yeah I should be able to get at least a 10 for that not sure if it's baseball season's though kind of clueless about that oh yeah here's another david's bridal dress and this is a size zero um I was thinking I don't know how it looks I want to try it on because it's a super pretty color and I think whenever I get a tan it'll definitely be really pretty so I'm gonna try it see how it looks on me but if not I definitely think I can get a 10 it's kind of in like a plum kind of color so even if it doesn't work out for me I think that I could definitely sell this for $15 it probably won't sell til October just because the color it's more of like a fall kind of color but I think it will sell if I decide that one posh market eBay okay we're getting lower and lower on the clothes pile and then we'll move into like the hard goods that I picked up this is a size um this is a size p1x which I'm assuming y'all let me know is this does that mean it's like petite Maternity and it is just a pair of young own colorblind is this black or grey black probably huh just a pair of black pants nothing super special but it was a good size so I know I can get at least a 10 for it oh this was a really fun find this was actually a this is a size large and it is 8 Tom's jacket you can see it has the Tom's logo right there it's a full dip it has pockets it has a hood and this is in a large but it is a kid size maybe you can see that I believe it's a kid size I'm not really sure cuz like I'm a size extra small and it's all just a little bit too big for me so I feel like yeah I feel like this may be a kid's not really sure but I think I should sell us at least for a 10 maybe more I have to look up and see how much Tom's sell for okay last clothing item this is by the brand pins and needles and I don't know why my kid won't did this they put like a black marker through it can you see that I don't know super cute dress size 4 it's just a cute black short dress for the summer I would keep it but it doesn't fit me correctly like I said I'm really short you also like if I wore this I feel like first off this would be like way down here I don't think it would fit me I just don't think it would fit me correctly I think the waist hits way too low yeah so but I think it'll be a super cute dress for somebody this summer and I think I could maybe get a 10 to 15 it has a cute little bag detail you see so like 10 to 15 for that one ok let's move on to hard good ok first thing first thing I got was this it's called magnet school it was $2.99 and it was half off so I got this for a dollar 50 and it's by the parents brand and basically what it is is like okay I'll just show you and it has all the pieces I believe I need a recount everything but I did a quick count and it comes with the little cards and then inside it comes with all the magnet letters to put inside the cards so it isn't I believe it's incomplete condition sorry if I'm being loud and putting this back in you can actually sell just the ten boxes I believe I saw them going for like $10 I think I should get a 20 to 25 for this completely because I like I said I think it's a complete set it has a ding in the back but I can probably just like bust that back out but yeah pay $2 50 and I should get about 20 to 25 for this okay I do really good with radios y'all um I did not get this half off this was $4.99 this is a can of sonic it's in amazing condition we've been playing music on it just kind of show you how it looks like I said it's in like fabulous condition so yeah I paid $5.00 for this but I am fairly confident that I'm gonna get a 40 because they're some listed right now and I think they're listed sorry my hair is all in my way there's some listener right now and I think they're listed in the 30s but mine's in much better condition so should get a little bit more for this okay you guys thank you so so much for watching my huge gigantic haul I'm not even sure how many items this was maybe I'll count probably won't but there's a ton of items I'm by the time this goes ah this should go up on Tuesday and I I don't like to list a bunch of things in one day that's not how I like to list I like to list about 6 to 10 items per day so if you see something you like and you don't see it on my Poshmark store on my ebay store which all have linked down below just know that they'll be coming if you're interested in buying anything just sent me a direct message and we can go through PayPal and you can purchase it that way from me so thank you so much for watching this video make sure you like it if you like these type of videos I do go to Goodwill every single week so this is something that I can steadily produce so thank you so much for clicking on the video and I will catch y'all next time

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