The Leadership Alliance – Welcome

welcome to the leadership alliance I am dr. madhubuti the executive director and I'd like to share our story with you the leadership Alliance is a national consortium of more than 30 leading research and teaching colleges universities and private industry and our story began in the early 1990s to address the shortage of underrepresented minority students earning doctoral degrees and pursuing research careers in academia the public and private sectors for more than two decades the leadership Alliance has been mentoring the next generation and developing underrepresented students into outstanding leaders and role models and all academic disciplines to meet the national demand for diverse leaders to compete in a 21st century global economy our story is one of access and opportunity that transforms lives we begin the mentoring at the undergraduate level with our national summer research early identification program this program offers competitive research opportunities and all academic disciplines at more than 20 research institutions across the country students who participate in this program in addition to the research that they gain also have an opportunity to develop their professional skills as well as learn more about applying to graduate training programs and explore research careers and we continue to track our students throughout the entire academic pathway and that's why I am so proud of our alumni who participated in this program and have completed their doctoral degrees and who are now giving back and paying it forward by mentoring the next generation our story is about a community the leadership Alliance national symposium is the culminating event of the summer research program where students who are doing their research have an opportunity to come together and present their work and either oral or poster presentations these students are mentored and have the opportunity to network with alumni who are now in doctoral training programs and those who've completed their doctoral degrees as well as with faculty and administrators who are buying to recruit them into their graduate training programs our story is a partnership that thrives on innovation new initiatives develop through the partnership offer skill-building workshops for first-year students during the academic year career development workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars workshops for faculty and administrators to network and share best practices as well as an online mentoring resource to benefit the entire alliance community and beyond we could not do this work without the steadfast commitment of our institutional leaders coordinators and faculty members along with a dedicated support of our federal funding agencies industry and foundation partners their support has contributed to the sustainability of this important work I invite you to explore our website and to learn more about our story to train to mentor and to inspire a diverse and competitive 21st century workforce

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