The Liberation of Limitation – with Alan Schaller

that kind of thinking is what leads you
to eventually developing a body of work that looks coherent I started really relishing the idea of making my life as simple as possible so
I immediately from day one set out making black and white preferred lens
isa 24 millimeter and it gave me access to geometry and wider spaces. I even spent a while shooting just from
one distance so just from 1.2 meters you know I wasn’t looking for
anything outside of that zone but when something was in that zone I was going
to get it putting all of these kinds of
limitations on myself was a big part of developing my style I have to really believe that a picture
is gonna be there so it’s all about pre-visualizing the shot, seeing what there is
and imagining what there could be and that’s a skill that you can only
achieve through limiting yourself in terms of what you’re shooting and what
you’re shooting with it’s impossible to shoot everything at once that’s the advice I would give to anyone who’s developing their style don’t focus too hard on the equipment because I think people often carry too much stuff
and they get confused by what to use at what given point if you have
unlimited options, how can you focus on something just focus on the
concept of what you’re doing. when I came across and started using the
Leica Monochrom and the M-Lens system particularly the zone focusing and the
quiet tactile nature of the camera actually felt like a relief to me
because either I felt I had found the right tools for the job that
I wanted to do Is there a passion? Passion is the right word because, you know, there are
some days where it’s raining and you’re ill and you don’t feel like doing
anything but this is this is something that will drive you to get up and go out
and do it anyway Photography… when I discovered it… yeah I fell in love with it
very quickly and I still find it very fulfilling.

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