The Left & Islam: Unholy Alliance

that awkward moment when self-proclaimed feminists in Germany embraced the most patriarchal misogynistic anti woman belief system on the planet [Laughter] ah [Applause] which progressive pro-women facet of Islam do you think they were championing honor killings female rape victims being stoned to death mass sexual assaults forced marriages of children a prophet who had female sex slaves and raped a nine-year-old girl female genital mutilation so progressive so liberal how about parents acid attacking their own daughter because she looked at a boy a mother and father in adjoining cells accused of dousing their teenage daughter Anusha in acid her crime looking at a boy an isn't it ironic that they carried signs complaining about their pussies being grabbed when that's exactly what Muslim migrants have been doing on mass throughout Germany so they hate Trump because he said the words grab her by the pussy 12 years ago but they want to embrace a culture that justifies literally grabbing women by the pussy a culture that gave us something literally called the rape game but should we be surprised given that the feminist response to the mass molestation of women in Cologne by Muslim migrants was to visit the local refugee center and give roses to the migrants should we be surprised given that they're bombarded with government TV ads telling them enjoy difference start tolerance Trump Elmer Fabian granted that's a fair point because Trump is executing gay people oh no wait that's what Islamic countries do under Sharia law oh yeah and talking of Sharia law who was one of the main organizers behind the women's march in DC Lisa San saw a Muslim activist who advocates for Sharia law a doctrine that completely disenfranchises women Sharia law versus women's rights yeah pick one because you can't have both some of the attendees at the women's March in DC wore hid Japs probably not for the same reason that Muslim women in the middle-east wear hijabs which is so they don't get beaten and raped but let's just keep on pretending that the hijab isn't an international symbol for the oppression of women okay and Palace me yeah try and protest for women's rights in Saudi Arabia and see how empowered you feel good luck oh yeah and the only people who marched on the saudi embassy you know an Islamic theocracy they're actually oppresses women were Trump supporters well imagine my shock this is what I've warned about for years the left is now openly making an alliance with Islamists and Islamism it kind of makes sense because both Islamists than the far left broadly share the same goal the complete destruction of Western civilization oh don't take my word for it read Isis's own manifesto where they talk about recruiting left-wing activists because they're on the same page look at how far left rioters try to intimidate Trump supporters by showing them Isis flags and beheading videos listen to the rhetoric at the women's March Madonna wanting to blow up the White House yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House leftists all over Twitter celebrating and advocating violent tax on people with whom they disagree politically violent attacks to advance a political objective now what word could we possibly use to describe that hmm I wonder yeah but he's a Nazi why are you defending a Nazi yeah that's got nothing to do with it the far left literally labels anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi you can't go around punching people in the street because you claim they're an acci whether they're actually a Nazi or not violently attacking people in the street to intimidate them out of expressing their political beliefs now where have I seen that before oh that's right in Nazi Germany yeah let's be like them great idea so the left is embracing Islamism the most intolerant belief system on earth they're embracing intimidation they're embracing violence they're embracing completely deranged frothing hysterical behavior while chanting left rants hate and banging on about how peaceful and tolerant they are while the leftist media legitimizes all this violence and hatred by refusing to denounce it and labeling it as just another form of protest you're witnessing the submission and capitulation of the West but it can only take place with the willing complicity of the left who have now brazenly decided to make an alliance with the most regressive belief system ever devised click the link below to subscribe to the channel and for more breaking news go to info

27 thoughts on “The Left & Islam: Unholy Alliance

  • Recently, I was banned by Quora for criticising the liberals' dangerously soft stance on Islamic extremists. This just proves that the so-called liberals are nothing more than totalitarian autocrats.

  • Disagree and Agree
    is called Democracy and freedom of speech its legal and part of The European union and British and Asian Values
    so is Respect intolerance,
    individual liberty
    and legal rule of law
    womens and mens equal rights

  • my Boyfriend will kill
    you if you innopropriatley touch me, and i will kick your head in
    in the name of Womens and Equal White British Rights

  • People supporting Islamism are literal fifth columnists and should be made to understand what they are advocating.

  • Paul. The statement you made, that "far left is aligned with Islam", is simply not factually true when we look at the 20th century history of the Muslim world. Communist and socialist regimes (in Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, South Yemen etc.) were staunchly opposed to any kinds of Islamic female dress, Islamic genital practices, forced marriage and the like.

    Now, true, you might (and you did) find some (probably even hundreds!) of present-day feminists somewhere in Berlin that do condone these practices. Granted. Why not. The world is a large place. But to say that broadly "the far left is aligned with Islam" is simply not true. What is more important, the actual history of Soviet bloc dealings with islamism, or what a couple of protesters on some rally currently think? Which of these should be determinative for our understanding of the far left's relationship with Islam? And why cherrypick the latter?

  • Isn't this ironic?the left demonizes America the most accepting and tolerant country but glorifies Islam,the most oppressive thing in the world.

  • the 1k dislikes are the dumbest fucking people in existence they disliked the video because there liberals so fucking angry because of simply hearing PSW's voice

  • All it needs to be said to that stupid screaming 'feminist' is get back in the kitchen. Get your Burka on or you will get a beating from a Muslim misogynist. How dumb and ill educated are they? She probably wants to get raped by an Islamist.

  • Erdogan himself even said: Islamism is just applied Islam.
    It is not a coincidence that Turkey turned into a dictatorship after being Islamized.

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