The Life You Want…Without Financial Freedom

Something that’s really interesting is that
you don’t actually need financial freedom in order to live your life. I’m sitting here and like a with Simon Everingham from pumped on property
and we’re on our way down to Brisbane to look at a bunch of properties for clients and we’ve
just been talking about a few clients stories of people who have purchased their foundational
properties and and now going on to quit jobs that they hate and to live their life, which
is super exciting. Yeah. I think it’s something that’s really important
that people don’t really understand and when I talk to a punch of investors, it’s like
everyone wants to achieve these sorts of stuff in such a short period of time. Everyone wants to try and become financially
free and in five years in I’m like, yeah, I understand why you want to do that. You don’t enjoy your job or you want to spend
more time with your kids. You want to go travelling more. And this is what I found really interesting
about a couple of clients and you know, you want to do something similar to this as well. It doesn’t take the actual financial freedom
to have the competence and have the ability to step back and you might not do it for the
rest of your life, but stepping back for six months, 12 months, 18 months, two years, and
you know, refocusing on your life and the things that mattered to you and, and just,
um, yeah. Getting that energy back into your lower half. I saw this in an interview that Ben did with one
of your clients, heightened on his channel. I’ll link up to that video down below, but
this guy is talking about purchasing, doing exactly what we’ve talked about for ages,
which is the two properties to financial freedom strategy. So he’s purchased two properties. He’s building to granny flats on those properties
and his plan is once that’s done and those properties are paying for themselves, he’s
then going to quit his job and him and his partner looking at moving onto the sunshine
coast. Likely taking a pay cut, but going to live
up here with a more Cruisey, more casual live knowing that the financial freedom has set
up for them in the future. They don’t have it now. That’s the key thing. So many people come into investing in property
in. They’re like, I don’t want to achieve financial
freedom in three years, or I want to achieve it in five years, and that’s really difficult
to do given how much properties cost, how much you need to borrow, getting enough cash
flow from properties. You just need to have an extremely good income
to be able to borrow enough to actually fully achieve financial freedom in just a couple
of years. Exactly, but purchasing those foundational
properties that pay for themselves and will eventually overtime pay themselves off and
when they’re paid off, you’ll have financial freedom maybe 15, maybe 20 years down the
track. That is achievable within a couple of years
and so even though you may not have financial freedom and a couple of years you’ve got yourself
set up. You’ve got your retirement set up so you don’t
need to end up on the pension and then you can do things like Hayden’s doing, which quit
your job, move into state to the sunshine coast or wherever it is you want to live and
then pursue a job that you do like working at cruisy job so you can go surfing outside
of it. You’ve got some other clients doing similar
things, right? Yeah, definitely. One of our other clients, Bill and from Byron
Bay and Ben went down and caught up with him last week and did a video which should be
up in the next couple of weeks and what he has done, he’s been working away for the last
11 years inside, like not full time, but he’d go away and do six weeks on and then come
back and have a couple of weeks. You’re working in the mines? Nah, he wasn’t. Well, I think he has worked in the mines,
but his most recent project has been building a hotel out of Lord Howe Island, which would
have been pretty cool, like a nice place to be out there. He said it was cool but pretty full on and
definitely ready to come home, but one of the things he took that because he knew he
was going to get paid a decent income side. He worked his ass off for that 11 year period
and he saved up a good buffer and he’s enjoyed a good laugh, but now he’s kind of realized
that I’ve lost the relationships that I’ll want to have with my friends and my family,
so he’s now purchases to foundational properties. He’s coming back after these contract ends
in at the end of 2018 to live in bar and by him he just needs some workout. He’s expenses and Jose is going to do his
life for his friends and get bought and just enjoy his life. Reconnect with these friends for ones which
is just so nice to know that like he can take that lifestyle, enjoy that lifestyle. That he really wants to be happy and have
the relationships that he wants with his friends, but then also know that he’s done the hard
yards. He’s done the hard work and in 15 years time
he’s going to be completely financially free through property. Yeah. And so that’s an example of taking a high
paying job that may not be ideal. So his high paying job is obviously like kind
of in the middle of nowhere, so he’s connected with family or friends, but he’s getting really,
um, so he’s taking that high paying job, using it as a way to be able to borrow money and
invest in property as well as using that extra cash to be able to save a deposit is getting
into the property market, buying a property that he’s going to, I’m guessing it’s going
to be positive cash flow after you build a granny flat granny flats out by. It’s been well and truly positive flow. It’s like getting in that position where the
properties are paying for themselves and then he’s taking his foot off the gas and just
going to live the good life. And now all he has to focus on is how much
does it cost to live in Byron Bay. Yeah. And he knows that he can hustle as well, like
he’s hustled for 11 years, so his plan is to do this for 12 months, come back and reenergize
those batteries and then after that year he, he’s going to be feeling a lot more energetic
and ready to go. And then what is plan would be after that
is to get back into the workforce and figuring out a way that he can in those properties
outright in, in less than that 15 or 20 year periods that he might try and go and get another
high paying job and ucf excess income to pay off the debt on the properties and granny
flats, you know, he may invest in other properties, he may do some development projects because
he’s a builder. Um, there’s lots of opportunities, but he
just wants to come back and recenter himself and re energize himself it so that when he’s
ready to go again, he’s ready to go again. I love the flexibility that comes with it. Yeah. It’s of flexible. And so he can stop, come back, have a whole
load it for you. Basically not a complete holiday. So we’re gonna be working to pay for his life. Yeah. Um, those properties are ticking away paying
for themselves and then once his batteries are recharged and he decides he wants to pursue
his career again, Erbitux high paying work, then he can go and do that. And then as he does that and then it’s extra
money, he can use that to either reinvest again, buy another property or he can use
that to pay down the debt on his property is quicker to achieve that financial freedom
faster. So there’s so much flexibility in that. I feel like it really takes the pressure off
people where your career is this constant. It’s like it’s pushing you up the career ladder
and you can’t stop. Whereas if you can purchase those foundational
properties and do that in a period of maybe two or three years, then you just don’t have
that pressure anymore that you have to pursue a career. You can stop for a bit. Then you can get back into the workforce later
on and pursue a career lighter. Something that you love or work that you don’t
enjoy, but you want to pay off those properties faster just really gives you that flexibility. Exactly on the client’s doing it as well. Yeah. Well that last example then figuring out what
Korean path you. One of my best friends, Josh, he’s just about
to build his second property with us. Well, his first property was just a single
income property within about 16 kilometers of the Brisbane. Same a day that’s just been ticking away. I think he’s had it now for two and a half,
three years and that property is actually a got revalued recently for his new line going
up over $100,000 in equity. No less. Yes, I. He’s absolutely fronting on that and then
he just purchased a nice piece of land in Brisbane where he’s going to build a brand
new jewel occupancy home on that which should be completed by probably April next year. And we actually did a video on that side looking
at that opportunity, which was a subdivision into six big blocks. So again, I’ll leave the links to that in
the description down below too. Yeah, check that one out. And so once he’s got those organized, he told
me I actually caught up with on the weekend down in Sydney and um, he told me that he’s
just going to principal and interest on that first investment property, his re finance
to get his parents off guarantor and he’s also refinanced or at release a tiny bit of
equity for this new bill purchase and now on principle and interest. That one is $25 negatively geared awake. So very basic. But then after he’s completed the build on
this brand new property after, because it’s going to give him such good cath flow in the
short term plus depreciation benefits. His portfolio should be positively geared
after tax time but anywhere between 11 and $15,000 every single year, which both on principle
and interest lines and he’s just going to put everything that comes in from that property
back into the property back into the offset account to try and minimize some of those
interests or payments. And then he then has afraid of. He knows those properties are just going to
take away, do what they need to do for him, and he’s been working in a job that he highlights
now for the last eight years I think is a linesman down in Sydney and he just is so
over the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Just can’t handle it anymore. So He’s thinking of taken a redundancy next
year and him and his Mrs. gonna pack up and head over to Indonesia and live in Indonesia
for a few months and then they’re going to head over to Sri Lanka and live in Sri Lanka
for a few months and just take six to 12 months to just focus on themselves and enjoy their
life before they come back and get back into it and start a family and things like that. So you know, he’s also created that freedom
for himself to make that decision and try and figure out exactly what he wants to do. Like the main reason he’s going overseas is
to spend some time reading books, understanding what he wants to do with the rest of his life
because he knows he doesn’t want to get back into being aligning. He would love to move down the coast so he
wants to figure out an occupation where he can probably work a little bit more remote
so it’s going to increase his skill base so they can go and do that and start to do something
that he really loves and same thing he will be even if he doesn’t figure it out what he
wants to do, he’ll be completely financially free in the next 15 years just because of
the decisions that you made early on and yes, he did do a bit of hard work, but he’s going
to reap the benefits of it. Honestly, nothing comes for free. You got to do that hard work to secure those
foundational properties, but then once you have secure with them, then you get that flexibility
over the next 15, 20 years. While those properties are paying themselves
off and he mentioned that he’s getting extra cashflow is pouring that back into the properties,
that’s the whole idea is that you purchased the properties than paying for themselves
and the extra cashflow that they’re spinning off you putting back into the property to
pay off the debt and so basically over time you paying less and less interest and hopefully
rents will be going up so you’re getting more cash flow and then the properties are just
paying themselves off. So rather than taking the cashflow out in
the early days, the property is become like a self contained entity where all the cash
is and paying off the property. You can use the extra cash flow to build out
those emergency funds that you might need when there’s maintenance and stuff like that. But basically those property investments become
their own little island that just take care of themselves for the next 15 years and pay
for themselves. And then eventually you pay that last mortgage
payment. You have no mortgage at all anymore. And then that’s when you start to flip things
and say, okay, that rental income. That was paying off the mortgage. Let’s now put that into my pocket and you
can have that financial freedom, but in the meantime, in that 15 year period or however
long it is, you have the flexibility to go out and live your life. So I hope these stories really inspired you,
that you don’t need complete financial freedom in order to go and live your life in order
to quit a job that you hired or took a shoe and you a new career path. That by acquiring these foundational properties
that will go on to achieve financial freedom. You have that security of knowledge that you
might be on the pension, that these will pay for you in the future and then you can go
and you can take time to mature what you love and you’ve got that flexibility. Yeah. One thing I did want to mention as well as
all of these people didn’t even realize that they were going to be able to have the freedom
to do that until they kind of went out there and executing on that strategy. So you know, they always thought that they
were going to be stuck in that job for the rest of their life until they pay off the
debt on the properties. But then once I realized, Hey, these properties
are going to be well and truly paying for themselves, you know, I’m, I’m cool, I can. No one really talks about that. Everyone just talks about financial freedom
and working until you get the idea that you can start working. Yeah, because the properties will do it for
you. It’s just not really spoken about. So they’re really excited to share this and
really excited that it’s resonating with a lot of you out there and that same people
start to implement this and seeing the life change that’s happening is absolutely amazing. And so we’re heading down to Brisbane at the
moment to look at. I think we’ve got eight or 10 properties to
look at it today. I’m age, which have granny flat potential
to get that positive cash flow for clients. So that’s something that you guys are interested
in. If you want help finding these properties
that can go on to deliver financial freedom for you, that’s what the team over here at
pumped on property to and they’re offering free strategy sessions to you guys. So if you want to get on the phone with Simon
or one of the team and talk about where you’re at, where you want to be, and how you can
start acquiring these financial properties that head over on dot EU, and
you can book a free strategy session over there. You can choose a time in the calendar that
suits you, go through that. You can get the next steps that you need to
work towards your goals or financial freedom. And then if you decide to work with pumped
on property, that’s great, or you can go out and do it yourself as well. So again, head over on that,
uh, you, you can book a free strategy session over there. Thanks so much for sharing these stories inspire
you. And while you’re here, guys, go ahead and
check out this video that man Simon did on that development opportunity where we talked
about those properties that are being built and there’s another one there on a granny
flat opportunity walk through that I did with crystal, so I’ll link up to those as well
as in the description down below. Thanks so much for watching guys. And until next time, stay positive.

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